❈Qotd: Who are the authors that have inspired you? How so?

"To a great mind, nothing is little."
~ Sherlock Holmes

Two of the prompts for my challenges were letters to Cassandra Clare & Sarah J. Maas! I loved yours and here are mine!

I've emailed Cassandra Clare before, and I've told her everything I could possibly think of. Her books created major memories between me, my family and friends. She also inspired me to write and it's become a major part of my life! ❤

As for queen Maas, her stories and characters and world building are simply amazing and have inspired my sense of imagination so much, I can't wait to read the throne of glass series! 😄
🌌 Day 29 🌌
#Maasmaydestruction ~ Letters to Sarah J. Maas

#thedarkartificesmay ~ Letters to Cassandra Clare

#frenchifantasymay ~ Red hair - Clary Fray
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Sadly, I wasn't one of the winners of the #LoSContest but I figured I'd share a few other photos from my first ever Shadowhunters photo shoot. Haha My friend and I took almost 400 photos but these were a couple of my favorites. I'm camera shy so I was nervous about doing it but thankfully it was less awkward than I expected it to be. 😅

{#shadowhunters #ladymidnight #shadowhunterchronicles}

SUCCESS: NO BOOK WAS DAMAGED IN THE TAKING OF THIS PHOTO (see comment for explanation). Hi @cassieclare1! This is my entry for the Lord of Shadows ARC giveaway! For this I decided to recreate the cover of Lady Midnight. How did I do? 😝 I even carved the sword with my dad and I painted it to match the one on the cover of Lady Midnight (which is also the book I'm holding) but unfortunately it died in the water. I can still imagine the chlorine in my nose, but it was totally worth it!!! Also, creds to my amazing mom for spending Mother's Day taking pictures of me in a dress in our pool 😂. These challenges are always so much fun, so thank you Cassie. I will have a vlog of this photoshoot on my channel soon :) P.S. Swipe left for a comparison to the cover of Lady Midnight 😉 #lordofshadows #ladymidnight #shadowhunters #themortalinstruments #thedarkartifices #theinfernaldevices #theshadowhunterchronicles #LoScontest

So I'm reposting these two pictures for the Lord of Shadows ARC contest. I unfortunately just found out about this contest, and seeing as it ends today, and I'm overseas and my books aren't, I could take a better one for the contest. But I do love these two photos! The first is my attempt at cosplaying Jace 😄 absolutely loved it, we'll, besides the hair. Idk how @domsherwood wears his hair like that...I almost went crazy lol and this is an awesome Mortal Cup that my sister @latenightreading made for her Clary cosplay 😄 The second picture shows off part of my cosplay and my permanent rune (#ShadowhunterTattoos)!!! I mean, if you couldn't tell, it's one of my favorites and @cassieclare1 is a phenomenal writer!!! Can't wait for Lord of Shadows! !!! #LoSContest #JaceWayland #JaceHerondale #JaceWaylandCosplay #JaceHerondakeCosolay #Shadowhunters #TheMortalCup #TheMortalInstruments #ShadowhunterCosplay #ShadowhunterRunes

Hoping to use my warlock powers to summon an ARC of Lord of Shadows this year…

"but—are those stars in your eyes for me or for the hunt?" ➰🐴✨⚔ #loscontest

❈Qotd: Favorite mythical creatures and mythical characters?

Another picture of the mortal instruments Noura? Yes, yes another one. Last time I posted about Cassandra Clare was like 2 days ago, and i think we can all agree that that's a long time. Plus today's prompts fit perfectly.
Any other Cassie Clare fans out there?

A new post is up on my blog link is my bio. Also look out for the Top Ten Tuesday post today promise it wont disappoint 😉

Have a great day! ❤
🌌 Day 15 🌌
#Maasmaydestruction ~ Attor: Non human characters - Magnus bane, Rapahel Santiago & Luke Graymark

#thedarkartificesmay ~ Vampires, warlocks, werewolves & Fae: Favorite mythical creatures - all of the above 😄

#frenchiefantasymay ~ Best friends: The new York institute

#loscountdown ~ The Carstairs: Favorite shadowhunter family - Herondales 😍
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Here's my entry for the #LoScontest @cassieclare1.

These books have meant so much to me since I first read them several years ago, not only because they inspired me to write again, but also because they helped me find my courage and be brave.

In 2013, back when we had a TMI: City of Bones movie to look forward to, I heard that @mundiemoms @fangirlishness and @tmisource were giving away three pairs of premiere tickets at Hollywood Blvd. I was dying to go but that meant taking public transportation (I have had awful experiences many times) and I absolutely loathe public transportation, especially the subway. There are creeps and being alone underground with no cellphone service freaks me out. But I was determined to get those premiere tickets. So, I put my (what I like to call) "Shadowhunter" boots on and Jace's Morganstern necklace, and took the bus and subway to Hollywood and Highland. I was scared and so anxious, but I kept telling myself, "Be strong; you can do this. Everything will be fine. Be brave like a Shadowhunter. Think like a Shadowhunter." Two hours later, I went home successful. Mission accomplished. I didn't know I had it in me!

