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#loveandalliscoming giveaway Friday!!!
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The most challenging poses
Often named after sages
Remind us that
We can’t google enlightenment
Psychic nadis originate
In solar plexus
Streamlined energy conduction
Activates third eye
Center of intuition
Seeing the matrix in code now
The Universe is mental
We attract with our thoughts
Where attention goes
Energy flows
Seeing the self from all angles
The super nerd turned rebel
Learned how to dance with nature

Just when you think you know love, something little comes along to remind you how big it really is ❤ @cataleyaperez
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“Respira. El universo se encarga de todo lo demás” 🌿🍃🌍🌻 #gratitude #govegan #love

My practice is my own,
I have poses that I love and practice daily.
I have poses that will never be accessible to me due to my pelvis.

I wear what I wear. Less or more clothing depending on what I feel.
I won’t change that, much like I won’t change my practice because someone else feels it should be a different way.

I am me. You are you.
#Repost @gypsyyogalove #forwardfold #loveandalliscoming #yoga #yogapractice #yogapose

The first time his hand laid on me. I thought it was an honest accident. I was in my teens and just didn’t realize the black hole I was falling into.
The second time I thought it was because I was truly in the wrong.
The third time I started to wonder, and that made it even worse.
The final straw that woke me was when he scared my leg.
I was broken on the inside. I already had trust issues, this made it so everyone was the enemy. Who was actually out there to help me? And who was like him, pretending and then shown his true face when I finally trusted.
That kind of thing is hard to come back from. Hard to trust again. Hard to feel comfortable. Analyzing each situation, determining if this new person is going to turn into what he did.
I lived in fear for quite some time. It takes me years to trust someone now.
But I learned so much from all that. I will never get put in that situation again.

#aloyoga #beagoddess #standingsplit #snowga #gypsy #loveandalliscoming #yogapractice #yogajournal

"From the moment we are born to the final days of our lives, touch acts as a central aspect of the human experience — impacting our physical, mental and emotional health, and quite literally shaping the way we go through our lives." ✨
I am so excited to offer a 2 Day YTT Immersion alongside @yoga.barbie exploring the anatomy, personal form and body mechanics, heart centered intention, channeled intuition and connecting art of offering assists in yoga. I have also practiced massage therapy for the last 8 years, so we will be exploring a little deeper into some massage techniques that can be used to help your students feel more connected to their own body in their practice. We could not be more stoked!!! Check out the link in my bio for more details & send me an email if you're curious about this CEU offering. 💕🙏💕 #BSYTT

Where there is darkness,
✨Spread light
Where there is hate,
🕊Spread peace
♥️Everywhere - spread love
#balance #yogapractice #love

Yoga mat/blocks by the ingenious @yogahustle (def go check out their collection if you haven’t yet!)
👚: @urbanoutfitters
👖: @aloyoga #aloyoga #beagoddess
(Pose inspired by: @kasia_extend_yourself )

Yesterday morning my grandpa Guerra passed away.
Mi Abuelo, who filled my childhood with history and wisdom and stories that left me wondering if they were real or fantasy. Don Quixote was a book he would refer to often, reminding me to keep my dreams in line with reality.
Breakfast dates were our favorite-he knew all the best spots.
One thing I’ll never forget is the reoccurring dream he always shared with me:
his mom and dad were there, no words exchanged but walking up the stairs of a childhood home. He follows. They turn the corner and another staircase appears, they are gone. He continues to walk up the stairs to the shut door at the top.. Light slipping through the cracks.
He told me every time he reaches for that door, he wakes up.
He then would tell me, he knows there will come a time where he gets to open the door, and on the other side he will be greeted by his Mom, dad, and my grandma (who he misses so much) and won’t wake up from the dream.
I’m both heartbroken and at peace that he didn’t wake up this time.
We talked about death and loss more than most, and he wasn’t afraid. A blanket of comfort eased me each time he would share the beauty of passing over, I know he is truly at peace.
Suffering exists in this life, not the next.
Listen to your intuition and gut. Say sorry. Give a loved one you’ve been thinking about a call- or shoot them a text. You truly don’t know when you won’t get the chance to do so. Life is just too fucking short to be self absorbed in our vast illusion of problems. And I have a lot to work on in this department.
#familyfirst #loss #loveandalliscoming


