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Starting to feel that styled shoot itch. Naturally that comes on the very first weekend I don’t have plans. I can’t just not be busy and just be. People keep telling me that. Sooo maybe it’s time I take a little breather! The plan tonight is to leave my inbox alone and my massive list of to-dos, drink an entire bottle of wine, Netflix and chill with my husband 😏 I’m thinking Black Mirror since that show trips me the f out! What are you all watching these days?

Cerissa #beachvibes

Recently I received an inquiry from a couple in Minnesota. They’ll be heading to Oregon to elope this summer and it brought up memories of my own grandparents. We talked about our grandparents and come to find out hers fell in love in the same area, in a similar way. I told them how my grandpa was just back from WW11 and romanced my teenage grandma all summer - swimming in the lake and dances and bonfires at night. When fall came he said he wanted to go west and build a new life there. “Marry me and come with me” he said. And that is the story of how I ended up being an Oregonian and not a Minnesotan. Here are Arley and Mary on their wedding day ❤️

TGIF everyone! Who here plans to get out & enjoy the snow tomorrow?? ❄️ I'll be cozying up inside watching the Olympics.. I grew up skating on the rink & playing in the igloo my dad would build in our backyard in north Alberta so naturally I absolutely love getting to watch the Winter Olympics! What's your favourite sport to watch? ⛸ {wedding w/@alyshaspencerphotography}

This cute couple hit the blog. Link is in my bio. Go check it out! 💕

Wen Liang & Nu Kun's entourage shoot! Everyone was so engaging and teary and I got a little too carried away, till I ALMOST missed their auspicious timing 😅 it's not every time I find myself trigger happy, so if I ever shoot your wedding and forgot about anything, do please remind me! I'm also notoriously known to have very bad STM. Anw, swipe for more laughing and teary faces! I personally love the last shot of the bridal car! From the expressway to here, I shot 338 shots of the car 😅 crazy? Definitely. But then again it's not everyday I get to be in the back seat of the couple's convertible! Thank you for having me onboard with you guys! - Marklin #pixiesmarklin

Currently drooling. @cayladennis is so stunning, cannot wait to photograph her wedding in June 💫

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