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July 8 is a day I will never forget. It was a gorgeous day for an outdoor wedding. My husband and I were unloading and setting the tables at the reception when my phone rang. J.Nash is fine, everyone is fine but a car ran into your house. I tried to focus on making my mark on this bride's special day but my heart was aching wondering is everything was really ok at home. I was a few weeks pregnant with Clara and super emotional. I got through it and when I arrived home my J.Nash was in fact ok. My house was wrecked, but could and was fixed. It was a 4 month remodel to our farmhouse and J.Nash learned to walk in our rental home. I'm forever changed holding now both my babies tight (and keeping them away from that front room 😬). Though it was a tough day for me I know that bride shined on her big day and I'll have this bizarre connection with her forever. Happy anniversary Julia and David! I have a piece of art Julia sent me as a thank you hanging in my studio....for me it's a sign of overcoming and blossoming! #longwinded #farmhouseblooms #ironicname #1yearanniversary

I've gotten so much more out of Instagram than I could have ever imagined possible. It's a fantastic learning tool. I feel so much gratitude for all the good natured people out there who show me on a daily basis that at the core people are basically good natured, hard working, and supportive. I've also learned the very valuable lesson that if you find someone calling themselves a "master craftsman" there you will find a middling to poor journeyman. I've found this to be true my whole career but IG really convinced me. I truly believe that mastery of a craft is nearly impossible and claiming mastery is tantamount to claiming to be #1! It only leads to apathy and arrogance. Most of all I think mastery of a thing isn't knowing how to do it well, it's knowing every possible way of doing it. I was once told that mastery doesn't mean never making mistakes. It means that no one will ever be able to tell you made a mistake. Sounds about right. Thoughts? #woodworking #longwinded #shareyourthoughts

My job is the ultimate multidisciplinary kind of work. Just this morning I was in a meeting with a bunch of lawyers and they were using legal words like litigation, affidavits, and u know all those words u hear in legal dramas which we know vaguely what it means, but never use or know the exact definition of. My colleague mentioned how cool they sound and mentioned how he has always wanted be a lawyer. Being a lawyer frankly sounds like a nightmare to me with all the contracts and law and fine print and I told him I've always wanted to be like an artist, writer, painter or sculptor - I also wanted to be those crazy peace corps or journalist kind who something get sent to remote, war torn areas to help people. Haha. All those jobs that sound so awesome and heroic that don't earn a lot of money. Thats me. This actually got me thinking about life's ambitions hahaa. Now I am still a creative person in a creative industry, so I guess I've found a sort off a middle ground - although I don't mind being somewhere MORE creative. When you are young they are so long term and vague but so wonderful, but when u are already here, it feels like ur goals and ambitions are more short term hahaa. Anyway, here is to always thinking long term and always being creative and awesome. #longwinded #feels #justatuesday #whathappensaftermeetinglawyers

Ambition Never Comes To A End #trapping #24/7 #longwinded #runningmarathons

Grandpa's best friend Louie, he always has a story. @kgrace_86 #longwinded #louie #bestfriend #heusedtotakemetothehorseraces #andletmebet

Magnolia denudata "The Yulan" flowering in my garden in July. Took 25 years to flower, but boy was it worth the wait! #magnolia #perfumed #longwinded #whiteflower #gardensofinstagram🌿🌱🌻

Just thinking about something today- This picture is like 4 years old. I remember thinking I was too fat for this outfit. I didn't feel comfortable. I was afraid my belly was sticking out too much. I look at it now and think "girl, you were so silly for that." I think about how if I looked like that now I would appreciate it more. But you know, the truth is I probably wouldn't. Because we (🙋🏼) are all so stuck in this idea that we have to look a certain way in our clothes to be content/happy/proud. I 100% think that we should be taking care of ourselves. Yes, eat well. Yes, get some exercise. But today, I'm finished not embracing and loving where I am. Not where I'll be tomorrow, or next month. This is me trying to hold myself accountable- to stop myself when those negative thoughts creep in. Our bodies are going to go through ups and downs our entire lives. There's more to us than how those pants fit and how our arms look in photos. I don't wanna look back anymore and wish I had loved myself a little better. #heyallie #longwinded #mondayintentions #ripboomsday

I don't wear a ton of makeup, I try to pluck my eyebrows, yes I have age spots & freckles, I dye my grey roots every 3 months, I exfoliate often and wear tons of sun screen.... why am I sharing so much? I wasn't sure about defined lashes and didn't want to pay $200+ either, I tried to DIY and I'm pleased with today's results *(needed practice) . So for those who know lashes what do you think? #longwinded #blushonly #lashextensions #simplicity


