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She insists that she already knows how, then melts down when she gets all the answers wrong.
She asks deep questions, working out complex details, and copes with changed plans like a hangry toddler.
She's a giver, constantly making and giving presents, but she hates sharing toys and taking turns.
She has a million great ideas, and is completely invested in each one, until the next one pops into her head.
She takes on life at top speed, a twirling, bouncing, wild child that only stops to dive <deep> into a book.
She is more than I can handle, more than I ever imagined. She is my biggest challenge and my greatest joy.
She is the reason for my stretch marks and C-section scars, gray hairs and Starbucks stars, deep breathing and treadmill hours.
She is the reason for countless smiles and laugh lines, tickle wars and regular living room dance sessions.
She is the softest heart, the hardest head, the strongest will, the biggest dreams. She pushes me to my limits every single day.
She's my tidal wave, my hurricane, my epic storm, my wild child. I wouldn't have her any other way.

Couldn't find El last night in his bed... This is where I found him #brothers #parenting #loveandlogic #dad #dadsofinstagram #dadsofig #snuggles #stayathomemom #thisis5 #thisis3 #gah #😍

Learning to be a better mom and handle my toddler. #loveandlogic #whatareyoureading

We had to try the #crystalballfrappuccino 🔮@starbucks. Well @elibelipeetratgumicanduii got one and I had a baby sip. Much better than the #unicornfrappuccino 🦄!

Playroom? Office? Workout space?
I love that small room in our house is all three! It’s becoming my favorite room in the house 😊. I work at home. I workout at home. I play at home. Graham and I spend some sweet time in this room everyday as I share my best with other women and help other NEW MOMS get back in the GROOVE after baby. It’s not easy but it is possible and you can have FUN doing it too!
I’m so thankful to stay home with my kids AND to have a side gig that fills me up and let’s me stretch my creativity, passion, and work ethic. I love being a mom more than anything, but being a MOMBOSS IS SO REWARDING TOO!

If you are wondering what it looks like to be a coach and a mom to three and if you could do it too, come checkout my behind the scenes look next week! No questions are off limits and there’s no commitment. What if this was the OPPORTUNITY you were made for too?!? Fill out my interest form ⬆️⬆️⬆️ and I’ll make sure you get the details ❤️. Can’t wait!

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Una de mis terapias alternativas que ofreceré sera taller a padres con estrategias que si se llevan a cabo finaliza con las conductas inapropiadas que son instaladas en los niños como respuesta a estrategias incorrectas que usan los padres. Cuando el problema crece el niño generalmente identificado incorrectamente como un niño con problemas emocionales y comienzan las etiquetas que son bien dañinas#terapiasalternativas #behavior management#love #rutinadiaria#habitossaludables#disciplinandoconamor #loveandlogic

Do you know Love & Logic? How do you do it with twins when they tantrum about different things simultaneously ?

Link to post in bio
#loveandlogic #toddlerproblems #twinsofinstagram #momof3 #twinvincible #twoboringtwinbrothers #mamamadeteam

Another late night workout done! These crazies came home towards the end—Tuesday’s are a long day for everyone in the Costa household with a lot of fun obligations! Everyone is pretty exhausted and bed times are later than I would like 😔 But actually getting in my second workout this evening gave my the energy to get through our family scripture time and handle some fussy breakdowns with love and patience 🙌🏼
It truly is amazing the positive energy a good workout can bring! #lovemylittlecrazies #lotsofenergyaroundhere #andtheneveryonecrashes #majorfomo 🤣
#momof6 #soccermom #dancemom #tennismom #bandmom #activities #sports #minivan #carlifestyle #onthego #goals #keepmovingforward #energy #parenthood #loveandlogic #theycomefirst

This has been a great way to spend the past few Tuesday nights. I’ve learned so much and look forward to putting it all together to become the best momma I can be. #loveandlogic #parentingclass #momlife #saltlakecitymoms #healthyrelationships