{#cassandraclare #lordofshadows #thedarkartifices #ladymidnight #shadowhunters #shadowhunterchronicles #bebrave}

Today I want to show you guys my entry for Cassandra Clares photo contest to win an ARC of #LordofShadows.
I had some ideas but unfortunately I didn't know how to make it work so I thought about 'Which character do I like the most?' and 'To which character I can relate the most?'
The answer was clear and loud in my head so I started to get everything in place and prayed my cat wouldn't destroy it before i take the picture. 😂
I decided to portray Tiberius Blackthorn. So you can see some things that relate to him. Sherlock and Watson Funkos, Doyle stories of Holmes, Mythologie as a symbol of how educated he is. I also included Captain America and Iron Man Funkos because I absolutly loved the scene in Lady Midnight were the Blackthorns are sitting in the Dinner and talk about them. You can see  a copy of City of Fallen Angels with Izzy Lightwood on the cover because I love her and she is the first heroine with my name. Because it is a contest to win Lord of Shadows my copy of Lady Midnight has to be in the picture. While I am reading the Shadowhunters Codex and listening to some music.
Ty wears his headphones to shut himself out. He prefers to be on his own and loves to draw and has a soft spot for animals. Things I can relate to. People sometimes have trouble to understand him. He seems to be weird. To me, he is perfect the way he is!
I hope you like it. Let me know your thoughts 🙊☺ .
. #LoSContest
P.S.: You can also find some #Shadowhunters merch/fanart in this picture. Stores are tagged.

Something that not many people know about me is that although I love my horses I think I love reading just as much. Whenever I get a chance to find a great book I'm always reading and when I do find that great book it's always hard to put it down. A little fun fact about me is that the books pictured underneath Esther my wild Brumby jumping are all different series to the shadow hunter books. And although I have all the books to whole series there not all there because a few of them are still in boxes I haven't unpacked yet ☺ and can we just appreciate how cute Esther is. She is still less then a year from being out in the wild and still doing weird and wonderful things for me ❤🦄🐴❤ #VBAEsther #mortalinstruments #thedarkartifices #infernaldevices #cassandraclare @cassieclare1 #lovereading #lovehorses #loscontest

my entry for the #LoScontest ! Isabelle Lightwood cosplay and my bookshelf with my favorite books in the world 😍😍 my bookshelf was hand painted and ive slowly added more runes and merch for the past few years 😊
#tda #lordofshadows

"One must always be careful of books, and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us". Tessa Gray. My entry to #loscontest #loscontestpictures #shadowhunters @cassieclare1 Hope you liked it! ➰♥️📚

Recipes (for disaster)
A Shadowhunter CookBook
by Isabelle Lightwood
"If you knew how to cook, maybe I would eat," Jace muttered.
Isabelle froze, her spoon poised dangerously. "What did you say?"
Jace edged toward the fridge. "I said I'm going to look for a snack to eat."
That's what I thought you said." Isabelle turned her attention to the soup.

Me trying to enter to the Seelie Court. #LOSContest #Shadowhunter @cassieclare1

The Unseelie king's wife, Kieran's mother.
Faerie. #loscontest #lordofshadows #thedarkartifices #mexico

So I racked my brain trying to come up with photo ideas for @cassieclare1's #loscontest, but for me it will always come back to the book that started it all, City of Bones. Not only did it ignite my love for Cassie's books, but it inspired me to create the song "Warrior," which has literally changed my life. So this is a screenshot of my video from January 22nd, 2013 when I took a chance and put "Warrior" out into the world. I can't wait to finish writing a song for The Dark Artirices. (Hint: it's from Mark's POV.)

This is for the #loscontest
I love these books with my whole heart ♡♡ #tmi #tid #tda #shadowhunters #magnusbane #shadowhunteracademy

“The Wild Hunt doesn’t allow women,” she pointed out, the words torn from her mouth by the wind. “The more fool they,” he said. “Women are fiercer by far than men.” -Lady Midnight; Cassandra Clare -:-:- Pos el concurso es en inglés, así que va en inglés xD. Deséenme suerte, shavos💖

Me as the first girl in the Wild Hunt. || Entry for the Lord of Shadow Contest😍. Wish me luck! C: || #loscontest #ladymidnight #lordofshadows #thewildhunt #thedarkartifices #thefairfolk #23May #SaveJulianAndEmmaAtAllCost #IWasSweating #StupidSun

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