light city.

Sometimes you stumble upon a path you’ve never taken in all your years in Baltimore, while the light just happens to be that magical hour.

I don’t even know how to put into words this past week. First off, Sarah Burke is incredible and I couldn’t have done any of this without her. You are such a gem that loves Jesus and His people so faithfully and with so much passion. Thank you for putting up with my craziness. Second, thanks to Bailey for coming in clutch the whole week as well. Third, so many people were willing to step in and serve so spontaneously and I truly appreciated it. This past week couldn’t have happened without y’all. ————————————————————————But for real this past week was unreal. From watching God multiply our money to providing volunteers and new partnerships. There were so many points I wasn’t sure if it was worth the stress, but looking back I have no regrets. God knows what He is doing and all I’m called to do is be obedient and faithful to what He’s calling me to. For His glory and our joy. #jointheconversation #lovethecity #lovebaltimore

Happy to be fully moved in to this amazing building... @nelsonkohlapts ❤️ I feel I’ve come full circle & am now truly home in @stationnorth 🙌🏼 When in I first moved here 15 years ago to attend the @mountroyalschoolofart at @marylandinstitutecollegeofart — I lived across the street from my studio building (The Cork Factory) in the Crown Cork & Seal Building (aka The Copycat Bldg) which was a wholly other experience in and of itself. 😉 Anyhow just wanted to express my gratitude for all the people who designed, built, developed this project and made it come to fruition. It’s great to be home & loving where you live! Xx ❤️#lovebaltimore #cominghome #newadventures #myhood #nelsonkohl #makebeautifulchange #theartofbaltimore

What a week it was! From the free giveaways to serving at Cecil Elementary to the day of service, there were so many volunteers and memories! Thank you to everyone that came out and helped, you are making a difference whether you see it or not. It is crazy that its already over, but we’re already planning for the following year! Be on the look out! We’re just getting started #jointheconversation #lovethecity #lovebaltimore

It's always Sunny in Baltimore #baltimore #maryland #baltimoreskyline #lovebaltimore

Cleaning up the world one day at a time! #lovebaltimore #MakeEarthLookHealthy #MELH

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