Saturday the women enjoyed a beautiful brunch, a lovely time together building friendship and were greatly impacted by Vanessa Romero’s powerful story. This is just the beginning of Love & Grit!
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I’m grateful for such a special event, learning to receive and give love and choosing to live lives of grit (courage and resolve; strength of character). Thank you ladies for opening your hearts for the more to come!
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I can’t think of anyone I would have rather started Love & Grit with than my friend Vanessa. Thank you for coming from Los Angeles and for sharing your powerful “love and grit” story with us today!
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Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart. -Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart 📖
2 adorable puffy Rose Quartz hearts available for $12 each plus shipping. Perfect size to hold during meditation or carry with you as a reminder to love yourself first. Send me a msg with your PayPal email address to order 💕 💗

Som det ska vara

We’re getting ready for Love & Grit coming up next Saturday! Ladies, remember to sign up if you haven’t yet for a special and beautiful morning together.
(Link in profile to website. $10 payment per person on Giving Page then DM or email to give us your names.)
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Ladies! Just a reminder to sign up for the Love & Grit brunch if you haven’t already. We’re so excited for this moment together with Vanessa at the OUR/DETROIT events space coming up next weekend!! 🖤✨
It’s going to be special and you don’t want to miss it. . . .
I would LOVE to have you there.
Just make a $10 payment per person on our website (link in bio) and send a DM or email to let us know the names of the women coming and date paid.
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Love & Grit 👉 swipe for details and join us for brunch at the Our/Detroit venue on September 15th 🖤✨
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This girl, @jada.bono , SCHOOLED me, and I totally got duped. See, I love giving. I love sharing. I love teaching. But, she taught me more. Of all of the times we talked through a pattern, reflected on a class, and pinned on a number, she shared way more wisdom with me than I ever could have with her. She taught me how to be kind yet real. She taught me how to learn with a smile and hug through tears of winning a class. Most of all, I feel privileged to watch her become a real horse woman. A young lady with professionalism on her lips and a heart of love for every ride. Witnessing it all, the pleasure has been all mine. #morethanproud

Ladies, please save the date for Love & Grit - a women’s event with my friend Vanessa Romero from L.A!
Vanessa and her husband, Jody lead Restoration Los Angeles Church and they'll be with BCC that weekend.
She's amazing - and she's sure to give us some of her fire and heart - you'll love her!
We'll gather for brunch at "Our/Detroit" in Southwest Detroit...
More details to follow later. Plan to bring a friend. All women welcome!
Minda 🖤
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Brewing our own Komucha! Kombucha is a probiotic tea that has amazing health benefits. If you looking for a replacement for soda this might be just what you are looking for! Drink up! #kombucha #probiotictea #fermentedfoods

Autism Application: We know that children and adults who have Autism also struggle with a healthy gut microbiome. Ditching all sugary drinks and adding in Kombucha allows the fermented drink to do it's work in aiding the good gut bacteria to grow. #autismrecovery #loveandgrit

3rd place for the women at the 2018 DIII Outdoor Track and Field Championships! #COMPETE #rfgb #d3tf #twoteamsonefamily #loveandgrit

Lexington Baptist crew trained and stamped by the love and grit of @sassdefense and @brettcarneybrown. #protectthetribe #sassdefense #loveandgrit

My Motivation Monday! I received this David Yurman Bracelet almost 2 years ago (something I would never have bought myself). This was given to me by a top leader for my teams contribution to her earning a company paid Lexus. 🤩🤭 I remember that mail day, opening up this beautiful gift and feeling that sense of accomplishment. I knew I was part of something BIG. And like I’ve said before R+F is so more than just a paycheque. It's more choices in my life. More friendships. More purpose. More time freedom. Yes, I work this business hard and I work it with love & grit because I believe in these products, I believe in the company and I love helping others! Its definitely my passion. I knew that being able to help a countless number of others that this was my PLAN B!
Do you have a plan B? Wondering if a side hustle like this can actually change your life? Im telling you, it CAN! 💁🏻‍♀️ #rodanandfields #uniquejourney #RFjourney #workperks #planB #loveandgrit #passion

We have an update coming soon. The brand for the #Instagram and #socialmediamarketing platform is taking shape.

I'll give you a hint - it's inspired by a #puppy!

Yes we have #fun - no I have absolutely no control over how these are edited.

But seriously send me a message, I'm still trying to get better at my #insta game but our expert #instagramers are on point!

You know that somewhere, to someone every day is a #struggle. You also know that you can always find those who create #joy in every day.

Who do you want to be?

For you, for those around you, for the random person walking down the street that may see your face. What are they seeing?

We all #radiate with #energy - go use that #power to #lightuptheworld 🔥🌅😎

Yes I know that pictures of #puppies are cheap shots here on social media but I just have to connect this with my next post...

You see a #puppy can make everything better BUT they are like children at times - cute when they are asleep and #savage when they are awake. Check out the video on my feed to see the actual attack from this morning.

Oh he may look innocent, but don't be fooled. Our offices are guarded by a fierce attack #puppy.

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