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you know when you’re dating and you have that first convo about marriage? and it’s like 😳😱🤓😝😁😍😋😘😊🤪 all at once?? ours started a little something like this, “i think we’re gonna make it, you know?” today i am extra thankful for those words he whispered to me almost three years ago. it stands more true each day. except we KNOW we’re gonna make it. cliche sayings are a drag but he is just everrrrrythiiiiing.

Coup de coeur ultime 💙 je veux la garder pour moi !!
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A man from Yorkshire flew to Australia to meet a child with the same rare disease

#loveatfirstsight #wearefamily #truelove we welcomed our beautiful little girl Stevie Ashton Hughes into the world at 8.12am on the 20th November weighing 3.2kgs. @mark.hughes_ has been an amazing father and we love her so much 😘😘😘😘👶👶👶👶


**me on thanksgiving... and most days tbh #loveatfirstsight #thankful 🍷also shoutout to my mom who put this dinner together.. had the best time with my family last night!! @mommaaurora

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Let's hear you fall in love stories

I was 18 and was going to my brothers dads house to help cut up some trees that fell down, I turned the corner and there he was, my love at first sight, people say the could tell from that very moment that we would be together, and 10 years later, a marriage of 9+ years and 3 kids later I'd say that people can really find love at first sight
I decided to add a recent picture of us and a very embarrassing first picture of us 🤣

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At least when I’m walking to work hungover as fuck with no sleep at 7 in the morning, I’m in the most amazing place in the world. #mountaintownliving #breckenridge #loveatfirstsight #ihavetopoop

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