🔥🔥SOLD&CLOSED🔥🔥 CONGRATULATIONS Ms.Reid it was a pleasure working with you on the purchase of your new home!!!

🔥🔥SOLD &CLOSED🔥🔥CONGRATULATIONS Latoyer and Welcome to ATLANTA it was a pleasure working with you!!!




Women can also inspect the roof right? 🦁✔️ You would be surprised at the great knowledge that our women's team has about roof problems and how to solve them! 👉🏼 Do you have problems with your roof? Don’t worry! We will be there when you need us! 💪🏽💡 #kingroof

⚠️ If your roof hasn’t been properly maintained, a rainy day can quickly turn into a nightmare. 😨💦 💦💦❌A neglected roof can cause problems for the other areas of your home.
____________________________________________________________✔️To avoid expensive water damage, most of our clients take advantage of our roofing maintenance services so that we can fix small issues before they become a burden to your budget. 🦁

This is a big roof that definitely needs maintenance and repair! This roof has missing shingles. If your roof looks like this, you have to take care of this. 😨Even though water may not be pouring into your home today, it has a path to the wood deck underneath and over time will rot it away!❗️🤢⚠️

Atlanta United wins the series 4-1 on aggregate and advances to the Eastern Conference Finals over NYCFC! ⚽️❤️🖤 #atlutd #LoveATL #soccer

Street art and a little scarf pt.3
#atlanta #coldlanta #streetart #loveatl

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