Life's too short to say no to cake.

Raise your hand if you think this is the cutest little groomsmen of all time 🙋🏼‍♀️ 🌿

Photography: @taylorfaithphotography
Planning and Design: @schapmandesigns

“And then my soul saw you” ~ #weddingphotography #wedding


Happy Saturday everyone! Excited to have a day exploring this beautiful city we call home with my family and friends. Any events in town this weekend we should jump in on?!

We love the vintage vibe of this photo. Blackhawk Hardware is one of our favorite stores in the Park Road Shopping Center and their garden area is just beauitful! There's so many cool things to browse at Blackhawk, but these two just wanted to look at each other 😍

“We'll build a little cabin on a really tall hill
Plant a little garden, pray for every meal
And we'll grow and we'll grow
Take a little nap on the butterfly grass
Just you and I and the clouds that pass
Hold me close, hold me close
We'll be living out where the river bends
Where the grass gets green and the highway ends
Livin' easy where it's you and me baby and the daffodils
Kids growing up in the rolling hills
And love will be enough for us” ~ Brandon Heath

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There are people in the word who, like precious gems, became what they are today under the most difficult of circumstances. .
Diamonds walk among us. Made from the same material... they just had to go through the stress and the pressure that would either break them, or transform them into something stronger. .
That’s not to say all diamonds are perfect. They are all battle scarred, they just hide it so well. Each imperfection... characteristic even... carries a heavy story of how they became. .
For example, a diamond with a green hue has absorbed radiation to make it so. If you apply heat to these diamonds, they glow. .
These are the souls that light the way.
I am forever humbled, forever grateful and least of all, forever in awe.

Outfit: Wear or Tear?

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