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IG friends, THIS IS NOT ME!😡😡
Please read & swipe..... Some piece of shit lowlife has been collecting my pics for money scams on dating websites. I AM FROM CANADA AND IM NOT SINGLE. One person has been talking to "me" for over a week.
They're using the dating app Meet Me. It's NOT me, please report!!! As for the loser who did this- GO FUCK YOURSELF AND FIND SOMETHING BETTER TO DO WITH YOUR TIME! Karma's a bitch 😉 #loser

„Tak to już bywa, że kiedy człowiek ucieka przed swoim strachem, może się przekonać, że zdąża jedynie skrótem na jego spotkanie."

I have a hat, shirt, rock, and toy lobster from Maine. Today was a hard day and I just want to go back lol #loser


Right well if this isn't me😳🙄 especially the laughing at her own jokes part 😂😂🙈 #loser

Check out what came in today! So stoked. Thx @jacehattiewesjeffandjess for the sweet designs and for all your help. They look great. #afccyouth #loser

It's that day of the year again where I turn another year older. Last year I was afraid of turning 23, I was so happy that it was a year away- this year I'm 100% okay with it. In the past year I've pushed myself to succeed in something I've wanted, I've jumped out of my comfort zone 110x more than possible. I've become so much happier and so much better to myself and I'm genuinely happy with my life exactly the way it is. I can't thank all of my amazing family and friends enough for making the last 365 days absolutely amazing and helping me along the way. Happy 23rd birthday to me haha ♥️🦄🌸🌷⭐️☕️🎈🎉 #birthday #bitch #today #is #my #birthday #yay #april #taurus #merp #lame #thats #okay #im #a #loser #balloons #yas

My sister looks like a faggot trying out the Kinect lol #loser

Aero Race... #loser

just like home ~

⚠️posted in bbg Facebook group- if you're in it you may have already read this. ⚠️ LONG AND OPINIONATED POST AHEAD!

So I have seen a lot of posts about "cheat meals" and you should or you shouldn't and blah blah blah. I, by no means, am saying this is a one size fits all issue but I would love to share my experience with this.

I have "yoyo" dieted and worked out for 4 years. Eating clean during the week, cheat meal on the weekends, occasional this, occasional that. I managed to lose about 25 pounds and keep off 10 (Small back story- I lost 80 lbs in HS, then after a terrible college experience, I struggled with a lot and gained back about 50, so this is me trying to lose those). Anyways, back to cheat meals. I had them, I looked forward to them, I planned on Monday what I was going to eat for my cheat on the weekends and then prayed that it wouldn't set me back on my weekly progress. And I lived that way, and I failed my diets that way. I was on diets, then I didn't care and I was off. Since joining this page and seeing the AMAZING results ladies are having, I decided to give BBG a go. And with that, I was serious. I was eating what I THOUGHT was healthy and killing the workouts and seeing results. However, I learned that it wasn't- Thanks to some fellow bbg girls for letting me know my Complete Cookie obsession was terrible for me, and others for letting me know something I thought was healthy actually wasn't.
So, now here I am. Someone who still has a long way to go but I don't have cheat meals, none. And I don't miss them. Because cheat meals are not anything but emotional. Food is not anything but emotional. We will all be fine without another piece of cake, we can live a happy life without donuts. Once you cut those things out, you'll CRAVE healthy snacks.

Again, I'm not trying to tell ANYONE how to live their fit journey, but for those girls who are struggling, who are wondering "why does this work for everyone but me" and those girls who want this so badly- just think it through. Would you cheat on your significant other? Would you cheat on a big test? Then why cheat on yourself and your health. You are worth the best care you can give yourself ❤💕

Yo cada vez que desapruebo algo de matemática 😒😒 #loser #lalala

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