Hi 👋🏻 this is me 🙋🏼‍♀️ Chelsea Kunde & owner of Building Blocks ••

I wanted to introduce myself to all my new followers & say hello to my old! ••

It is always nice to know who is behind an account. Here are some facts about me 💁🏼‍♀️

*I am 33... almost 34 #virgo
*I feel lucky I was able to marry my best friend since age 15. (Cue the eye rolls now but it is true 🤷🏼‍♀️)
*I have two daughters (age 4 and age 1) 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧
*I have worked my entire career with parents and kiddos. Started doing behavior intervention and moving into traditional therapy as a marriage and family therapist. **my niche has always been parenting and the family system *I love coffee, wine, any show on bravo, shopping, pilates, date nights and gossiping with my girlfriends *my favorite part of being a parent is teaching my kids how to be people that others want to be around *my least favorite thing about being a parent is the pressure and guilt I feel everyday (is this a Mom thing?) oh, and bath-time. 🙄
*I can be loud, opinionated, sarcastic & these can be fun but also gets me into trouble 🙊
*I am a crier. Happy, sad, frustrated, angry— I usually cry with each emotion. Can’t help it! 😭
*I come from a family with five kids. Although I don’t personally know if I could do that, I am so thankful to have them
*I am a Florida girl at 💓 and miss the ocean everyday.
*my girlfriends mean the world to me 👯‍♀️
*I am super type A, a perfectionist and ironically this causes many sleepless nights for me 🤷🏼‍♀️
*Lastly, I love doing sleep and discipline consultations. I feel #blessed to call this my job!! 🙏
Thanks for letting me share! Can’t wait to meet more of you in the future!! 🙌🏻

I walked into the kitchen to this spontaneous hug and self combusted from the cuteness. This was right after my four year old was crying because he didn’t want the dinner I’d made. They’d been comforting him by patting his back together but he needed a moment alone and moved to the couch, so I guess they comforted each other instead. My 4 year old eventually accepted their hugs and his dinner. I’m still recovering from the adorableness of all these exhausting tiny humans. 😘🤣 .
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A few upcoming events on separate dates for youth and parents. For our youth it is #GameNight and for the parents it is a class called #loveandlogic guaranteed to make homelife better.

Everything is better with food. So dinner is being served at the game night 🏆 for grades 6-12. And pancakes are being served at the parenting class! 💥

Be sure to RSVP. Space is limited.

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It’s one of my favorite times of the year for SOCIAL MEDIA—-BACK TO SCHOOL! I love that almost every one posts a picture of their kiddos. I love seeing them!
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Book delivery day! 📚 📚📚 #bookworm #letsread #botm #loveandlogic #girlwashyourface

Parenting and technology, take a look at this helpful parenting education article! #adoptioneducation #loveandlogic
#parenting http://bit.ly/2PeFcns

Here’s what’s happening at Happy Bambino today! Lots of great classes, social groups and a breastfeeding clinic. More information can be found at happybambino.com

It matters deeply to us that we raise powerful kids that are willing to take risks, to do things outside the box, to see things differently, to not “fit the mold,” to stand out in a crowd. We desire that our kids grow up so incredibly passionate about the things that God sets on their hearts that they light fires in others.

It’s because of those desires to see our kids operate in the fullness of who God has made them to be that I love when Elyia asks to wear her new high heels to the park, when she rocks a flower headband, an orange clip, bracelets, and a necklace. Even in the littlest of ways, she is owning who she is at 2-almost-3 and I love it. It’s my job as mom to celebrate it, not diminish it. It’s my job to celebrate the light inside her...the reflection of His glory that she is, in every way. It’s my job to pick up on the little things that make Elyia, Elyia...and to empower her in them.
It’s the coolest job in the world. @andersonmohle

This is the very happy face of a little girl who had just made a veryyyyyyyy big mess...and who spent about 30 minutes with me cleaning it up.

I read Proverbs 14 this morning. It says, “A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own two hands; without oxen a stable stays clean, but you need a strong ox for a large harvest” (v. 1 & 4). I’ve read those verses so many times, but today it stopped me and I really took a minute to let it sink in...and tie together those two specific verses.

A wise woman building her home recognizes that the process of building is messy...the process of building big people is messy. And that wise woman LOVES the process of building that house....those people...so much that she doesn’t resist the mess but celebrates the mess. She celebrates the learning that happens because of messes. She celebrates the connection that comes from teachable moments that pop up as messes get cleaned up and new strongholds get built.
Rather than taking those moments and controlling them with her own two hands, the wise woman allows the moment to happen and builds upon it. She knows that for big people to be built in her home, the big messes along the way demonstrate that the process is being celebrated rather than stifled out of frustration because of the mess.
I know she’s only 2 (and turning 3 on Friday...so crazy!) but it’s these moments that stop me in my tracks. It’s these moments that make me realize that trying to control the mess with my own two hands, or trying to keep the mess from ever happening, or getting frustrated and creating disconnection with this girl while the mess is being cleaned, is me acting just like the foolish woman who tears her house down with her two hands.

Where there is a mess because of a strong ox, there is a large harvest. Where there is mess and process and learning because of strong children, there is a life being cultivated and grown that will produce an abundance of fruit for the Kingdom of God, if I don’t tear it down with my two hands.
That Proverbs 14 truth today allowed us to walk away from that moment with connection, joy, and lessons learned - and stifled disconnection.

Tag us & hashtag #TBSECC, we want to see your photos! Thank you to all TBS families for this morning’s FIRST DAY warm welcome! Our step&repeats were a hit! Thanks to the ever-talented @brittanymann08 who did the artistry on these masterpieces for us all to enjoy. They’ll be up tomorrow, too, for Wednesday’s First Day children and during pick-up both days. They’ll also be present at other milestone events like our Hanukkah performance, Purim celebration, etc etc etc. Cheers to a marvelous new school year, we’re so happy you are a part of our Early Childhood Family! #tbsecc #mallinpreschool #arumkinder #firstdayofpreschool #firstdayofkindergarten

Today’s Tip: Let them win!

This can happen for almost anything, but the best example I have handy is bath time. My boy is a fish, and with or without bubbles, he can spend hours in the tub. So, before I started implementing L&L, bath time was a struggle. Here is what changes... I gave him options, options that I could handle, and let him choose. For example, I know I’m fine with him getting out in 30 minutes, but I also know he isn’t going to like being told to get out without warning. SO, if I want him out by 7:30, I go in and ask him, “would you like to get out now or in a half hour?” As always, he chooses a half hour. Great. Then 30 minutes go by, I tell him it’s time to get out, and voila! He thinks he negotiated 30 minutes, while I’m celebrating a fight free bedtime routine!
As a side note 📝. When he was younger, one warning wasn’t enough. So, I had a timer and would set it in 15 minute increments, and ask him again. Then 5 minutes, then I’d win. It all depends on your child and how stubborn he/she is. 🤣. I compare it to a snooze button... and personally, I hit mine a few times before waking up. Your nugget is just the same, just experiment until you both figure it what works for the two of you.
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