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Instablog: A Most Fearless Spirit: @amina_kenya is #CravingYellowToo (2/3)

And as you may have guessed from now, Amina Abdi is an old high school friend of mine who, need I say, is doing amazing things in the entertainment space!

Amina and I were in the same house - Chania/Yala and she was actually my senior, so we weren’t even allowed to be best buds! Hhaha!
I remember her for fearlessness.

Amina has always just been herself. She’s not out here to impress you or seek your approval. Nah, she’s always known her worth, had her head in the right place and been absolutely fearless about what she thinks and wants.

In a world where conformity is the order of the day, Amina has charted a path for herself based on her unapologetic and audacious character. She’s fearless and I love her for it.

So naturally, when I landed from Australia, I had to meet her coffee. And meet and chat we did. Amina’s gentleness was apparent from the get-go. Being strong doesn’t mean one is not gentle.

She did not have a facade and we cut through the fluff and spoke about real life - from creating a career in Kenya as a creative to juggling motherhood while maintaining emotional and mental balance.

#CravingYellow #CravingYellowToo #LoveAndSunshine #CreateALifeYouLove

❤️☀️Instablog (1/3) A Most Sincere Spirit: @joyceomondi is #cravingyellow too!! •

This is one of the posts I’ve been looking to put on my blog for the longest time! Haha! You guys always ask if Joyce and I are “twins”. •

Or let me correct myself and say, most of you have declared that Joyce Omondi and I are twins! Haha!

It’s actually hilarious because for the longest time, my readers and her followers would cross-tag us on Instagram and ask if we knew each other or were twins! It happened so much and so often that Joyce and I eventually became friends!

It’s always fun to meet someone you look a lot like but it’s even better when you connect because you share so many of the same values.
#CravingYellow #LoveAndSunshine #CreateALifeYouLove

Instablog: A Most Fearless Spirit: @amina_kenya is #CravingYellowToo (3/3)

Amina is fiercely aware of her priorities. Her determination comes from within and she sets high goals for herself.

She's has taught me the importance of getting one’s foundations and value system right. To go far, you have to have an in-depth understanding of your core. Know yourself. Pace yourself against yourself and then work hard. Period.

And so Amina and I decided to have this shoot together. To celebrate and in some way commemorate the eternal truth that we as women do need to speak honestly with one another.

We need to cut through the fluff, say what we mean and spur each other on. We learn best when we learn from each other and trust me no woman is an island capable of thriving on her own.

Amina is a ball of fun. She’s clearly creating a life she loves that’s filled with sunshine!
Oh and of course many thanks to @vivoactivewear for dressing us and @backyardshoez for adorning our feet in these beautiful heels!
@gregcomplement_pictures for always coming through!

And so in celebration of a fearless pursuit of our dreams and humble gentleness that is divinely woman, I’m sending you lots of love and sunshine!

#CravingYellow #CravingYellowToo #LoveAndSunshine #CreateALifeYouLove

❤️☀️Instablog (3/3) A Most Sincere Spirit: @joyceomondi is #cravingyellow too!! •

So on our shoot day, I arrived a few minutes late with Greg my photographer in tow. Joyce had arrived on time and she was seated in her car. •

There were some aggressive monkeys in the compound that must have wanted a taste of her breakfast or something...lool!!! #ThisIsAfrica

Anyway, we’d agreed to wear black and having matching head scarves just so that we could twin this look as much as possible! (Do you remember this scarf from my life update Vlog? See how it came handy! Haha!)

But let’s be honest, this was more a giggle session than anything else. We spent a lot of time keeping an eye out for monkeys, practising sheepish poses and high-fiving each other! •

I’m actually surprised we got these many photos to work with at the end of the day! (Thanks Greg @gregcomplement_pictures) you’re the real MVP!)

So finally, here we are, my “twin” and I. And oh what a joy she is! A beautiful soul filled with love and sunshine!
#CravingYellow #LoveAndSunshine #CreateALifeYouLove

❤️☀️Happy brand new month! I hope your month of May is off to a fantastic start! I'm super humbled to have been featured on @sheleadsafrica 🙈 Swipe left to get to know me more and learn about my journey creating Craving Yellow!! As always I'm sending you lots of love and sunshine!! #CravingYellow #CravingYellowToo #CreateALifeYouLove #LoveAndSunshine #CravingKenya

Instablog: A Most Fearless Spirit: @amina_kenya is #CravingYellowToo (1/3)

It’s funny how life leads you. Really it is. It’s been 10 years since I was in high school. And trust me, in high school I was a very different version of my current self.

Of course I was younger. And possibly a couple of kilos lighter. And most certainly, a lot greener and less experienced at life than I am now.

I left the country soon after for my studies and since I’ve been back it’s been fantastic to meet some of the friends I made in high school. •

We’ve all been on very different paths.
Some have completed second and third degrees in medicine and law, others have gotten married and started families and others are making big strides as public figures!

#CravingYellow #CravingYellowToo #LoveAndSunshine #CreateALifeYouLove

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❤️☀️Instablog (2/3) A Most Sincere Spirit: @joyceomondi is #cravingyellow too!! •

Joyce is one of those people who I know I’ll be friends with for life.
I reached out to her when I landed and we had brunch on Saturday morning. We spoke about everything under the sun but it turns out we actually share so much more in common than just looks!

1. Both of us studied in the United States
2. Both of us are NATURAL..okay duh! Hahaha!
3. Both of our mum’s run schools
4. Both of us are Christians
5. Both of us use our creative gifts to inspire young people

But above all what really impressed me and humbled me about Joyce is her value system. Joyce is a very gracious and very astute person. •

Having grown up in a Christian household you really get the sense, from the get-go that she is very grounded in her values. Simply put she’s a Proverbs 31 woman whose love for God is palatable.

Joyce Omondi really is a rarity in this day and age -  a young, godly, beautiful and intelligent young woman who is using her gifts and talents for God’s glory. Can someone just say #GOALS?
#CravingYellow #LoveAndSunshine #CreateALifeYouLove

❤☀I finally met the super talented make-up artist @sunshinebalogun and her lovely little boy and girl today! If you're a soon-to-be bride, be sure to get in touch with her ASAP!! She'll beat ya face gurrll!! I also hang out with @missturu, an up and coming fashion blogger and lawyer. Miss Turu is so genuine - what you see is what you get! She's funny, humble and soooo down to earth! 😄#CravingYellow #CravingKenya #LoveAndSunshine #CreateALifeYouLove


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