Fact: Legs are a reflection of character. Make a good impression.

Something my Mom has told me my whole life, that will stick with me forever was this: “Don’t go wishing your life away” She’s a smart woman. ❤️ We’re constantly wishing things were to happen faster. We’re wishing away adversity. We wish graduation would come, we wish we’d get that big house already, or dream job. Sometimes I catch myself struggling through prep and I wish show day would get here quicker.

Live in the present. The journey is the fun part. EMBRACE the process and WELCOME adversity. Crush shit to reach your goals! 12 more days of the process that I LOVE. 12 more days of the GRIND. Let’s go!

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The monotony of steady state cardio, the workouts where she’s had to fight tooth and nail to keep loads high, the grueling HIIT sessions, her diet that’s been pushed VERY hard. Energy being non-existent at times. NONE of that has skewed her vision. A GOOD women’s physique competitor is what she wants to be and nothing will stand in the way of her making that happen. 12 days.

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With a knee surgery screwing up @artie0499‘s plans to play college football, he’s decided to focus his efforts on himself and getting into great shape. He’s off to a great start and already considering competing in men’s physique!!

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Yet another glorious am lifting session. As usual I’ve got something from all my favorite brands to represent in the gym. Check out @sappernutrition for some bad ass pre workout. @skullzandbarbells and @combatironapparel for ALL of your gym and leisure apparel needs.

Big @colbytreadway ended up taking 2nd place in the superheavyweight class at the NPC Mountaineer Classic yesterday. Anything other than winning, doesn’t sit well with this guy, so we are turning it up and going to be even harder for the NPC Pittsburgh in less than two weeks.

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We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there, too. #LOUDPerformanceTraining #TeamLOUD #ChromeSupps #ChromeSuppsNation

Trained at @thesummitaltoona tonight on my way home from drill! This place has a wide variety of equipment, it was nice to use some different pieces that I wish i had more regularly available. The problem with visiting different gyms: it’s near impossible to judge the right weight to use! So reps/sets need to change on the fly at times. One thing that stays constant? The INTENSITY! 💪🏼

Just under 2 weeks out and training remains unchanged. Heavy and accurate at all times.

Here’s my ENTIRE PUSH SESSION from tonight. Go ahead, SAVE IT, try it, and let me know how it goes! If you need any explanation on exercises or terminology, my DMs are always open 😉
*working sets only, take as much warm up as you need.
Lateral Raise Machine: 2x6-10, 1x15-20
Hammer Front Military Press (vid 1): 2x6-10
Smith Upright Row: 2x8-12
Hammer Dips: 2x6-10
FreeMotion Chest Flyes (vids 2-4): 1 rest pause set. 3 attempts to achieve 15-20 reps.
Flat Hammer Press: 2x11-15
Triceps Pushdown: 2x11-15
That’s all she wrote! Crush this session.

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@brazenmaiden decided to jump into the NPC Mountaineer Classic last minute, and ended up winning her class in both novice AND the open, and came away with the novice overall. Congrats Sara!! On to the NPC Pittsburgh in less than two weeks.

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@sarahsuan won both her novice AND open bikini classes yesterday at the NPC Mountaineer Classic. This was the only show planned for the year, so it’s back to work with new goals of adding more detail to those legs. Congrats Sarah!

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Growing each week little by little. Great things take time
Looking forward to being shredded af again
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Congrats to @ash_imperial on placings 1st in her true novice figure class, 3rd in novice, and 2nd in the open at the NPC Mountaineer Classic yesterday in Charleston West Virginia. Great way to finish at her first show!

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Great workout today! Staying focused on my goal and working through my plan. #fitlife #fitness #goalsdedication #teamloud #loudperformancetraining #letsgo #amcrew #sundayfunday #workhard

Embracing the thickness because it won’t last much longer... @derock240 and I are working the plan to cut down quite a bit. Also had a great apartment gym leg workout despite getting over being sick so had to show a clip (cartoon style 😜)of my smith hip thrusts using a hip circle and an elevated foot position for greater ROM. Using an iso hold at the top and pushing out on the hip circle for last few reps for even more abductor activation 👌🏼

Awesome Saturday lift with my #swolemate @dhlung 💪. Do something today that brings you closer to who and what you want to be in life. Every small step is a step forward 🔥 #bethebestversionofyou #progressnotperfection #swolemates #justdoingwhatwelove #eatcleantraindirty #npc #npcfigure #figurecompetitor #roadtofigure #teamloud #loudperformancetraining #liveouturdreams

Final push!! Two weeks out let’s get it!!💪🏻💀🍩. #2weeksout #npcpittsburgh #npc #bodybuilding #LOUDperformancetraining #teamLOUD #whateverittakes #suffer #ifbb

@yekki.song reached out in hopes of improving her stage package from her previous. I’d say we accomplished that goal!!! We did see that we need a bit more size to win in the open, so we know what we need to do this offseason. Anyone doubt that this bikini machine will do it?

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I am so happy with the look that @derock240 and I brought to the stage last weekend at @citylimitschampionships. I’ve learned a lot about myself and the prep process - and even wrote a really comprehensive write up about my experience getting to this stage (link in bio). I’m excited to enter off-season with a focus on growing overall, and coming back to the stage when I’ve put a bit more meat on my bones. Abs are cool, but I’ll happily trade them in for more 🍑✌🏻
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Bikini: @bbcustomsuits
Makeup and Hair: @getflawlesshair @makeovermike @hopedisguised
Tanning: @bellaprotanning
Photography: @jamesallenmedia

About 10 week progress here with a week of going to Cali and not counting my food . Got Another carb day and got down to 159.6 lol .Wasn’t trying to lose more weight trying to put on size now butttt guess my metabolism is workinggg . People ask me how I do it? Work the plan and don’t make excuses .And i guess it helps @derock240 is a macro king 🤴. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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