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Revisiting a former good habit.
(This is probably why my weight keeps floating off in the direction opposite of where I want it to go.) 🐖#losinginsteadofgaining #mesomorph #mesomorphproblems #gnc #springwater #drinkmorewater

Upper fix done for today!! Determined to lose weight this holiday season instead of gaining!🎄⛄️❄️ Some of the things I'm doing and planning to do this Holiday Season to continue with this lifestyle change: ✔️ Drink my Shakeology every day
✔️ Get my workout daily, doubles if I can squeeze it in!
✔️ Drink lots of water 💧💧💧
✔️ Don't skip breakfast or my snacks
✔️ Eat before leaving home
✔️ Plan my holiday cheat meals , moderation not deprivation!! Need help staying accountable and motivated this Holiday Season!!⛄️❄️🎄 shoot me a message and let me help you!! #stayingaccountable #motivation #support #coach #loseweightnow #losinginsteadofgaining #momwhowanttoloseweight #momswhosweat

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