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finally made a friend at uni πŸ€— #loserlife

Don't drink an drive kids... #loserlife #fml

I know alot of you are going to back to school at this time, first off I'm very sorry. But my advice to you if you truly want to make school be better socially then don't go in with the intention of being an asshole or being generally a cocky cunt, Jocks, preppy boys and popular girls I'm looking at you. Secondly I know your all probably hoping for a relationship and that's fine and good thinking just don't let it blind you into falling for assholes who treat you like shit. Also as well if you are broken up with don't take it so hard, it's not the end of the world trust me just learn from it. I know it's painful trust me but the learning from what happened is what you want to take from it more. Thirdly if you see a kid having some tough times, being picked on, sitting by themselves and basically always looks sad give them some love, some friendly words and maybe even friendship because you never know you may have just saved their lives. Even the simplest hi, what's up can make someone going through pains day right then and there. Well that's my message, I hope you all have good school years and if you are a bully or a cocky dickhead seriously go fuck yourself with the nearest longest object where you are right now. Just because your mad your dick is small and your parents don't love you doesn't give you the right to take out your childish frustrations out on anyone else. I pray you pick on the wrong person and get your ass kicked.You utter cunt!#loserlife

Umm I wasn't even saying the wordsπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»...#loserlife

Show at The Boiler Room when we were a three-piece with @alxanderathens on bass. @hawkstrange #loserlife

When you want to be cool but you shit anyway #loserlife #beatboxfail #failureinlife #meh

It wasn't a good night without falling 3278 times in the club, and @joannananac wouldn't be my best fren without filming all the embarrassing moments of me πŸ˜‚#loserlife


Hooi! Wij komen niet meer terug πŸ™‹(33 graden, onbeperkt surfen, onbeperkt honden en katten, onbeperkt liefde)
#verliefdophetleven #marokko #taghazout #surf #surfing #steefisbeterdanik #gunikhem #nietechteigenlijk #loserlife #natuurtalent #oneerlijk

finally made a friend at uni πŸ€— #loserlife

***Sorry, not sorry that I keep posting this stuff. It's keeping me entertained at work while my computer is down***
More photobucket fliers from various shows on our 2007 US tour.. I must have gotten these off MySpace back in the day: the first was a loft show in Brooklyn, second Charlotte, NC at Lunchbox Records, third is a house show in Raleigh, NC.. #loserlife @hawkstrange

This is another one of my favorite Loser Life memories... Our demo release show at Munoz Gym. it wasn't a proper Loser Life show.. We just set up all our equipment then pushed play on a small boombox with our demo playing full volume and Steven and I just attacked and pushed everyone in the ring while screaming "Mosh pit!" as our demo played in the background. It was ridiculous. @hawkstrange @goingunderground #loserlife #munozgym

Show at The Boiler Room when we were a three-piece with @alxanderathens on bass. @hawkstrange #loserlife

Few photos of Bill and I when we were practicing at the Downtown Records location... #loserlife

I think this was our first show with Rueben.. @hawkstrange @goingunderground #loserlife #munozgym

Found an old flier in my photobucket account.. @hawkstrange @goingunderground #loserlife #munozgym

[we are] the lovely underachieving

shot through my android camera phone

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