who are you
when everyone has left
when the bills don’t need attention
when obligations vanish
when looks mean nothing
when your titles become irrelevant
when your academic and professional check marks and advancements, once your world, are no longer applicable
when keeping up with society is not necessary
and when you are only left with your dreams and truest, deepest desires.
who are you
when there is nothing
but you
your heart
your soul
this earth?
Day 7 of #YogaInTheStars - #natarajasana
which is representing the air sign Libra ✨ symbolized by ‘scales of justice’, #Libra energy inspires us to seek peace, harmony, and cooperation all while doing so gracefully - Venus is Libra’s ruling planet, the planet of love and beauty. Libra guides us to create compromise, helpful dialogue, and successful relationships. This sign is particularly special because many planets frequently travel through Libra throughout the year, which activates the energy for everyone, regardless of your signs.
Pose order:
Day 1: Aries - Warrior✔️
Day 2: Taurus - Bridge / Shoulder stand / Wheel✔️
Day 3: Gemini - Bow / Cobra✔️
Day 4: Cancer - Half Moon / Sugar Cane✔️
Day 5: Leo - Camel / Lion✔️
Day 6: Virgo - Boat✔️
Day 7: Libra - Standing hand to big toe / #dancerpose
Day 8: Scorpio - Lotus / Scorpion
Day 9: Sagittarius - Pigeon
Day 10: Capricorn - Tree
Day 11: Aquarius - Eagle
Day 12: Pisces - Standing Split / Fish
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Almost forgot to post this one!
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✨New Challenge✨
#AlignMyPractice is a yoga challenge focused on finding safe alignment in fundamental asanas. Our bodies are all uniquely beautiful, and therefore there is no cookie cutter approach to the poses - explore what feels right for YOU! Join us from the 24th - 30th of September. -
To join, make sure you...
1) Repost one of the flyers tagging a few friends to join as well, and use the hashtag #AlignMyPractice 💛
2) Follow all the hosts and sponsors:
Poses we will work on:
Downward facing dog
Upwards facing dog/cobra
Low lunge/Warrior 1
Pigeon Pose
Triangle or Pyramid Pose
Forward Fold
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Funky Eka Pada Galvasana (Funky Flying Crow) 💥

Managed to figure out this arm balance the other day, after confusing the hell out of me for years! Inspired by the amazing @abbey.yoga 🤸🏽‍♀️

Have a beautiful and restful Sunday everyone 🙏🏽

My hips have been quite open these days so the foot to armpit comes quite easily to me. I find that my bent arm strength is still kinda lacking so I'm always a fan of using props to help with the support (thanks @yoginette for the reminder)

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Reawaken the soul in a 7 day @wildestliving Yoga + Surf Retreat in magical Sri Lanka
Activate the new year by staying in a beautiful villa on the southern Sri Lankan tropical coast and enjoy the laid back surf beach vibes. Immerse in twice-daily rooftop yoga, explorative workshops, surf lessons, vegetarian cooking classes and Ayurvedic spa treatments
⋇ ⋇ ⋇FULL DETAILS link in bio ⋇ ⋇ ⋇



Join Faye (Wildest Yoga) from Saturday 12th - Saturday 19th January 2019. Taking place in Mirissa, Sri Lanka, we will be reawakening the soul, activating the new year with vinyasa and yin classes, as well as learning how to ride the waves with beginners' surf lessons.



Wildest Living teach playful vinyasa yoga as well as delicious and nourishing yin. Each day starts with an (optional) early morning meditation, followed by a creative and dynamic vinyasa class. This will give you the opportunity to explore new and challenging postures. To wind down the day we will practice rejuvenating yin or gentle flow on the rooftop of the villa and watch the skies turn from blue to pink as the sun dissapears over the horizon
⋇ ⋇ ⋇ FULL DETAILS link in bio ⋇ ⋇ ⋇

This picture of @talia_sutra was taken last week in Mizpe Ramon, a small and beautiful city in the Israeli desert. It is part of a new exciting project with Talia.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Inspired with Talia and the desert colors, we wish you a happy Sunday, full of light, love and serenity 💜
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feels like faaaaall🍂🍁🌻

Waiting for december like... 😌😌😌 #loveyourself #lovelyday #lovemysunglasses #loveandalliscoming #happy

Marco Pierre White said that “to know how to eat well, one must first know how to wait”. Well, obviously, I have lots to learn here, but dare I say I know how to snack while making a meal?
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So grateful to have a soulmate like you 🖤
#blessed #friendship #loveandalliscoming #grateful

Recently, I‘ve been reading a lot about love and during my stay in India, I was lucky to come across Osho. He wrote so much that touched my heart and showed me that love, in the way most of us experience it, is not love, but lust or possession.
Love is connected to freedom, to acceptance and to being centered. The most unattractive quality a relationship - either family, friends, romantic - can have is to be possessive.
To demand something from the other is ultimately resulting in hurt and disappointment.
Living in a relationship were possessiveness leads to dependence is so depressing. No one wants to be put in a cage. No one wants to be made dependent.
Love changes. As everything, it‘s nothing static.
If we accept that fact, get over our egos and love the person without demanding sth or expecting sth, our relationships could turn into something so beautiful. We could build trust, we could be free ourselves, we could go through all kinds of experiences, and , most of all, we wouldn‘t hurt anyone.
This is a reminder that no one should control another person or think that there is any kind of allowance to possess someone.
Love is not there to always feel super excited and crazy about someone. If you accept one another and support the other person, no matter if their dreams go against oneself, then love can develop and raise into a deep connection.
Love more. ❤️ And don‘t be afraid of any change, trust in it.
Let love do it‘s magic. ✨

“Change does not hurt, attachments do.” Don’t know why it took me almost two decades to have my hairstyle this short again. As my niece @charyn.mae said: It looks good on me & the only thing missing is my high school uniform. 😆😆😆 And yes, I did cut & color my own hair again. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel like taking a video this time to show how I did it. Let me just say, I made the first cut by holding on to a big chunk of my long hair and just cut it straight. Then styled it afterwards. 💇🏻‍♀️

Allow yourself to observe the sensations, the emotions without to create further likes and dislikes, simply allow yourself to become aware of these sensations and emotions, directioning your mind into the inner thruth.
Ask your mind to return to the sensation of the breath 🙏🏻
Remain calm🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️ #createpuremoments#meditation

Weekend is here and I couldn’t be happier.
Busy and fun day ahead planned...
We’re off to @rough.runner for 10km obstacle course.
Then off to Sweaty Betty Live Event in London, which I’m super excited for! @sweatybetty

I‘m feeling super proud of myself for attending ‘Sweaty Betty Live’ Event all by myself. Usually I always grab a friend or a family member and make them go with me as I hate doing these things by myself... I need someone to hold my hand haha.
However today I put myself out of my comfort zone and went just me, myself and I. (And thousands of other people of course)
Nonetheless a personal achievement.
Now after a dog walk, 10km obstacle course, yoga class and a HIIT class - I am DEAD. Bed time!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday!

My furry baby Monty is a huge fan of yoga.
Mainly because he think it means playtime when mummy gets her mat out.
Today he’s at doggy day care, hubby is away this weekend so I get a day fully to myself, which I haven’t had in ageees.
Everyone needs a day like this every now and then.

My Calvins.

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