Work outside☀️ I got to spend this beautiful afternoon outside on my porch with my pups while also working to create an amazing future for my family💕 It’s the little things in my that make my heart happy, and this is definitely one of them☀️

Let’s talk about body confidence ✨

I was born in 1990, meaning when I was in my early teens, the women portrayed as ‘beautiful’ in the media were tall, had defined cheekbones and were very slim. At the time, I didn’t notice how damaging it had been to only be exposed to one body type as the ‘ideal’.

I started trying to lose weight from about the age of 12; but no amount of dieting was going to make me taller, make my cheekbones higher, or make me have the body of a 20 year old supermodel at that age. So I hated myself. This continued through high school, sixth form, university and even in the first couple of years of working. I would restrict calories, use diet shakes, skip meals altogether; I would also use food to make myself feel better, would binge on takeaways, drink a load of alcohol - it was safe to say I had a very unhealthy relationship with food.

I’ll be completely honest - it’s only been in the last few years where I haven’t completely hated what I’ve seen in the mirror. I know it’s probably for a number of factors - I’m in a loving relationship where I’m told every day that I’m beautiful, I’m older, and therefore able to be more critical about what I see in the media, and there is so much more coverage about #BodyPositivity where all types of beauty are now celebrated.

We need to listen to this. We need to support each other and build one another up. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others and start celebrating one another’s victories. We need to break the cycle of hate we have with ourselves. We need to stop defining our worth, with what we see in the mirror. We need to lead by example.

So I want you to comment below 👇🏼 with one thing you love about yourself. Don’t be shy; don’t see it as bragging or being a show off. We need to unlearn these lessons that have been so deeply ingrained in our minds that we should be critical. It can be anything, and it only has to be one thing.
I’ll start us off, shall I?

I like my smile. It’s one thing I’ve never been hung up on. I’ve never been able to hold back a smile or a laugh if I’ve felt happy, which is actually very often!
Your turn 😁

Feeling great losing weight making progress #37lbsdown #losingweight #weightlossjourney

Grocery Haul :: one of my goals for 2018 was to focus on my gut health! Tastebuds don’t change overnight, so I knew I was in for a slow process!
Steps I Have Been Taking:
•Use up “chemical foods” & replace with healthier alternatives. •Adding in more veggies & more variety.
•Purchase higher quality proteins.
•Take daily probiotic. •Minimize stimulants
•Drink bone broth.
This Weeks Step: add in Sauerkraut! I am NOT a fan of it, but I mixed it in with my stir fry and didn’t even notice it was there! 🙌
Spinach, Shrimp Stir Fry, Cauliflower, Pre Cooked Chicken Breast’s, Coconut Water w/ Aloe, Microwavable Rice, Vegan Cheese, Bananas, Sauerkraut, Sweet Potatoes, Broccolini, Artichokes, Frozen Peppers & Onions, Chicken Sausages, Seasonings, Blackberries, Raspberries, Pomegranate Seeds, RX Bars, Avocado, Tofu, Carrots, Brussels Sprouts, Heirloom Tomatoes, Dried Roasted Tomatoes, Coconut Amino Sauce, Carrot & Turmeric Juice, & Hardboiled Eggs!

FEWWWWD 🍌🍇🥐🍗🥦🍣🍤🍦
Everyone hates to love it and loves to hate it or just loves to love it. Whichever option you are, if you’re trying to lose weight the likelihood that food is on your mind the for a large portion of your thoughts across the day is relatively high.
These days it’s common that food & emotion are so tightly intertwined it makes it hard to give up the developed emotional associations with food.
I have an email scheduled to go out TODAY which goes back to the basics of food, and at the end provides you with a SUPER EASY way to work out how much you should be eating in order to lose weight.
If you’d like to receive it I’d encourage you click the linktree link in my bio, and click ‘Join our Mailing List’.

BBQ dinner in the sun without the actual BBQ tonight... chicken drumsticks, salad and sweet potato fries! I have my 2 little nephews tonight for a sleepover, and since they’ve gone to sleep I’ve also eaten half a box of Oreo Thins 😂🐷 Oops! •

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Ate out in town tonight before The Theatre. Just Pizza Express again mainly because I know this isnt too bad on points... as eating out goes. Shared the olives and the choc fudge cake... had Garlic bread (without cheese) and had the leggera pollo as astra pizza (they didnt have pepperdew peppers so i said pop caramelised onions on it....wasnt such a great idea 😏😬) Havent got the points to hand.... am also gutted that i forgot my fitbit because i did a fair bit of walking around.... so missed out on some good FitPoints there .🙄 Never mind....the bandage wouldn’t have looked great with my outfit really... so prob best I left it at home... goodnight lovely ones... 😘💫
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Janet decided to amp up her coffee to fight hunger and cravings and burn fat!! Thanks for your order girl!! You’re going to love it!
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So tonight I wanted to try something Different so I deliberately had no Hex B and limited my syns and went for a Pumpkinickle Bun (amazing I may say)
Added 30g Gouda (HexA) to #SW Mexican Burgers with a Dash of @blendbros BBQ Sauce and I can say its been worth my syn sacrifice, can safely say its the best Burger I've ever had (Bun Wise)

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The difference between last April and this April is Bodi GM!!

Weetbix and peaches for breakfast. I haven’t had this in years. I have one very happy tummy ☺️ #weetbix #weetbixandpeaches #breakfast #happytummy #healthyeating #studentlife #lifeofastudent #weightloss #losingweight

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