This right here? Isn’t cool. Obama served his eight years. He owes us nothing, ESPECIALLY in light of the stolen 2016 election. He’s in his black skin living his black life and enjoying his black ass family somewhere safe, I hope. Let’s figure out the racial dynamics at @nymag and why they thought this cover was appropriate. We’re magical, but we weren’t put here to serve you. Or save you. #fin #nymagfail #wewontsaveyou #saveyourselves #dotheworkyourselves #lookinward #stopbeggingforahero #letobamabe #mediafail

When you touch base in any moment with that part of your mind, beneath the surface, that is already calm and stable, your perspective changes. You can see things more clearly and act from inner balance rather than being tossed around. Don’t let yourself be driven by the momentum of all the doing, the obligations, all the things around you. Drop in on yourself - consciously choose what's important to you and how you will spend your time. #morningmeditation #meditationMonday #antaralife 📷 @melissafindley

Self referral Vs. object referral. Some days my ability to stay grounded and connected to self/spirit while feeling good vibes and spreading love is easier than others. Some days the work it takes to shift and look inward after I feel triggered by an external force seem like swimming in an endless pool- struggling and never making progress. These are the days I remember to lean into the mystery of the lesson. Trust that once I figure out my lesson (which usually means shifting from ego to love) I feel more more at ease and I am able to know that everything is ok in this moment. ❤️💫🙏🏽
#thefouragreements #lawofattraction #lookinward #choosewhatfeelsgood #deliberatecreation #abrahamhicks #progressnotperfection #meditationpractice

deepest connections rise out of wordlessness #thotfish

This week's #BlissBoss is none other than the multi-talented @GiaPeppers!!! Gia is an entertainment journalist and on-air talent from Washington, DC, whose on-camera and behind-the-scenes work with BET and other entities has inspired and encouraged the communities that surround her. We salute you Gia, and are excited for what is to come! #KarmaBliss

When I'm making small talk with someone new and they ask me what I do, what my passions are, I usually just say yoga, natural medicine and health.

That's about it- though I do many things, yoga is always on my mind. Moving, breathing, sweating, looking inward, experiencing my environment is always on my mind. Always.

I stop myself from stretching and handstanding in public. I may not always be able to hold back.

#yogalove #picoftheday #lookinward #move #getonyourmat #summerdaze #thinkingaboutyoga #breakasweat

inquire as to whom all the thoughts arise — to whom does the happiness arise

Decided to dust off this self portrait I started a LONG time ago. I need to do a new once since I have glasses now! It’s been too long since I picked up the charcoal, I’m gonna do it more often. This one is 12x18” Fun fact: I enjoy drawing x10 more than painting. It’s superior in every way-change my mind 😛 #selfportrait #selfreflection #lookinward #charcoaldrawing #drawing #drawring #nioretblanc

To experience the source - start with regular breathing — anxiety stress will seem silly

✨Look what just showed up! 😍🙏🙌 Who’s excited?! This girl! 🙋‍♀️🧜‍♀️👸🏼🧝‍♀️I’ll let you know the haps later today tribe!✨

Just sayin' 🤷‍♀️ Have a great Sunday!

Richard Branson's letter on happiness, written for the book 'Dear Stranger: Letters on the Subject of Happiness', is inspiring, touching, wise and true.
Why do I love his letter so much?
It is a pure love letter.
A letter to you, me, anyone.
And, it strongly reminds me of our very own inspiring, touching and beautiful PS I LOVE YOU campaign.
This campaign is all about paying it forward and sending love & happiness through a personal, heartfelt, honest letter to someone dear to you.
Someone you want to be happy, but in need of a little nudge.
Head over to eatrealtoheal.ca, download the love letter template and start writing. You'll soon notice that by making others happy, you're actually making yourself happy too ;-)
Pay it forward!
I've posted Richards complete letter on our Facebook Page. Link in our BIO!
Photo credit: Richard Branson

Look inward, you’ll find all the answers you’ve been searching for. #meditation #gyanmudra #lookinward #relflect #asana #pranayama #yoga

“We will be imprisoned in a room with a door that's unlocked and opens inwards; as long as it does not occur to us to pull rather than push.”- Ludwig Wittgenstein
#meaningful #quotes #thegoodquote #lookinward #selfdevelopment #positive #mindset #beautiful #life #beautifulyourevolution #lifeisamistery #loveisallyouneed #love #life #beauty #travel #lifestyle

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