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@Regrann from @lostandfoundpetsonig - 🚨🚨🚨ANIMAL ABUSER ALERT. #LOSTANDFOUNDPETSONIG @Regrann from @animals_last_voice - 🚨🚨🚨 #illinois becareful of this company. Some employee attacked a dog with a weed wacker. The dog is friendly witness saw the guy hit the dog for no reason. #animals_last_voice #Regrann #Regrann

**Lost & found. Does anyone know or recognize this dog.🐶 Female looks like chihuahua mix very sweet & calm. Has a cheetah print collar with a bow & Bells but no name tag. Her left paw is injured. If you do let me know. Sadly I cannot keep her I'd like to find the owners if not I have to take her to the shelter. Found in the San Fernando/sylmar area ! #lostandfoundpetsonig #sanfernando #sylmar

Home........#LOSTANDFOUNDPETSONIG @Regrann from @dorshan4 - Home 🙏❤️🙏🙏🎉🙏🙏Thank God 🙏❤️🎉❤️❤️

@Regrann from @animals_last_voice - #Animals_last_voice @Regrann from @lostandfoundpetsonig - 🚨🚨Animal ABUSER Alert. Information needed. #lostandfoundpetsonig @Regrann from @msg2humanity - #Repost @luckymamf2
@Regrann from @furanimals17 - ‼️‼️PLEASE SHARE EVERYWHERE! MAKE THESE MONSTERS FAMOUS‼️‼️Repost @pitbull_love_loyalty_courage with @repostapp
Eight dogs have been found shot dead in the home of a woman who rescued more than 100 animals from a Texas animal shelter.

Brian Moore, 25, and his girlfriend, Whitney Smither, a recent high school graduate, have been accused of animal cruelty after authorities found the remains in their home in Horatio, Arkansas, leaving dozens of dogs unaccounted for, still. Smither and Moore worked at Ark-La-Tex Animal Rescue Group in Texarkana, Texas, where they had permission to pull animals from the Fort Worth Animal shelter and find safe homes for them. Whitney Harrison, who runs the animal rescue, realized the couple had been taking a lot more than they were permitted.
She thought Smither had only pulled about 12 to 15 dogs. The animal rescue director has put out a plea on social media asking people for any information on the other dozens of dogs Smither had rescued from the shelter.
About 80 per cent of the 161 dogs taken from the shelter by Ark-La-Tex Rescue in 2016 were pulled by the teen.

Among the dead dogs found was a one-year-old pitbull mix, named Charlie, who used a wheelchair to get around. - #regrann - #regrann

@Regrann from @dorshan4 - #Repost @lostandfoundpetsonig with @repostapp
🚨🚨please keep your eyes and ears open for any information on the person or persons responsible for stabing this dog 19 times. A 10yr old poodle (dubbed frannie) found in shock with blood loss and stab wounds. Any information can be given to the humane society of Missouri or Louis county law enforcement . #lostandfoundpetsonig #Animals_last_voice #justice forfrannie#Corbylees

🙏🏽Prayers & donations needed for this baby that got bit by a snake. #Repost @oneillcris with @repostapp
@Regrann from @lostandfoundpetsonig - 🚨🚨Not a regular post but this family needs help. Their fur babies protected them and now the babies need our help. #lostandfoundpetsonig @Regrann from @vox_silentii - #inst10 #ReGram @nopawsleftbehind_: @Regrann from @oneillcris - @Regrann from @redquail1234 - My mother was walking in the yard when her and our 4 dogs walked up on a diamond back rattlesnake. Red our male (the head of our pack) went into protection mode. The snake was aggressive and Red tried to keep the other 3 dogs and my mom away from the snake, taking bites to the face. My mother yelled for help and my brother the only other person who was home came out into the yard and tried to kill the snake. In the process my mother tried to grab Red to pull him back and my dog Quail got bit in the face. My brother killed the snake then loaded the dogs up into the car and him and my mother took the dogs to the emergency clinic near by where they each received two vials of antivenom. The antivenom is $1000 dollars a vial and they may still need additional vials. The dogs have been transferred 3 times adding up the bill every time. They are now being cared for at the Critical Vet Care center in Sarasota. They have started hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Red our protector isn't doing well and isn't looking like he will make it but Quail is making a good recovery. Red saved my mother and our other 3 dogs and now is suffering the cost. Our costs have now exceeded 10,000. We love our dogs like family and will do anything to protect them, we are asking your help to protect them as well. Without your help we will not be able to afford the medical costs for Red and Quail. Also any monies raised above the cost of services will be paid forward and donated to other pets in need of veterinarian services. #Regrann #Regrann

IT'S SCORCHING HOT AND SOME JERK TIED THEIR BEAUTIFUL DOG UP TO A TREE AND LEFT💔 I HOPE WHOEVER DID THIS YOUR DAYS ARE FULL OF TURMOIL😠 @Regrann from @apurposefulrescue - If you who left your dog ALONE tied up to a tree on the PCH w no water in these temps we would like you to know that a very nice human picked her up and is taking her to get scanned for a microchip. If no chip she will go to the west la shelter. Also, human who tied your dog up w no water please don't do this again bc it's super shitty. Rant over. Please share #santamonica #santamonicapier #lostandfoundpetsonig #losangeles #Regrann


Lost. #lostandfoundpetsonig @Regrann from @rutholaf - #Repost @loveleorescue with @repostapp
Ruby is a one-year-old spayed, microchipped, 2 year old female pitbull mix who scaled the 5 foot fence in her foster home and got out. She's wearing a collar and tags. She is very shy and cautious of people. Please call: 206-331-8226
Her foster family is very worried about her. @lostandfoundpetsonig @farfetchedreunites @lostdogscalifornia @dorshan4 @shanakaplan #boyleheights #losangeles #lostpet - #regrann

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Lost. #lostandfoundpetsonig @Regrann from @lechon4life - Please share to all lost animal groups in NJ and on your own FB PAGES so Union/Hillside/Cranford/Kenilworth/Maplewood people can see! Bring Axel Home. Contact Maggie Love. Please share this poster. - #regrann

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#Repost @dorshan4 with @repostapp
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Lost. #lostandfoundpetsonig Info: male 10lbs shih tzu black and white long coat. Last seen 3/28 on Sunset Crossing in Diamond Bar CA. #california Contact @ivhsspca if found or DM @georgie_tzu #lostdog

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🚨FOUND DOG ALERT🚨 please share far and wide, found in a rest area off Interstate 4 outside of Tampa, parents could be anywhere! .

CCACC needs help sharing this guy. A traveler found him at a rest area on or near Interstate 4 near Tampa. They kept him for a week and now have turned him into Clay County Animal Care and Control. This gentleman is well cared for and we are sure someone is heartbroken and missing him. Please help us share him far and wide in hopes we can reunite him with his family. CCACC will extend his stray hold time at the shelter to give him an better chance at going home.
#lostandfoundpetsonig #missingpet #missingdog #foundpet #founddog
#tag #share #adoptdontshop #wheresmyfamily #dog #maltese #lostmaltese #foundmaltese #lostdog #founddog

Post from Jane Hart @janehartinmiami
My heart is broken. Georgie managed to fly out the window yesterday in spite of my best efforts to prevent it from happening. She had just grown her first pair of flight wings and I was going to bring her down to The Aviary in Homestead to get them clipped this week. We searched high and low for her to no avail. Devastated. #missingparrot #miamibeach #florida #parrot #lostcockateil #lostandfoundpetsonig #lostparrot @911parrotalert #birdsmatter PLEASE REPOST WIDELY IN FLORIDA

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