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July 8 is a day I will never forget. It was a gorgeous day for an outdoor wedding. My husband and I were unloading and setting the tables at the reception when my phone rang. J.Nash is fine, everyone is fine but a car ran into your house. I tried to focus on making my mark on this bride's special day but my heart was aching wondering is everything was really ok at home. I was a few weeks pregnant with Clara and super emotional. I got through it and when I arrived home my J.Nash was in fact ok. My house was wrecked, but could and was fixed. It was a 4 month remodel to our farmhouse and J.Nash learned to walk in our rental home. I'm forever changed holding now both my babies tight (and keeping them away from that front room 馃槵). Though it was a tough day for me I know that bride shined on her big day and I'll have this bizarre connection with her forever. Happy anniversary Julia and David! I have a piece of art Julia sent me as a thank you hanging in my studio....for me it's a sign of overcoming and blossoming! #longwinded #farmhouseblooms #ironicname #1yearanniversary

I shine cuz I grind #keepgoing #longwinded
#teamnosleep 馃挴鈱氾笍馃帴馃帪馃挵

#mystory #longwinded The top pics are before 2 kids and the bottom after kids and 60 lbs gone. You know as I am going through comments on some of my photos there are some, not many, but definitely some troll comments. Let me just say this right now... I am not some Instagram wanta be model making duck faces in a bathroom mirror or a fitness competitor. I am just a mom who shares her journey and helps others on the path to the same. I have cellulite and stretch marks, a pooch on my belly, and scars from surgeries. The great thing about all that is that I LOVE my body and mind and I don't give a crap what people say negative about me. I will continue to block out hateful things because it's not worth the time. To all those just starting out or those who have been on a path for years and are putting themselves out there, I applaud you! Keep doing your thing for you. #fitfam #fitspo

I've gotten so much more out of Instagram than I could have ever imagined possible. It's a fantastic learning tool. I feel so much gratitude for all the good natured people out there who show me on a daily basis that at the core people are basically good natured, hard working, and supportive. I've also learned the very valuable lesson that if you find someone calling themselves a "master craftsman" there you will find a middling to poor journeyman. I've found this to be true my whole career but IG really convinced me. I truly believe that mastery of a craft is nearly impossible and claiming mastery is tantamount to claiming to be #1! It only leads to apathy and arrogance. Most of all I think mastery of a thing isn't knowing how to do it well, it's knowing every possible way of doing it. I was once told that mastery doesn't mean never making mistakes. It means that no one will ever be able to tell you made a mistake. Sounds about right. Thoughts? #woodworking #longwinded #shareyourthoughts

Ambition Never Comes To A End #trapping #24/7 #longwinded #runningmarathons

Hello all. Here are some dope pics from our last show at John & Peter's. As you can tell, shit was lit. One attendee described it as "euphoric". If you missed out on this transcending experience or have been jonesing for that high that only BTGS can supply you're in luck! This Friday we will be at Dave & Buster's Dockside Bar on Columbus Ave in Philly. Show starts at 7, stay tuned for ticket information.
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Like father like daughter #longwinded #fathersday #longdistance


Part 2 = Because I know how it feels to be excluded, I want to... this rest is in the video. (I'm too long winded for Insta 60sec limit.) 馃
#Vision #GreatnessChallenge #D1 #longwinded #part1 馃枛馃徑鉁岎煆金煓忦煆金煉溾槤馃徑#storyteller #culture #inclusive #diversity #human 馃寧 @lewishowes #writer #producer #figtree #freshlake #swings y'all.

I was asked all weekend, "What's it like to be a Ski-A-Ree?" Well, this is what it's like - on our team, we say "I love you" and we mean it. I've never seen so many tears as the moment they announced us as the first ever National Champions from the Southern Region. We never went up there with that goal, the goal was just to show what the south can do on the water and make our region proud. That moment of joy when all our hard work paid off was just magical.
I'd like to congratulate my Swivel Act Co-Captain, @tori_johnston and all of the 19 swivel girls that helped us achieve the goal of Best Swivel Act. Tori and I approached every decision with respect for each other first, even when we had different ideas.
I'm also ecstatic that Cat Robbins and Tina Bouley led us to make history with the first ever toe turn ballet at Nationals. Who run the world?
It was a weekend full of emotion, my last go at nationals was 20 years ago with Portland Water Spectacular and we finished dead last - coincidentally, that was also the last time I did doubles in a tournament before this year. Water skiing sure does keep you young! Thanks for never dropping me Boo :)
And of course, my wonderful husband who supports me relentlessly - the Lymans are going to Canada to compete with Team USA, the third round for each of us, but first as a married couple.
I can't thank the Ski-A-Rees enough for welcoming us into the family with open arms. Together, we achieved every major goal we set, and then achieved a big one we didn't even know was possible. Special thanks to our family in Tampa and Portland that raised me - your support this weekend was definitely felt.
The show ski community is unrivaled in their class, thank you to all of you for cheers and kind words this weekend!
#whatwouldyouratherbe #skiarees #nationalchampions #longwinded #thankyou #SherriBrunner4President

