Shav xasardo @chompi_sax & RAFAEL 😂 #pralore #lostSon #mexico #kangeri #BLOND

One of my coworkers lost his son in a car accident and family needs help. Please donate. Nate Hughes Go Fund Me link gf.me/u/nkrj64 #help #helpothers #lostson #accident #kindness #caring #loving #pleasehelp

Dog time🐶🐶🐶 When I was 11 I remember saying “I just want lots of puppies” no kids. After ovarian surgery and mother was trying to tell me how I might never have children. Here I am 45 years later... words realized😇 best lil fam, my girls. Lucy Mama, Nellie and Moo Moo Johnston Jr.

Damn it man...this is Jason Padilla. He helped me when I was alone & nobody else seemed 2 care. If U got 2 know him then U would get tha Impression that he always wanted 2 pee on everybody’s parade. He was jus tha type of dude who always had sumthin negative 2 say when U wanted 2 be positive. His actions told tha true story of his character though. He was far from perfect jus like most of us but he showed tremendous sympathy where tha ppl who always smiled & said positive shit did not. In my book, that makes him tha more valuable human being. I’d rather have 5 assholes on my team who will go 2 tha wall 4 me then a 100 nice guys who are never there when it actually counts. My friend died alone. When I look on social media 4 sum type of memorial there are none. I’d rather fight sumbody I care about then simply let them give up on life. I was thousands of miles away while this man’s family simply let him give up on himself & his kids. Don’t ever stop fighting 2 help those U love! Tha last time we spoke we exchanged harsh words, I came 2 his front door ready 2 get punched in tha face in an attempt 2 say “ I’m sorry “ only 2 find out I had missed him by 6 weeks.....I’m so sorry Jason, If I had only known things had gotten this bad. Tha world is definitely worse off without U. I’ll have sex wit that emo-cosplay girl U was so crazy about, that’s my word
#gonetoosoon #loved #seeyounexttime #underappreciated #imnotworthy #wishyouwerehere #jasonpadilla #lostson #welostone

Thursday is here again, I count every hour each week until this moment, the only place and time I can watch and hide and catch a glimpse.
Tonight I will watch him from a distance, out of sight but hoping he sees me or knows am there, I will be a stranger in the dark and may now be unrecognisable, taken for no reason, I was guilty of loving and caring and wanting to provide.
I will watch with a proud smile and fast beating aching heart, and tears will surely flow, the short walk home will be such a battle, each step is like a mountain climb, I imagine as I walk away cuddling him and both of us walking from the pitch talking about the game & passing my advice, I create scenarios in my head of the both of us on the pitch together and no one else there, me playing and having a match, and as I run and watch, am feeling so very proud,

When getting home,the moment I walk through the door, the silence hits me & the cold bare rooms haunt me, I continue to keep all in place that is theirs, for the day that they return, even though that will be in many years, The thought of that brings so many tears, the reality of it is just too much, how I cope and continue is a miracle, But Thursday is here and it is a chance to smile and pretend that all is good, and another chance to create another scenario of us together #boy #lostson #fatherandson #love #hurt #beatup #fatheranddaughter #quotes #poem #divorce #gym #fit #fitness #fitnessmodel #motivated #positivevibes #success #god #faith #hope #christian #church #tears #lost #myboys

I knew I made the right decision to go see Living Colour in Brooklyn when I saw this rainbow....when I got to the Beacon Station. Dunno why but when I see rainbows and Monarch butterflies I think of my son Nick. I have no idea why. #rainbows #lostson #monarchbutterflies

New donmix on SoundCloud. Donmix is me saying I jumped on somebody’s track, for those who quickly wondered. #lostson #dondishes #stayforever #oldfeels LINK IN BIO 👀 please click like y’all show um you fuck with my sound.

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