Fast for Forty Days n Forty Nights
Witness vast Sights
From Cloud 9 Heights
Descending Nimbus
Left Un-Identified
For The Time
To Fall Back has Arrived
Back In The Lab
Preparing To Act
When the Rabbits Outta The Hat
Catch Me Springing Forward to Attack
Ready For One,Ready For Many
Many Many, Many Many
Times Up? never There's Plenty
So When it's feeling Heavy
Push Passed The Limits
Collectin cash n Love thats given
N Earned Thru Hard Work
Detoxing Quirks, Less Jerk
This Hybrid sound is easy
A simple wave to typhoon
Went from Breathing to Seizing
With Her Ripe Full Moon

Give the lost art of letter writing a little revival with a set of illustrated postcards, available to buy from the shop if you give the link in the bio a quick click ☝🏼

We all know that specific someone, right? Sometimes you are that someone. This is all you need to do, "show more, say less". If you put no effort at all into seeing me or at least communicating with me, then your words mean nothing if there is no action. Let's just stop saying things & actually start to do them. It's the last you can. They deserve that much, don't you think?

Nothing grinds my gears more than seeing this claim all over my timeline. Gentleman, Do not fall for these types of women, for they only seek you for selfish reasons. She only wants you for the moment, until time has passed where she can go back to what she had because the "new" was never her permanent interest. If there's more than 3 year history, just know, she's going right back to him after your time runs up. She probably finds the perfect excuse to keep in contact with him too . Men be smart. Ask her, "What is it that you can offer her, that she can not provide for herself?" Make of some value to yourself.

I’m not knocking anyone for trying to look good or to feel “sexy”. But beauty is only skin deep, it’s only temporary until time catches up with you and none of it all matters anymore. But build yourself to be a much more appealing person from within for the long term. Do what is going to be satisfactory for a long time, do not do what kills a temporary sweet tooth for a moment. Be bigger, be better, be satisfied. Cravings only last for so long, then it leads to regret. Until then 🤷🏻‍♂️ do what ever you’re gonna do I guess.

Somethin’ new this week @nic_suriano and myself will be doing somethin new. Follow @talkondeck also for updates

each pc of jewelry represents an event as well as the person obliged to present the pc to the bride . Brides Mother ,Uncle from the future husband , the pc that is not jewelry is an arrow that the bride walks with for 9 days leading to the day of the marriage .Traditions are now getting lost as tribal folks are inclined to conform with the city folks and bollywood.

The world needs more of this #lostart #talktounotaboutu #iheardittho

I recognize & appreciate this beautiful planet as my home. I honor it and treat it as holy ground, holy water and sacred air. Its bounty & goodness nourishes my body with food, its water circulates in my blood, its atmosphere supplies oxygen for my lungs. I am aware of my interconnection and pledge to take care of my earthly home by being respectful & sensitive to its delicate balance which allows all life to coexist in harmony and flourish with abundance. 🌳🍎💧🌬🌎
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🌱It’s Earth Day, and we’re finally getting some warm weather 🌱
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#OldSchool No really, it's an old school. There's so much delicate beauty in this official, institutional public, school building. #LostArt?

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