#LVWishList ☹️ A classic piece @louisvuitton Nice BB. Don’t need it but I 💙 it. Have an awesome Tuesday #BlessGod 🙌🏾

Mommy and me dont take Mother's day as an excuse to shop. We shop whenever we love to ahihi #louisvuitton #shopping #aftermothersday #mommyandvyu #giftforher #giftforVy #louisvuittonnicebb

Not our new Porsche (yet). 😝 Love how @porschemelbourne is pet-friendly, nice seeing you again, Kate & Ethan! Leo loves visiting there as well as sniffing around Porsche cars. 🚙🐶🐾 I hope I could drive him around in #Porsche911 within his lifetime. 😊🚙🐶 Will try harder to convince my hubby after the completion of our new home, we shall see. 😉 P.S. Leo: Grandma said mommy should have covered my private part for this photo. 😳🐶😝😂
ลีโอชอบมาเที่ยวศูนย์รถปอเช่ครับผม รอบ้านใหม่เสร็จแล้วคุณแม่จะเชียร์ปาป๊าเรื่องรถใหม่อีกรอบครับ 😆🐶🐾🚙

Ready? Set? Go! Finally getting to use my @louisvuitton beauty travel case ✨🙌🏽

Got a chance to pick up my #Diortee repair a while ago and ended up with .... you know what's happened. 😑😂🙈 As it's obvious that I'm a Louis Vuitton lover and unpaid LV ambassador, @dior steals my heart now and then. 😆 I personally love Dior tees but not a big fan of feminist concept and don't like wordings of this tee, just my 2 cents. Didn't take it home but shared Dior shopping on my IG story. 🙈 I found Dior store's lighting is the best for IG pic. 😁
Come across interesting comments/DMs regarding individual love to (particular) brand(s). 🤔, will share my thought on this topic later. What is/are your favourite brand(s)? 😁 Mine was Louis Vuitton, then Chanel and now back to Louis Vuitton again. 💙 LoVe can't be without (letter) LV. 😉 .
คุณๆ ชอบแบรนด์ไหนกันบ้างคะ ส่วนตัวชอบหลุยส์ก่อนเลย ปันใจไปให้ชาแนลพักใหญ่แล้วกลับมาซบอกหลุยส์วิตตองจนถึงปัจจุบัน อาจนอกใจไปหาดิออร์และกุชชี่บ้างไรบ้างค่ะ 😆 เดี๋ยวจะแชร์ในไอจีตอนไปช๊อบดิออร์นะคะ 😊

Wearing the same things again and again, I'm not boring but loyal. 😝😂 This sweater is my favourite RTW from @louisvuitton. Love this Nice BB as a shoulder bag a lot. 😁👜 #lvambassador
I love sweaters & cardigans. I wear them nearly everyday to work. They don't need to be expensive if comfy. My fav black cardigan to work is $25 from @cottonon. 😉 See which simple sweaters I got from @acnestudios on my IG story, they are oversized and very comfy. 💙
Please excuse my shiny forehead. 😆 If you (&I) are not a blogger, we don't always look perfect and we don't have to. There is no editing Apps in real life when it comes face to face. 😉 Have you ever met your social media/net idols and thought umm she/he looks differently from pic? 🤔 Also, how about those beautiful faces and amazing hair with captions implying "I wake up like this"? Some might be blessed that way but not me, I definitely don't wake up like that! 😂 Nevertheless, I'm happy the way I am and to continue my honesty. 💁🏻 Don't be fooled and feel you are not enough or are not "like them" when browsing through IG pics, most are edited to look perfect. #beyou ❤️ I love how @ofleatherandlace has been sharing what behind the scene of her amazing IG pics. Yes, she is a blogger, it's her job and she is honest about it. That's great! 👏🏻 This is not a shout-out, I simply love her honesty of what she is doing. 🙂

My Nice BB has its own allocated strap thanks to my gorgeous @soniaekelund 😘🧡🌟🌻 #louisvuittonnicebb #louisvuittonluggagetag

Can’t believe this arrived so quick. Needed an organizer for my new Tivoli PM and the Samorga for the LV Nice BB dimensions fit perfectly.
I have the LV-NICE-BB1 in Indian Pink 🌸
#lvoe #lvoer #madformono #samorga #samorgaorganizer #indianpink #louisvuittonlover #lvvintage #vintagelv #bagaddict #lvaddict #lvaddicts #ladyluxcloset #minks4all #louisvuittonnicebb #lvnicebb #nicebb #louisvuittonspeedy #lvmonogram #madformonogram #furpompom #madformono #lvtivolipm #lvtivoli

Ordered on Wednesday, arrived today. How’s that for incredible service 💖
Excited for my newest Samorga organizer and always obsessed with this gorgeous pink. I have the LV-NICE-BB1 in Indian Pink 🌸
#lvoe #lvoer #madformono #samorga #samorgaorganizer #indianpink #louisvuittonlover #lvvintage #vintagelv #bagaddict #lvaddict #lvaddicts #ladyluxcloset #minks4all #louisvuittonnicebb #lvnicebb #nicebb #louisvuittonspeedy #lvmonogram #madformonogram #furpompom #madformono #lvtivolipm #lvtivoli

I’ve been eyeing this LV cosmetic case and my Mom surprised me with it as an early Mother’s Day gift 🎁 I’m so excited to use it. The best part of this is, it’s such a classic piece that I’ll pass this on to Zayla someday. 😊

This is how I carried @louisvuitton Nice BB. 👜😊 I'm a light packer so most things inside this new-in are Leo's. 🐶😆
It was a happy and relaxing day out at @levantinehill with @victoria_xinbo. 🍷👯 Thanks for nice catching up (after 5 years!) and this pic. 😊
I love driving and #yarravalley is one of my favourite road trips. To me, nothing beats blue sky, fresh air and middle of nowhere. 💙🚙💚 I'm sort of a countyside girl who loves mountains more than sea. 💁🏻

#nowordsneeded .
📍bag organizer: samorga.com (worldwide shipping)
📷 photo by @bohegirl .

#samorga #bagorganizer
#organizer #boptalk #pursebop #purseblog #purseforum #bagmemo #louisvuitton #chanel #chanelwelove #chanelcosmetics #cocochanel #perfume #lvnicebb #nicebb #louisvuittonnicebb #chaneladdict

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