Nuestras tardes en el parque son la mejor manera de conectar. Jugamos, nos caemos, nos ensuciamos... y somos felices 🌸🌿🌺🌼 ¿Cuáles son sus momentos especiales con los peques? ¡Denme ideas que estoy iniciando! •
#Eva🌙 #VidaDeMadres #PlayTime #LoveAndLogic #LynGlass

Day 17 of Homeschool Blogging Behind the Scenes Instagram Challenge: Quote
Sure it would have been more fun to put a cool, inspiring quote up for today’s challenge, but these two lines (swipe to see both) are life savers in our house!!
#hsbloggers #homeschoolbloggingconnection #adhd

Morning errands and enjoying one of my all time fav speakers! 🙌🏼 #nerdyteacheralert 😆 #loveandlogic

Like newly hatched chicks, children need warmth + gentle touch. *

If you have ever been around a brooder dancing with day old fluff balls, you understand the joy that comes from such a sight!  Exploring, chirping, discovering food + drink. Bright eyed and huddled beneath the light, their tiny bodies melt with glee under the heat. *

I love this image.  How care and patience grow a chick that becomes a chick-HEN.  How something so small can grow into something that delivers fresh, multi-colored, freckled eggs. *

As the three little chicks we call kids grow up under our roof, we want to tend to them in similar ways.  Gently, routinely, patiently. We want to use soft voices and slow movement. We want to consider their environment and how home is best situated for their continued growth. *

As husband and wife, we have learned so much since hatching our own brood.  And though we’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way, we’re waking up under the sun to see that each day offers new opportunity to love more deeply and to approach the {L}IGHT more quickly! *

Farm life.  We’re kind of falling head over heels for this little way of living! * *

#hatched #chicks #chickens #eggs #farmfresheggs #chickencoop #seekthelight #growtogether #family #brood #tribe #community #cultivatewonder #seekthegood #slow #breathe #rhythm #routine #farm #wisconsin #spring #givethanks #lookup #loveandlogic #children #parenting #marriage #family #farmhouse #findingsimplicity #findingsimplicityfarm

Look who has bare feet today...🙄 note I did ask him to put them on 3 times before we left and warned him he would leave without shoes if he didn’t put them in. I’m hoping all the tears of walking in the rain will make this the last time. #PutYourDamnShoesOn #loveandlogic

🐵❤️#monkeybusiness Can we talk about investing in our children for a sec? I hear a lot of parents lament about their children’s choices and behaviors. My kids are far from perfect (thankfully), but people will assume that my kids are generally kind and thoughtful because they are just naturally easy or it’s pure luck. I have been investing in the adults I hope my kids to be since the day they were born. This has required an IMMENSE. amount of patience and energy. I treat them with compassion and kindness and respect. I set boundaries. I am consistent and reliable. They know they can trust me. They understand, even if they don’t always appreciate, that my parenting decisions are based on what is best for them - not on what is comfortable or easy. You cannot expect an 11 year old to magically know how to self regulate if you have never taught them how to or haven’t modeled for them. ❤️❤️ I get that it is hard - I have been there. There comes a time though when as a parent you have to have the awareness to be parenting your child’s needs not your own issues. #parenting #motherhood #raisingboys #momofboys #loveandlogic #investing #awareness #mindfulness #intentionalliving #lovebig #compassion #raisingkindboys

Yesterday I was talking with my son and said “it makes me feel sad when you don’t listen to my words (follow directions).” [He was flicking rice off the counter at lunch,lol] He then proceeded to shush me and stroke my face. It took everything I had not to burst out laughing and to stay focused on his behavior. 😁
Ain’t no hood like motherhood! I’d love to hear a #momlife story from you! Share below...

#popsugarreadingchallenge2018 Book 7. A book with alliteration in the title. #loveandlogic

Not one to tell other parents how to deal with their kids as I only have ~2 years under my belt, but I will say that I've struggled with different approaches and this book is refreshing.

It aligns closely with how I approach life and other humans and assumes a level of respect and intellect with your kids. It offers up ideas and approaches to handling kids and doesn't resort to anger, yelling, and spanking.

We'll see how it works out 😎

#LoveAndLogic #Read2018 #Books

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