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“Mask Off Bitch” #louisvuittondon

Just put niggas' Benz money on new set of Louis Vuitton leather luxe goods. I hope the universe be good to those niggas who don't have that type of money nor Benz but a shitty android phone they became keypad warriors on hating on people for no just cause because when the universe smiles at them they can have a little bread and experience how it feels to be hated on for no valid reason. I hope one day life teaches you mofos that as 6+2 equals 8, so is 5+3. The way you do things or think is not the only way to do them. Respect other people's way of thinking. Have a blessed week you positive guys out there. #LouisVuitton #LouisVuittonDon #DamierEbene

Why so serious?® #louisvuittondon

"life goes in cycles, everything that comes around goes around." 🚴 | #mondaymotivation #louisvuittondon #usmc #lifeisabeach #chemistrycomingsoon | 📸: @alfyv9

Follow in the footsteps of the Louis Vuitton Don with these Kanye colabs from 2009. 📸: @stadiumgoods

kanye would be proud of the waves #louisvuittondon


“Mask Off Bitch” #louisvuittondon

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