Hello all. Here are some dope pics from our last show at John & Peter's. As you can tell, shit was lit. One attendee described it as "euphoric". If you missed out on this transcending experience or have been jonesing for that high that only BTGS can supply you're in luck! This Friday we will be at Dave & Buster's Dockside Bar on Columbus Ave in Philly. Show starts at 7, stay tuned for ticket information.
#makethedayyourbitch #longwinded

#Gettingfit, to me, has 2 huge components. #FeelingBetter and #LookingBetter. I will 100% still work out if I don't have the cutest or most up to date outfits for the #gym. But I'll be honest, when the clothes I wear look good (i.e. they fit better or show the progress I've made), it gives me a certain feeling of I'm doing something right and I feel better.
I also know that I'm on my feet just about #alldayeveryday between my two jobs. #nolife ... So good shoes mean the world to me. I wanted all black, but kinda sorta fell in love with the pink first....sooooo.....yeah. #nike #swoosh .
Anyhow, enough of this #longwinded message. The point is, if you don't feel like "dressing up" for the gym...then simply don't. But if it makes YOU #feelbetter to put on that certain outfit or to wear those shoes, then by all means do! Ultimately, Worry about #YOURSELF and not what others think. Likewise, dont judge someone if they have a matching outfit or their hair/makeup is done, because thats what makes #THEM happy. Your #gymjourney is about you, not them. 馃枻馃槑馃挭馃弸
#mindsetiseverything #feelgood #lifeistooshorttobeanythingbuthappy #dontworry #behappy #beYOU

Here's a little about me to introduce myself:
鈥'm a lover of Jesus 鈥ne of my favorite things to do is sleep
鈥 have been a health & fitness coach for about 4.5 years. 鈥 have a husband and two kiddos
鈥 love to be active, no matter when or where
鈥 would live in tennis shoes, workout clothes & a messy bun if I could 鈥 have raynauds so I love summer & hate winter
鈥 have had hypothyroidism since I was a sophomore in high school. 鈥'm 31 years old 鈥 live in the country
鈥 like to talk to random people 鈥 will not eat anything that comes out of the water. 鈥'm a sucker for tattoos and have had 6 myself
鈥riting a book is on my bucket list 鈥'm a morning person 鈥 enjoy being silly and having fun 鈥 have a past full of self inflicted pain 鈥 have naturally curly hair and anytime I straighten it, it rains. 鈥y name is never spelled right 鈥pitfire is my favorite restaraunt. Mikes Pizza is a close second. Oh and Wild Bill's! I just love food! 鈥 want a bonfire and laughter at my funeral. I want to be cremated
鈥'm always super cold or super hot. No happy medium
鈥 have learned to embrace stepping out of my comfort zone and feeling vulnerable.
鈥've been divorced
鈥hristian music is my fave but I'll listen to anything
鈥 love nature
鈥 love bandanas 鈥've always been in love with motorcycles and strawberry shortcake. No correlation there.馃槣
鈥've had 6 surgeries?? Can't keep track anymore. 鈥 cannot dance, sing or play an instrument 鈥 am a major homebody 鈥 have a love for photography 鈥 have an obsession with coffee mugs and candles 鈥've owned 4 vehicles in my lifetime. 鈥 am long winded at times... 馃憜馃徏馃憜馃徏go figure right?
Now you introduce yourself! Leave a comment with one random fact about YOU!!! I love this game!!!

