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Part 2: "He is a shrewd drug dealer. With CJNG (Mencho) he designed a strategy different from traditional drug trafficking, for example the Sinaloa Cartel, explains one of the officials consulted and who, like his colleague from the DEA and the others interviewed, asked that his identity not be disclosed or the federal agency to which he belongs. "The Cuini focused on partnering with drug traffickers and narco-insurgents of Colombia and other South American countries to sell cocaine and other drugs in Europe, without being involved with the market of the United States. That made a big difference in terms of profits earned, "said the official.

According to official documents reviewed by Proceso for this report, Los Cuinis and CJNG for almost a decade chose not to mess with the US market.

In the midst of the war unleashed drug by Felipe Calderón, El Cuini and his brother-in-law Nemesio Oseguera Cárdenas, “El Mencho,” (leader CJNG), allied with South American drug traffickers to get cocaine in bulk for Europe markets, while the Sinaloa cartel, the Juárez and Gulf and Los Zetas, La Familia Michoacana and others fought with blood and fire for routes into the United States. "El Cuini” and “El Mencho”, understood that there was much more risk of loss, in every way, if attempting to compete with other cartels for the US market," said another of the officials interviewed.

Yet the DEA does not refute its position that the Sinaloa Cartel is the most powerful Mexican criminal organization and most feared on the planet: The Cuinis are wealthier because they did not compete with El Mayo Zambada or with El Chapo Guzman for the US market and they crossed arms from Europe and Asia. "The Sinaloa Cartel is the one that dominates the US market and is the majority owner of the plaza and drug trafficking corridors of Mexico. It is also has the most power of intimidation by its army of assassins, along with its sophisticated and modern arsenal and its broad arm of corruption, "says DEA official.

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Part 1: According to Proceso, for the US government there is no doubt that Los Cuinis cartel is the Mexican drug trafficking organization with the most economic power in the world, well above the Sinaloa Cartel. "I know it sounds unbelievable, but Los Cuinis are the world's richest drug traffickers," says a senior official of the US Drug Administration (DEA), who requested anonymity to speak about a subject whose investigation is ongoing in Mexico and the United States. "Moreover," he adds, "I can tell you that last February 28th, Mexican authorities unwittingly arrested the world's richest narco". he was referring to Abigael González Valencia, El Cuini.

The trafficker was arrested in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, by a joint operation of the Navy, Federal Police and the Attorney General's Office.

US authorities accept that it is impossible to determine the amount of profits accumulated by Los Cuinis and its leader, but says that it is in the billions of dollars annually. “Officials” from various branches of the national security of the United States, confirm that Los Cuinis far exceeds the Sinaloa Cartel in net profits for the international traffic of narcotics.

Los Cuinis, an organization founded by El Cuini, "is the almost absolute master of the European and Asian drug market," this according to analysis and intelligence investigations of several US federal agencies, which placed this criminal group as an "associate “of Cartel Jalisco New Generation (CJNG), identifying them as one and the same mafia. (Cuinis from the word cuñado, or brother-in-law) "The Cuini and siblings (five) are richer because they are drug dealers who sell more cocaine and methamphetamine in Europe and European authorities have failed to confiscate almost no money or drugs. Meaning, their (bottom line) profits could be close to one hundred percent," says DEA official.
Alternative Markets

Abigael González Valencia is unique.
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Boss of Los Cuinis captured in Uruguay will be extradited to the US

The Uruguay Justice Department accepted the petition of the United States for the Mexican narco trafficker Gerardo Gonzalez Valencia, member of Los Cuinis, part of the Catel Jalisco Nueva Generacion, who can be found in prison in Montivideo for suspected money laundering activities.

The Mexican narco trafficker, who was detained at the end of April of 2016 in the Uruguayan Capital city is accused in the United States for the crime in the decade of the 1990's in the State of California, as well as drug trafficking.

In June of 2016, the United States solicited Uruguay for the extradition of Gonzalez Valencia, and the extradition request was finally accepted by the Judge Beatriz Larrieu, according to details of a sentence of the 28th of August passed on today for public opinion from the EFE.

The document concedes the extradition of the Mexican, even though it establishes other conditions, among them that, that of the necessity of obtaining the temporary release or definitive freedom in Uruguay to be able to leave for the United States.