• new moon day • ashtangis take rest •

True beauty is the one you have inside🙏🌙 #bloomit

Day 7 of #thankfulbends is #kingcobrapose
Today, I am thankful for my crazy, loving family. We definitely put the FUN in dysfunctional on occasion, but baking with my grandmother always makes my heart so happy.
Thank you to our hosts and sponsors for such a wonderful challenge!
Hosts: @colleenyogini @elisheva_yoga @thegivingmom @mmaneevese
Sponsor: @aloyoga

Today's #thankfulbends pose is king cobra. I'm showing mine with and without the wall🐍

hosts (in posting order):

*picking TWO winners*
one $100 gift card and one warrior mat!

crescent lunge
half bow
king pigeon
forearm wheel
straight legged wheel
wild thing

#yoga #backbend #cobrapose #kingcobrapose #yogamom #igyogafamily #Yogachallenge #yogachangedmylife #loveandalliscoming #practice #practiceandalliscoming

Through my love for you, I want to express my love for the whole cosmos, the whole of humanity, and all beings. By living with you, I want to learn to love everyone and all species. If I succeed in loving you, I will be able to love everyone and all species on Earth... This is the real message of love.
Thich Nhat Hanh •••
#yoga #yogateacher #dmvyoga #crystalcity #mindyourbodyoasis #crystalcityyogi #washingtondc #acreativedc #yogainspiration #picoftheday #igdc #loveeverymoment #loveandalliscoming #leadwithlove #yogaeverywhere #yogaclass #practiceandalliscoming #presence #peace #vinyasa #flow #restorative #mindfulness #meditation #breathe


Day 8 🍄 #PropAndProud 🍄 and we are using the wall for getting stronger! 💪🏼
I got inspired by our amazing hosts and tried out something new.
Way more difficult than what I expected... 😂
I few up-side-down series like this 📸and all my body was shaking, mainly abs, arms and back 😅💪🏼
This is definitely a great exercise for gaining strength for handstands!
I will include it on my daily practice from now on 😊
Have you learnt something new today? 💃🏼

PD: Most probable, I will be sharing my new “post structure” on the last pic of the day (just one left 😂). Stay tuned! 😁👏🏼


#yogalicia #loveneverfails #yoga #yogalove #loveandalliscoming #yogajourney #practiceandalliscoming

So happy to spend time with my family in my hometown, having some yoga fun with my sister @elenawanderlust
Feliz de pasar tiempo con mi familia en mi casa, jugando un poco con mi hermana @elenawanderlust
📸 @daniele.serventi
Day 9 of #FallFlexyYogis is headstand
#sisters #sun #sunlight #family #friends

@icecolddrone gets to practice his skill AND I get to yoga? It’s a win, win
Thanks Gabe 🙏🏽🙌🏽✨
(My brother, go follow him!!)🖤
#justforfun #siblinggoals

Y do I do yoga?
When I first started out yoga a few years back I really only wanted to do it because I knew it was something "spiritual" people did. I wanted to figure out what all the hubbub was about. I started following yogis on here like @kinoyoga @erinkellyart and @casa_colibri and got to work. Studying their movements and trying to work their flows into my own flows quickly became a passion of mine.
It's unbelievable the feeling yoga will bring you. An overall sensation of euphoria, you will seriously get high off of just wiggling your body around. I wish I could explain the feeling better than just getting "high". The combination of being grounded and all the creative energy that comes with yoga is probably the most addicting feeling out there.
I am so blessed to be here on Earth and be able to move the way I am.
#Namaste #yogini #yogaeverydamnday #euphoria #loveandalliscoming

Spending the weekend studying for my yoga exams next week & preparing for @tamaraqaddoumi’s arrival tomorrow😍❤️ (@thetalkingbirdy)

Who’s ready for Portugal next summer with this goddess?! ☀️ #GLOWyogafam
Image x @rivkayoga

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