It's official! I'll be at the Etsy summer showcase with @etsyaberdeen as part of this year's Look Again festival. Find me there for one day only: **SUNDAY 17th June** - St Nicholas Centre, Aberdeen.

In the run up to our exciting talks programme for @lookagainfest we will share info on everything you can look forward to 😁
A table for 10 is booked at Cafe 52 on Saturday 16 June, with your hosts being artists @jasimpsonart and @_amygear_
Over lunch discuss 'Serious Play' and the notion of 'being a tourist in your own city'.
Julie-Ann Simpson is an artist member of Visual Artist Unit (VAU), working predominantly in the fields of painting and drawing.
Amy Gear's practice explores possible (and impossible) interrelationships between land and the body, knotting together notions of identity, language, knowledge and imagination.
All tickets available via Eventbrite, check out the festival guide for info
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So, maaaad busy day of Etsy planning! Just finished a 4 hour team meeting. Applications reviewed, emails going out. My art installation ideas went down well. Now need to get it out my head so we can make it as a huge team effort. Went to the Bon Accord Centre this afternoon to sign for the keys for our pop-up unit in the St Nicolas Centre. It’s so big - I felt myself having a mild internal panic attack mixed with insane grinning excitement. Nice look. Bigger than anything we’ve ever done before, and in a third of the time... 😳 WTF am I doing to myself?! #buzzing #wevegotthis #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #community #aberdeenetsyteam #lookagainfestival

performance in #Aberdeen 16june from #EmilySpeed#JackWebb on the relationship between physicality, identity and civic architecture \o/ > https://buff.ly/2riWhS0
Part of @ArchiFringe 8>24june #lookagainfestival #archifringe #commonsenses

Work shoes for performance work at Look Again Festival Aberdeen #lookagainfestival #work #stoutshoes #performancework #rowie #teabreak

Fun Fridays yesterday planning our space for @lookagainfest 👌

FINALLY!!!!! We can now reveal our amazing summer location..... Aberdeen Etsy will be taking over a huge unit in the St Nicolas Centre! You know where H&M used to be? Yeah - that one!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
Now we know where we will be hosting this event, and now we know we've loads of space to fill with amazing designers and makers, we are opening up applications for 1-day, 2-day and 3-day sellers who didn't apply for the full event because of work/childcare commitments.
Big thanks to everyone who has applied so far, we have a cracking line-up already! We will be contacting successful/unsuccessful applicants over the next week.
Follow the link for the new application form:
The Aberdeen Etsy Teams.

performance in #Aberdeen 16june from #EmilySpeed#JackWebb on the relationship between physicality, identity and civic architecture \o/ > https://buff.ly/2riWhS0
Part of @ArchiFringe 8>24june #lookagainfestival #archifringe #commonsenses

performance in #Aberdeen 16june from #EmilySpeed#JackWebb on the relationship between physicality, identity and civic architecture \o/ > https://buff.ly/2riWhS0
Part of @ArchiFringe 8>24june #lookagainfestival #archifringe #commonsenses

***MARKET VENDOR CALL-OUT*** Yes, you heard correct, the Aberdeen Etsy Team will be back much, much earlier this year... After the overwhelming success of EML 2016 &17, we are delighted to announce our first ever Etsy SUMMER market.

The ever-popular Aberdeen Etsy fair is returning for a special summer showcase as part of the fantastic @lookagainfest 2018. The curated design fair will showcase the best of Aberdeen City and Shire talent, celebrating the makers, collectors and artisans in local community and further afield. It will also house an art installation communally created by the Aberdeen Etsy Team. (YOU GUYS)

Look Again is an annual event that presents new, high quality commissioned work by prominent artists and designers from the north east and further afield, in key spaces in the city centre, to animate public space, highlight Aberdeen’s cultural and creative assets and encourage the public to ‘see the city through fresh eyes’. In celebration of Scotland's Year of Young People 2018, this year's Look Again features inspiring events and exhibitions around the theme of 'serious play’. We are looking for contemporary artisans, makers, designers and vintage collectors from our Aberdeen Etsy Team to join us for a weekend of fun. We are looking for a variety of vendors across all selling categories. Shops should have a clear brand focus for their product lines. Sellers should also be open to supporting the team in the lead to the summer showcase, joining in with our craft evenings and helping us to create our Etsy Team art installation.


We are also busy planning a host of get-togethers, talks and workshops on and around the event - so keep your eyes peeled for more info. We can't wait to share more.

See you in the summer :) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1PYt0k3U9u33r7h1nZ5_sX-wl-AFsAPlWNurO2BsfC3I

Please check us out on our Facebook page where we can answer any questions about your application:

Me in The Scotsman, name spelled 3 ways #aberdeen #lookagainfestival

Exciting news! @stackartistcollective will be working with @supermundane for a @lookagainfest commission! Here’s a shot from our meeting last week. Watch this space... #lookagainfestival #lookagain2018 #supermundane #stackartistcollective #seeninthedeen

Repost from @lookagainfest. Here’s a shot from our exciting meeting last week with @supermundane to talk through ideas for our upcoming Look Again Festival project! #lookagainfestival #lookagain2018 #supermundane #stackartistcollective

Great day yesterday at DAC with local design residents, @lookagainfest and @pidginperfect working on an exciting project.

Did you know that the Look Again Festival returns to Aberdeen on 14-17 June? 😍 It's so cool that even the official Instagram account posted this incredible shot by @frederic_vasquez 😄 #visitABDN #beautifulABDN #aberdeenfests #scotspirit #Scotland #lovegreatbritain #loveUK #lookagainfestival

Regrann from @instagram - Featured photo by @frederic_vasquez
We’re embracing the drama of black and white for this Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPblackandwhite.
Try our black-and-white filters in photos and stories, and make adjustments using the contrast tool. Grayscale has a wide range and it can help focus the subject by getting rid of distracting colors, especially if the light isn’t great.
Go to where the action is happening. Your photos and videos don’t have to be serious and moody. Find a dog park or outdoor concert to capture playful and dynamic scenes.
Look for texture and patterns. Back away from buildings to see the repeating shapes of windows and doors; or get close to flowers and leaves to magnify their lines and silhouettes.
PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPblackandwhite hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week. - #regrann

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