The member of Los Cuinis was arrested during operation Jalisco and later tried for money laundering. Judge Larrieus ruling states that for extradition to take effect, the US authorities must assure the Uruguayan Justice Dept, that Gonzalez Valencia will not be tried or convicted for offences other than those referred to in the extradition request.

The United States will have a term of 40 days from the notification ruling to present the guarantees requested by the Uruguayan justice system.

According to Larrieus ruling, the Mexican is required in the United States from committing drug offenses, specifically a conspiracy to introduce and distribute substances containing detectable amounts of cocaine and methamphetamine.

That offence is sanctioned in the United States with a penalty of not less than ten years of prison. #crime #mob #ganster #losantrax #cartel #lawenforcement #losangeles #culiacan #narco #narcostyle #narcoreport #carteldesinaloa #cjng #pabloescobar #narcos #corridos #scarface #narcocorridos #mafia #borderlandbeat #elchapo #firefight #narcotrafico

They are all accused of drug trafficking and share the same weakness: Ralph Lauren Polo shirts. José Jorge Balderas Garza, a.k.a “JJ”, Edgar Valdez Villarreal, a.k.a “La Barbie”, and Marcos Carmona Hernandez, a.k.a "El Cabrito", show similar shirts when they were arrested. Benjamin Flores Reyes a.k.a “El Padrino” (The Godfather) also wore a white one but with no numbers on the sleeves.
This Monday, Marcos Carmona Hernandez, "El Cabrito", was arrested. He was regional crime boss for Los Zetas in the southern state of Oaxaca. In his presentation to the media, Carmona was wearing a red polo shirt with the number 2 on the sleeves.

When Federal Police arrested Benjamin Flores Reyes “The Godfather,” one of the alleged cartel leaders and founders of the Independent Cartel of Acapulco (CIDA), he was wearing a white polo shirt. To a large extent the same one worn by Edgar Valdez Villarreal, aka “La Barbie”

La Barbie was arrested on August 30, 2010. Besides his sarcastic smile, one thing that surprised everyone was his polo t-shirt with the legend 'London' on his chest and the number 'two' on both arms, just like Carmona.

La Barbie started this fashion, when he was transferred from a police center to prison. At that time he was wearing a similar shirt, but in blue.

Another shirt had the number 'three' on the arms, but this shirt was worn by José Jorge Balderas Garza, aka “JJ” at the time of his arrest. He was accused of drug trafficking and participating in the assault on soccer star, Salvador Cabanas. Balderas followed the fashion set by “La Barbie” and was imitated by Marcos Carmona Hernandez, aka "El Cabrito". #crime #mob #ganster #losantrax #cartel #lawenforcement #losangeles #culiacan #narco #narcostyle #narcoreport #carteldesinaloa #cjng #pabloescobar #narcos #corridos #scarface #narcocorridos #mafia #borderlandbeat #elchapo #firefight #narcotrafico #calicartel #criminology #lujosdelnarco #tijuana

How Damaso moved around Mexico City, and how they caught him

His code name was "Cereza" or Cherry in English, his persecution started a year and half ago, after they seized his compadre Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman. Why "Cereza"? Because Damaso Lopez Nunez, is known as "El Licenciado", would be the icing on the cake for Federal officials who sought to degrade the Sinaloa Cartel, and El Chapo informally told them after his recapture that Damaso would not be caught.

Over time, the Federal Governments intelligence agencies came to believe that "El Licenciado" was consolidating himself as the leader of the cartel, and that in order to defeat the children of El Chapo in the struggle, he had tried to ally himself with the CJNG, in actuality the most powerful cartel in the country.

A Suzuki Swift vehicle was their first clue. It was the vehicle that, used by an assistant, served Damaso Lopez Nunez to move through the city of Mexico without attracting attention.

According to intelligence information to which I had access, this car was picked up at the Mexican Airport of the emerald zone in Atizapan de Zaragoza and went on secondary roads and part of the Chamapa - Lecheria highway to arrive at Santa Fe.

Notwithstanding, sometimes "El Licenciado" rented a helicopter to transfer him to a buildings in the Interlomas zone, from there he arrived at Santa Fe, which is allegedly shared for control by the Sinaloa cartel and CJNG.

Damaso had found in Santa Fe, a place where his family could live without attracting attention. A nice apartment, luxury cars, a pleasant life, but nothing that stands out from the socio-economic level of the area.

