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Pathways to paradise. 🌲

Never regret a day in your life! The good days will bring you happiness, bad days will bring you experiences, the worst days will come with lessons, and the best days will give you memories that last a lifetime.

PC: @theolater SLAP ME, I DARE YOU⠀

You know that moment in the Bible where Jesus says: “If someone slaps you, turn to him the other cheek.” It sounds so good, but when it comes to real life, how many of us would get slapped and give our antagonizer the other? ⠀
Even though, sure, Jesus was explaining physical harm, I can account for more emotional slaps in my life than physical. If you get slapped physically, more than you do emotionally, theres a problem with your environment.⠀
Its easier to brush something off when it comes from a stranger, but from your own people? It’s not WHAT happens to you, it’s WHO does it. ⠀
I want to give you four insights, into how I am combating the slap-back mentality. Stay tuned, throughout the next fours days, ill lay them out for you!

trying to shoot the sky through the planes window is dummy hard 🤕

OH MY DONUT 🍩 Goodnite all!!! I hope your Saturday was rad ;)

Right when the sun came over the mountains. Just ended day 1 of the trip. Spending this evening in Eugene then an early morning heading south again

Snow Dazed above the trees 🌲🤙🏽


“City of stars ✨”🎶

This is how we win. Not by fighting what we hate, but by saving what we love
(Si es de star wars)
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A gardening shed crafted out of 100% reclaimed material. Built by the hands of @reborn_rustic_co.

The moment you give up is the moment you let someone else win.

The view that never disappoints

Your accent is superb 👌🏻

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