Deciding to come to a city where you know no one was a crazy idea. No clients, no vendor friends, no planners that knew me. I had to start from scratch. Getting my name out there, networking. And I cannot complain. In just a year I have accomplished a lot. I’ve met and connected with amazing clients, planners and vendors. People who have trusted me with their events and have given me the chance to live my dream and support my family back in Venezuela. Slowly but steady I’m working towards the goal of positioning my brand as one of the top in NYC 🗽#knowyourphotographer by @lorenzoevents #lorenzoevents Photo by @bufotos #bufotos Treats @honey_bs_blissful_delights

In Venezuela I was lucky to build and grow my successful photography brand @bufotos focused mainly on Children and Family. I worked with amazing people, top event planners, celebrities, musicians, Pixar stars, socialites and some of the most vip clients. It was a great experience which allowed me to grow as a professional. Despite of the success, the economic distortions within the Venezuelan economy along with high rates of crime, crazy inflation, and brutal dictatorship forced me to leave. Like many of my peers who have decided to move to another country. I’m part of millions of Venezuelans forced to leave home in the search for a better quality of life. #knowyourphotographer by @lorenzoevents #lorenzoevents Photo by @bufotos #bufotos Treats @honey_bs_blissful_delights

Hi everyone! I’m Paula Ortiz. I’m a photographer. I moved to New York City by myself a year ago (time flies). I’m originally from Venezuela 🇻🇪 All my family still lives there. It’s been a fun journey so far. At first it was scary and a bit crazy to move to a city where you have no family or friends but I’ve always been in love with NYC so I decided to take a leap. Life in Venezuela was pretty rough (still is) and I couldn’t take it anymore, I wanted to have the opportunity of living a normal life. To have a future. So I legally applied for my Extraordinary ability visa and here I am! #knowyourphotographer Photo by @bufotos #bufotos Decor by @lorenzoevents #lorenzoevents Cake @thekakeklub Sweets @honey_bs_blissful_delights

Have you ever photographed twins? Toddler twins? Well I have… it is crazy 😜 😂 by @lorenzoevents #lorenzoevents Photo by @bufotos #bufotos

Mickey Mouse 🐭 funhouse by @lorenzoevents #lorenzoevents Photo by @bufotos #bufotos Treats @honey_bs_blissful_delights

Hope you enjoyed this setup as much as I did 🌙✨ by @lorenzoevents #lorenzoevents Photo by @bufotos #bufotos Cake @thekakeklub Treats @geannaswondercreations Moon @thedesignshoppebysie

Swipe for pretty details by @lorenzoevents #lorenzoevents Photo by @bufotos #bufotos Treats @geannaswondercreations

Twinkle twinkle little star ⭐️ Baby Shower by @lorenzoevents #lorenzoevents Photo by @bufotos #bufotos

Twinkle twinkle little star ⭐️ by @lorenzoevents #lorenzoevents Photo by @bufotos #bufotos Treats @geannaswondercreations

Simple shots taken to the next level ✨ by @lorenzoevents #lorenzoevents Photo by @bufotos #bufotos Treats @geannaswondercreations

Twinkle twinkle little star ⭐️ by @lorenzoevents #lorenzoevents Photo by @bufotos #bufotos

Make it sparkle ✨ by @lorenzoevents #lorenzoevents Photo by @bufotos #bufotos

Happy events! Enjoy the weekend! By @lorenzoevents #lorenzoevents Photo by @bufotos #bufotos

Fresh and pretty by @lorenzoevents #lorenzoevents Photo by @bufotos #bufotos

Wishing everyone a happy event weekend 💕 by @lorenzoevents #lorenzoevents Photo by @bufotos #bufotos

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