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I swam with the most famous Turks and Caicos resident today! Jo Jo the friendly dolphin live in the open sea but he LOVES everyone! I took lots of selfies with him with my underwater camera , but can't seem to get the pictures out of the camera. I wish all the people of the world treated Dolphins as kindly as Jo Jo treats every human he meets..he was a real gentleman with me!
#jojo #t&;c #love #respectforall #loveallsentientbeings

They never practice and they are so flexible, on the other hand, if I don't practice two days I get so stiff
#wanttobeacat #catlover #loveallsentientbeings #practice

This little guy is spreading knowledge!!! I hear you! Wana hang out with animals? Go to an animal sanctuary instead!! ✨💕#vegan #31weekspregnant #doula #birthworker #loveallsentientbeings

You and me are connected 💟
With much loove here to you


Rest well, lovely humans💜As you lay your heads upon your pillows, try to recall all the reasons why you are thankful to be alive, and what actions you could improve upon tomorrow, that could potentially improve the lives of those you care about, in conjunction with what would improve your presence in this fantastic universe we reside in. Its beneficial to remember not to take it for granted. #blissedout #elevatedconsciousness #loveallsentientbeings #moonvibes


📿cleansing my new mala with some sage in my new home and feeling some type of way about it 🌬


Hey world! I'm a yoga teacher/reiki practitioner now 🙂 these past sixteen days have been super transformative and I'm really looking forward to spreading love and knowledge and healing. Slide into my DMs if you ever need a reiki session or have any questions regarding yin, restorative, or vinyasa yoga✨💫✌🏼

👆this. I'm not a super religious person but I honestly don't think any God would be ok with what humans do to animals every single day in slaughterhouses.
#govegan #stopkillinganimals #stopeatinganimals #loveallbeings #loveallofgodscreatures #loveallsentientbeings #veganfortheanimals #livecrueltyfree #crueltyfree #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #devilswork #devil #god #vegan #veganlife #veganlifestyle #garyyourofsky

last day with service before I leave Oahu for my teacher training on the big island 🌴recovering from 14 hours of travel at the beach and feeling so blessed ✌🏼

Day 20 of the #yogagirlchallenge and I only managed to get on my mat for some light stretching today, but at least it's something ✨ finishing study guides for my yoga teacher training, packing my bags and gearing up for a 12 hour flight on Friday ✈️ my cameras all packed so here's an old photo! #yogaeverydamnday @yoga_girl

Animals have been my biggest teachers lately. Bringing me their wisdom and medicine when I need it most. Two weeks ago a Coyote crossed my path and I've been diving deep into Coyote medicine. Coyote symbolism and meaning is incredibly complex and paradoxical ❤️ It brings wisdom of the sage and playfulness of the inner child. Many Native American tribes view the Coyote as the trickster, shape-shifter, transformer, and teacher. So of course Coyote appeared as we're learning about the teacher archetype in the amazing @sourceandsea 's transformational Access + Align course, and the integral part the trickster plays! The magic is happening ✨ As the trickster/teacher, Coyote taught me that I was being my own trickster. Picking up some old behaviors and habits and tricking myself that it was ok. Coyote challenges us to think about those things that we have pushed down or hidden from ourselves or others. Very often such matters impact our body, mind, and spirit even unwittingly. Coyote is a mirror for the lessons we must learn so we are able to walk a good sacred road. The mirror will be held up incessantly until we finally get the picture! Navajo believe the Coyote brings a new beginning. Shoshoni believed the Coyote as an indication of an ending. Sighting a Coyote was said to bring natural shifts in balance, causing an end that makes way for a new beginning. Essentially, the Coyote is like a "way-maker" of new direction, representing the cycle of life/death in nature. Coyote tells us not to take ourselves too seriously, and teaches us to laugh at ourselves and life's ironies. Coyote often appears when we feel lost ✅ Coyote tells us to look at every angle and path in a difficult situation, for there is always a way..even hidden in plain sight. The Coyote is pure laser-like instinct, telling us to always trust our own. Following my instincts is bringing some new opportunities! Coyote brings the Magic of Merlin, it shape-shifts and transforms easily, he adapts and survives in almost any environment. The Coyote is diligent in caring for their young and mate for life. If Coyote has come to you, embrace its powerful medicine, there's much more than I could even list!!! 💜🙌🔮💜

Day 19 of the #yogagirlchallenge 🌲 slow flow before it started to rain this morning, trying to stay grounded and calm while I get ready for my big move on Friday. Letting my emotions be as they are, feeling what I need to feel, and breathing #yogaeverydamnday @yoga_girl

Educate yourself on where and how your food becomes your food. And maybe start thinking about someone other than yourself. Yeah at first being vegan isn't easy! In a society that revolves around animal products it's difficult at first. But once you start to think of others over yourself and you put yourself in their situation it gets better. You realize how you being a little bit inconvenienced by finding different ingredients to make something causes you a lot less pain and you don't lose your life over it like animals do when you keep buying and consuming animal products. Choose to be a bit inconvenienced instead of taking the easy road and taking a life that was not yours to take along with it.. #goveganfortheanimals💚🐷🐮🐣🐖🐗🐰🐔🐟🐬🐋🐵🐐🐏💚 #govegan #stopkillinganimals #choosewisely #thinkofothers #peacestartsonyourplate #peacestartswithempathy #loveall #loveallsentientbeings #loveallanimals #vegan #veganlife #veganlifestyle #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #choosecompassion #putothersbeforeyourself

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