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Ok. I posted these as best I could on #transformationtuesday by myself which entailed me not being able to zip them. BUT last night my fiancé was able to zip both up! (SWIPE!) So now the challenge is to making them look 'better' and me feeling more comfortable in them. But so excited they were able to be zipped!!!!

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Selülitle mücadele için yardımcı olacak yollardan bahsettik.✌🏼
💪🏼 Dediğim gibi, bu iş sporsuz olmaz!
👇🏼 Şimdi, işin uzmanı @sedakaya_ 'dan selülit bölgesini çalıştırıp, selülitleri azaltmaya yardımcı bir egzersiz geliyooor!🤸🏻‍♂️
🙌🏼 Düzenli yaparsanız harika sonuçlar, sizi bekliyor! 😽
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@getfit_ordietryinn: "Wow. The girl who couldn't go two months before without giving up on herself has made it to 2 years. Emotions run deep. It feels like my birthday and well ...it kind of is. This day 2 years ago is when I found my purpose and felt born again. I can't explain how grateful I am to say today is my 2 year fitness anniversary! This day holds a special place in my heart, because 2 years ago today.. something inside of me finally clicked and I got The strength to fight the good fight for my health and happiness. I spent years crying in the mirror. Crying in fitting rooms. Tearing myself down and being my own worst enemy. But over these 2 years I have Learned Will power. self love. Dedicated to this thing I kid you not when I say I shed blood, sweat and tears. Moments where I had seen no progress and felt defeated, but I had to stay patient..and believe me it was hard. To anyone that has followed me at one point, liked a pic, or made a comment, from the bottom of my heart..thank you. When I'm having a bad day, and you tell me I'm your inspiration?? It makes this whole journey worth it. Forever humble. With Tears of joy. I love you all. ❤️❤️❤️ "

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😊YES! ☺ YES! 😊YES! I just finished my first half marathon since such a long time. Finally I'm doing a step forward again and my hard work and preparation is paying off. It really was a good run and a lot of fun. I'm not as much exhausted as I thought I would be. That is giving me back quite a bit of confidence for my marathon goal in May this year and you know it's always worth to be confident. ✌🐻

All that's left to do is eat, sleep, and RUN!🏃🏼‍♀️🎉 Met some IG friends who are running tomorrow! @tr_fitnutrition is running her first FULL marathon!💪🏼 And @magic_k and Amanda are running the half marathon and will CRUSH their goal of getting sub 2:30!👊🏼 So much fun meeting you all!!

Ladies! ☺️I have been getting several emails regarding my 12 weeks challenges and many of you are interested in joining. These are challenges I hold every 3 months for a limited amount of girls. Typically I don't start promoting until we are closer to the start date but I decided since so many of you are interested that I would take pre-enrollments! I wanted to create something that would be affordable for those girls that either,
1. Want to start their fitness journey but don't know where to start or
2. Feel like they need help, and more structure and guidance on reaching some of their personal goals. It doesn't mater your goals for this program because it is going to be catered to EACH individual girl in the challenge. Here is what the 12 week total transformation includes. .
1. 12 weeks of personalized workouts for each girl💪🏼
2. 12 weeks of personalized meals for each girl 🍎
3. Initial Skype call to go over your goals and set up a game plan for you personally. 🖥
4. 24/7 Kik messenger communication with me for support & to answer questions.📲 .
The total cost for this challenge is $199. This is the last chance to enroll for this price. Normally something like this would be valued at $400-600 but I really want to make sure those girls that are ready for a lifestyle change or ready to get serious about their goals can afford it.
These spots will fill up fast so please email me if you would like to save a spot 📩Hayleyelyse93@yahoo.com - -
PS. Any girls who are currently enrolled or have previously been enrolled in a challenge are able to secure a spot anytime before the next challenge. Bra: @cleoharper_activewear leggings: @jfitnesswear (Hayley15 for discount)💙

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"1 year ago today I was getting ready to go to my 2 month follow up with my bariatric surgeon! I was wearing my favorite sweater from Old Navy - which I still have today, even if it is too big to really wear that often.
I was so happy at my appointment - I was already 60lbs down from my pre-op diet, and I had lost 10 inches from my waistline since my first appointment in April of 2015. Little did I know in one year I would loose another 100+lbs and a total of 19 inches off of my waist!
If you are considering bariatric surgery, I more than recommend it. It helped me take my life back. It introduced me to amazing people and find confidence in myself that I never knew I had. I'm so grateful everyday for the journey and all of the love and support I received on the way 😊"


So today I maxed out at 10:54 which I think is cause I had more energy and following the modifier. Depending how tomorrow and Monday go I might not use the modifier next week! 👌🏼👌🏼
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WOW well this is an eye opener huh? Like I've always said use the damn food scale! It'll be the most accurate measurement and if possible to g instead of oz, oz aren't as accurate as grams! #fitfam #fit #fitspo #fitfood #fitlife #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #fitnessaddict #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation #weightwatchers #losingweight #lchf #lowcarb #lowcarbhighfat #keto #ket#ketogenic #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #gainz #healthyfood #healthychoices #cleaneating #eatclean #scale #chef #cook #mealprep

Ending the month well! I thought I might not have done great this month but turns out I did! #weightloss #keto #ketoresults #ketogenicdiet #losingweight

These past few months have been such a drastic change for me. I originally started off at 285 and that being the highest i weighed. I finally made the decision to change my lifestyle around and decided to eat healthier and exercise everyday. Today, I can honestly say that im in a much better place mentally, physically, and emotionally. Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout my weightloss and lifestyle journey.

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조명이 되게 좋은거 같다...?ㅋㅋ
미국 스타벅스는 리필을 해준다
콜드브루 벤티인데 리필해 마셨다ㅠ
나는 오늘 잘 수 있을까....?
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#전신샷 가능한 거울을 찾을 수 없는 미국 ㅠ

Find your reason to smile. Tonight mine was good company and wearing a size smaller shirt. #losingweight #blondehairblueeyes #worthit #blueeyes #reasonstosmile

🌸🌸 just cause baby 💖💖 I want my closet to be full with dresses, I have so much confidence now than i did a year ago 💫 #forever21 #saturday #losingweight #still

1215cal today
Wow :/ that's an embarrassing day.. stress + busy = much different things now than it USE to..

Tumbling prawns and bacon top this lovely piece of Pacific wild cod - and it sits atop some risotto which is my dietary primal fail for the weekend, but whatever ;) #primalfail #youonlyliveonce #doingreallygood #losingweight #journeytoaleanermeanerme #pacificwildcod #cod #shrimp #farmedfishisgross #brusselssprouts #bacon #risotto #imnotachef #yegcooks #yegcooking #homecooking #slowfood #dinnerforone #mightyjamjar

Gotta get back on track. 👊
Gotta get motivated. 🙆
Gotta keep pushing.
Gotta set priorities.
Gotta crush my goals 💪🏋

#1 on my bucket list....This is my next big adventure! My weight has always held me back from things I wanted to try! Not anymore! Can not wait to begin!!
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Exhausted from a great weekend 😻

Woke up late for work today, so I didn't have time for breakfast and I didn't bring anything for lunch!! Good thing I had some almonds at work!

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