“I always feel like somebody’s watching meeeee!” 👀🎶

Got too excited.

Sleep Beauty is waiting for her tea 👸🏾🍎

Nugget love 💗

My lip game is strong 👄

Royal 👑

Can’t get the treat out!! 🤬

I made a new combo toy from two @bullymake ones 🙌🙌

Sleeping softy in my mom's bad and with my new little friend called hambo. He's from adventure time , you guys know this cartoon ?
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Our @bullymake (all-toys) box came! (Woot, woot) and, if I may say so, my crew knows how to do an unboxing!!! 😂😂😂 all kidding aside though, these boxes are awesome, I still have toys from the December box!(that’s insane in this house). I highly recommend anyone with a “destroyer” to check out the link in our profile and get 10$ off your first box!!!! Or, if you’re a bit on the lazy side, like me, just use code 4DAALL at checkout for the same deal!

As you can see, Winnie loves the crew. Only problem, she’s still got scabbed over sores from the mange. This rough-and-tumble play is not conducive to letting those suckers heal. But, on the other hand, she is doing sooooooooo much better, it’s hard for me NOT to let her go be herself!


I was creeping’ on her, threatening to steal her toy. The looks she gives me are priceless 😂😂😂

The squishiest 🤗.

I saw it live, and I can still “see” it now, but, even after watching this back 5 times, I can’t verbalize what changes from Boo’s(blue eyes) body language when playing with Jerz(the cow) to when she was about to muzzle punch Abby(photobomber) at the end. “It’s ok, boo-boo” probably saved me having to deal with one of those bickering spats that these two have had before #experienceisthebestteacher #learnfromthepast

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