"One of the guys posed the question, "why are you doing this?" He said that it means a lot to people, and why was I buggering around with it. Didn't I feel that by developing him, developing Ziggy, I would be closing up all the possibilities to the character. He said if I decided on a formidable storyline, it would probably be ruining everyone else's idea of who Ziggy really is, or at least who he is for them." ~DAVID BOWIE~ Discussing how he nearly took Ziggy to the stage and how one of his brainstormers actually had the audacity and courage to challenge the idea, right to Bowie's face! Wow, he sure had a lot of nerve. But Bowie being the gracious and intelligent person that he was, took the advice to heart.... QUESTION: DO you think Bowie should have gone forward with a 2000s Ziggy stage show? Why or why not? Photo of Bowie 2006 attending Lou Reeds Art Gallery premier 🖼🎨
Hope everyone is well
Happy Hump day!★

Please save the last dance for me
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Pretty much how I feel about posting selfies and many other stuff in life #loureed 😻#likedoingthingsthatidontlike
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Why won't you dance with me?
This magic moment
So different, and so new
Was like any other
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"I Wasn't Born Yesterday" - Part 2

At the age of 23 and on the verge of landing a major record deal I had a serious car accident, badly damaging my left hand - leaving me unable to pick up a guitar again and stripping me of the chance to do what I loved. I was devastated.

10 years on and I’d bought a Harley Davidson, spending the next 15 years driving with a heavy clutch through fifty sets of London traffic lights a day. That might not sound like fun, but over time I felt my hand coming back to life - and finally, a full 30 years on from the accident I could play again!

I can only use 3 fingers, but that’s enough to express myself and play the music I should have been playing 30 years ago!

I have finally released my first solo album, “Love, Death and Everything Inbetween”, clips of which you can see in the video. The sound has been described as blues rock and some tracks compared to that of Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Jack White, Beck and Lou Reed.

Aside from the music I am an award winning film maker - and have merged the two disciplines to create a fired up Blues Rock show where I play solo in front of six video screens. It's called the, "Band In A Box", solo tour and I am currently available for bookings.

I hope you like what you’ve seen and heard - if so, please LIKE my page and follow my journey.

ソニマニで"The Perfect Drug"なんて飛び出そうものなら失禁間違いないな。まぁないだろうけど。
O.S.T/Lost Highway
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David Bowie with Iggy Pop and Lou Reed in the 1970s

Hey honey, take a walk on the wild side...
Much aloha T-Man Minor 🌺♥️ we miss you.

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- Perfect Day - #LouReed

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