Sitting here (at camp) feeling disappointed & slightly sorry for myself...been waiting for this meteor shower..." The Perseids " for over a month now! So I pack up, come to camp (collect fire wood, go for a swim, have a fire, make weenies) , get things ready & wait...cloud cover...sigh...pray it will pass...it does! Yay...see 3 shooting stars 馃尃馃尃馃尃..then my gang leaves me...that's ok I say, nothing can ruin this for me except cloud cover馃尗..kisses good night AND...then...cloud cover!! 馃槴 ah man...so sitting here...on my beautiful piece of property, on spectacular Lake Kagawong, on the prettiest island in the world, listening to the crickets & the slight wind in the trees & waves on the beach, belly full of fire roasted weenies, after hanging with 2 of my 3 most favourite people on earth & think 馃挱 this was such a wonderful evening 鉂わ笍 that's life in a nut shell folks!!! It's allllllllll perspective! U can see the down side & ride it into a terrible time or find the positive & love each & every second of it!! I slip a bit every now & then...but never for long! Thanks for coming cloud cover I will instead enjoy the beauty & tranquility of sitting by the fire by myself on a perfect August night 鈽猴笍馃憣馃徑馃敟#longwinded #peaceful #stargazer #perseids #positivepolly #naturelover #cloudsrjustablanketforthestars #kampkennedy #loons #cyotes #crickets

Ziploc Baggies. I have used all kinds of various baggies from cheapo no name ones to the Ziploc you see in the photo to expensive baggies rated to depth to heavy duty ones made for electronics. I do like the fabric reinforced electronics cases for building various kits and such but of all the other basic baggies Ziploc gets my business. Nearly a decade ago before I started APC I was spending some time down in Central America doing courses and had the opportunity to test out gear. One of those items was to compare the 1 gal ziploc like you see in the pic to xyz premium brand baggy. The two were pretty head to head until I poured some boiling water I had been purifying into each bag and the ziploc held but the premium bag melted through. From that point on I standardized on ziploc for any survival application. Fast forward to APC and when I was hand building survival kits that were sold under the APC brand and I would roll/fold up 1 gal ziplocs and wrap a rubber band around them to keep them tidy. The bag in the pic is from some old stock of survival kit gear I found while cleaning out my personal gear pile. It was wrapped with a rubber band and sitting in a box of junk for the last 5-6 years so I figured I would test if it still held water. As you can see, it does. Ziploc still gets my business. #apcinthefield #tradecraft #fieldcraft #realworldknowledge #validatedgear #longwinded

So here's my first post and also my first legit healthy attempt at meal prepping. I've been vegan for the last 4 years and my favorite way to veg out a meal is good old fashioned Mexican. The flavors are out of this world and compliment just about any vegetable.
I don't do meat, fish, dairy of any kind. I wasn't a big cheese fan so that was no biggie. I always thought I'd weigh less because of these choices. But... the culprit is bread. In any way shape or form, I love it and it loves me. Starchy, carby anything. So that will be something I need to be aware of when prepping. I figure if I can keep it to veggies and fruit and one tortilla that will help immensely.
This is just a jumping off point and I hope it becomes my bff and support. I also keep a journal since I love to write. I've been doing that since 1998 and my one rule is no deleting. If I wrote it, I must have felt it.
I'll also start lifting and walking and documenting. I want to run eventually... that's what would make me really happy.
#goals #longwinded #chattyAF

Ladies, trust your gut and don't let any man make you feel like less than you are. Don't settle for anyone who doesn't make sure you know how important you are to him every single day. Don't sell yourself short. Find someone who will realize what they have in you, and will work hard to match your effort. Find someone you can be yourself with. Find someone you can learn and grow with. Take chances, but don't get taken advantage of. The right man will be willing to leave his comfort zone for you, and you for him. There will be mutual respect, and your trust and honesty will be rewarded with infinite loyalty. He's out there. Don't let bitterness and a jaded heart stop you from finding the love you deserve. #sorry #longwinded #ifeelbetternow #forgethim #moveforward #positivity #itsokay #someoneoutthere

Thank you to all of you who pray for me, encourage me, uplift me, or just think of me good or bad..I'm grateful for all of you..it's been a journey..now on to the next chapter..shots out to my husband @boiboi05 who holds me down..kisses to my kiddos..blessings to my parents and grandpa who do more for me than I could ever repay..my friends who showed up to watch me slay the short walk of success..@afro_kito_turbans @la_negra1583 @ginamurillo @amanda..my baby sis and my Aunt Minister Avis @avis.harris ..words can not express my gratitude..my church, my IG and FACEBOOK Fam..those who wanted to come but couldn't...and to my peers, teachers, and love bugs at Milan "The Best is yet to Come"..Love you all..And to my Father my God my Lord and Savior..Thank you..I love You..ALL the Glory I proclaim to you..with you I can do all things..Thank you for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself..Bless all the above near and far..I say we did this thing together..one big happy fam..So Congrats to us #SPALIFE #LONGWINDED #TYSPEECH #Graduate #2017

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