Shot 2 videoclip “Redención” @sagrariotsunami

My beautiful couples this year are killing the wedding planning game! Each wedding has had the most beautiful details AND (this is a big one guys) has allotted enough time for photos! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 😍😍😍 @makinsey_jenkins @12d29j11

A new mama in full bloom 🌻// Excited to share a little sneak peek from @milanvictoria’s maternity shoot // She is absolutely GLOWING! ☀️🌿

We here in San Fran! Making the most of seeing California and this lady while we can 💕 off to grab some ice cream sandwiches and see the full house house weeeee!

Some photos I took of my cousin and her husband - who are expecting their second child. Congratulations @pharmtracy!! I love you 5ever. Here’s to hoping you have a Leo this time 😉

i always love to follow the bride and groom post ceremony to catch their candid first moments and husband and wife. 😍😍

His happy place will always be with you 💓

“We’ll be the greatest, they’ll hang us in the Louvre”....

I have to make a confession, but first let me say that I am soooo anti-reality TV. (Or should we call it staged TV? 🤔) Anyways, I hate it because it’s so annoying and fake. Buuuut lately I’ve started watching the Bachelorette and guys... I’m obsessed with the stupid drama and don’t even know who I am anymore 😂 I actually enjoy how ridiculous it is. Tell me I’m not the only one who has this guilty pleasure... 🤭 Also, let it be heard that I predict Garrett to win 💁🏻‍♀️ Who do you think will win? #dontjudgeme

Friday traffic has got me ready to light myself on fire. 😭 On a more positive note, Happy Friday everyone! 🍻

dream of californication 🌴🌿

So I didn’t even know that #facelessfriday was a thing! So here’s mine 😊 Swipe for one with Ellery in it 💕 Also RIP to these beautiful roses that didn’t last but a few days. *sigh*

I occupy myself with what money can't buy.

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