According to those responsible for pursuing him, Lopez Nunez almost never slept in the family home, he frequented a doctor at the Angeles del Pedregal hospital, sometimes staying at the Camino Real hotel next door, changing vehicles, and his meetings were held in private residences or low key restaurants.

#crime #mob #ganster #losantrax #cartel #lawenforcement #losangeles #culiacan #narco #narcostyle #narcoreport #carteldesinaloa #cjng #pabloescobar #narcos #corridos #scarface #narcocorridos #mafia #borderlandbeat #elchapo #firefight

Part 1:February 9, 2017
Mexican Marines shot and killed "El H2" a Nayarit Plaza leader of the Beltran Leyva Organization
Juan Francisco Patron Sanchez, alias "El H2" or "El Chico", leader of the Beltran Leyva Cartel, was executed this Thursday night by elements of the Secretary of the Armed Marines of Mexico (SEMAR), in Tepic, Nayarit -where he was the plaza boss-, according to a spokesman of the Presidency of the Republic, Eduardo Sanchez Hernandez, to the journalist Denise Maerker, who made the announcement through her television news show.

Also, "El H2" was executed with 7 of his sicarios, confirmed the SEMAR through their Twitter account: "Today during an armed clash between criminals and Federal Forces, Juan Francisco N. was executed with 7 other criminals". In a video that was distributed through several social media websites, we can observe the Helicopter of the Marines flying over an area of the capital of Nayarit -colonia Linda Vista, San Juan, Arboledas and Laderas del cerro de San Juan-, after being a target of an armed attack, the helicopter shoot towards the criminals.

H2 became the successor of the criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking of Hector Beltran Leyva, alias "El H" o "El H1", when he was detained in October 1st of 2014, in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.

In July of 2010, personnel of the Army, captured his brother Juan Pablo Patron Sanchez, who was considered boss of la plaza and a principal drug distributor of drugs in Tepic.

Brother of H2
A narcomanta was found in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, in February of 2011, days after the massacre in Antares Bar, in which 6 young males were assassinated, and in the NarcoManta, "El H2" was accused as one of the principal responsible of the massacre, according to newspaper Noroeste.

#crime #mob #ganster #losantrax #cartel #lawenforcement #losangeles #culiacan #narco #narcostyle #narcoreport #carteldesinaloa #cjng #pabloescobar #narcos #corridos #scarface #narcocorridos #mafia #borderlandbeat #elchapo #firefight #narcotrafico #calicartel #criminology #lujosdelnarco #tijuana

Tijuana: 16 year old killed in targeted execution

The violence lulls, the numbers shift, ebb and tide, but the killings remains. The cruel realities of Tijuana and similar cities are omnipresent, any absence, any relief, is almost an illusion, a mirage, that exists and drifts away in the same breath. Yes, killings in Tijuana were down last month, however, bodies still fall, and in the Colonia's beset by violence and everyday brutality, the bloodshed remains regardless.
Yesterday, in Colonia Reforma, in the alley La Escondia, a 16 year old boy was murdered, and his mother shot several times, though she survived, and was taken to a hospital. The image is enough, a teenager crumpled on the floor of a small house, blanket around the neck, as blood leaks to the floor. Difficult to imagine why a 16 year old needed to be murdered. But here? Many reasons.

Not paying piso, paying piso to the 'wrong' team, not paying for a few ounces of crystal, suspected of informing to a rival group or police, the list goes of infractions that are punishable by death. The Mom could easily have been the intended victim too, and the son just collateral damage. Or kill everyone in the home. The cycle of killing and cruelty goes on.
Two men were murdered elsewhere in the city in the last day or so, and two more in Rosarito, leaving one wounded after an attack. Despite record numbers of tourism during 4th of July, the two cities structures of corruption, greed, and violence remain unchanged.
Past the crime scene pictures, which capture the depravity and violence in a single frame, the disturbing behavior of the elite haunts me as much. This doesn't have to happen, and when it does, there doesn't have to the silent, ignored reactions, where the victims are dismissed as criminals. The political class and the social elite toast their glasses and have another drink, until one of their own is taken, and then there is an outcry. Then there will be changes. #crime #mob #ganster #losantrax #cartel #lawenforcement #losangeles #culiacan #narco #narcostyle #narcoreport #carteldesinaloa #cjng #pabloescobar #narcos #corridos #scarface #narcocorridos #mafia #borderlandbeat

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