Morning lovelies, it's Friday yeah. Thought that I would share this photo from an instastories that I put up a while back. It's the beautiful goodies that I ordered from @ohmycream , I love their packaging and all the free samples that they include in your order. I just restocked my usual @renskincare cleansing balm and a new natural deodorant from @schmidtsnaturals . Have to say it's a bit daunting trying a new natural deodorant because no one wants to be Miss Stinky in the corner. I've tried other natural deodorants and they never really worked that well for me. But I have to say this one is 💣. It smells really good and I've tested it through hot yoga, Shaun T (T25) and Cardio boxing and it's held up. Just thought that I would share as I know the struggle can be real when looking for new products. Have a good day 😘 #longwinded #naturalproducts #allaboutthepackaging

You probably can understand why I was confused seeing this review that was supposedly written by me 🤔 Turns out David was cute and wrote the pod a review on his and my wedding anniversary ❤️but because we have a linked iTunes account and I’m the primary (we’re guessing) it shows up under my name 😆 you know i could never write something this short #longwinded ANYWAY if you love the pod like David does we’d love it if you wrote us a review!!!!! 😍
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It wasn’t until I studied Discrete Math that I understood the “New” Common Core curriculum. It’s a different way of thinking... similar to the way a machine would... Common Core forces you to process and retain a lot more information than the standard method... it has, however, one GAPING flaw!! When using the “new” method, Higher level math from algebra to calculus becomes cumbersome and difficult. I saw it as going the long way to take a shortcut. I YANKED my child out of public education shortly after the introduction of Common Core... Watch how they are treating your babies #seclusionrooms #handcuffs #restaint #discipline #homeschool #education #commoncoremath #discretemath #longwinded #madness #roundabout #methods #ignorance #training #common #sense #programming #thinking #thought #mind #math #mathematics #children #future #world #connected #one

So long car rides I typically just talk my husbands ear off cause I can't do anything that involves not looking out the window. This time I thought I would try using Tummygize and see if that made any difference. I brought my crochet and was actually able to do it! Tummygize FTW!! This blend is specially formulated for little tummies aged 2-12 and is gentle enough for them but also amazing for adults as well! I just pop a roller top on and apply directly to our tummies!

Mercury Conjunct Jupiter today.
Where is 1degree Scorpio ♏in your natal chart?

Where is it?🕵 Is 1 degree Scorpio in your house of Work 🛂& Health 🚴? Is 1 degree Scorpio in your house of Travel🛩 & Higher Education📚📓?
Maybe 1 degree Scorpio is in your house of Group Collaboration🤼🤸🤹? Where ever 1 degree Scorpio is in your chart, that's where Mercury and Jupiter are having their meeting and triggering you to use their powers.

Mercury is the power to communicate, and gather information.
Jupiter is the power to expand, increase, give and teach.

Where in your life are these powers most apparent right now?

You will have to know your rising sign degree to analyze this.

Tell me a Mercury Jupiter situation you noticed.

#Jupiter #Mercury #conjunct
#mercuryconjunctjupiter #Scorpio #discovery #longwinded #speech #talkative #investigation #report #talkshow #spokesperson #messenger #professor #revealed #astrology #uncover #realname #spilledthebeans #astrology #book #typo #editors #authors #write #writer #read #

念願の!!!cars land!!!!!
車好きでカーズ好きの息子の為に この旅行を計画しました。
Youtubeで何度もラジエータースプリングスレーサーズの動画を見て規定が身長102センチからなので牛乳を沢山飲み 身長を100センチまで伸ばし(ちょっと足りてない アメリカだし余裕で乗れると思ったら「身長足らない」と危うく通してもらえない事態になりそうでしたが 主人の強引な押しで?笑 目的のアトラクションに乗れました!!)
カーズランドはカーズの世界(ラジエイタースプリングス)が忠実に再現されておりとても感動しましたT_T カーズ好きにはたまらない空間です。最初は子供がはまっていたのに気がつけば私達がすっかり虜
#Longwinded#carsland#cars#disneyland#adventurepark#anaheim#carifornia #念願の#カーズランド#カリフォルニア#ディズニーランド#アドベンチャーパーク#ハロウィン#子連れ旅行#1歳#3歳

ÂpPrëÇîãTîØÑ PōŠT🙏🏾 #warning #longwinded #butneeded 🤷🏾‍♀️ SORRY for all the selfies of late but credit must go to where it's due and that's PETA ✖️ @mediamakeupaustralia @mediamakeupstoreau and ATILIO DUSA @atiliodusa ✖️ @clipjointsalons {who literally turned some very dry & distraught locks right around 🙌🏽} Just to think, I've been such a tiny part of the performance~side of this festival but was given so much love and care by the respective glam squad ♥️ As we approach this last day of #AFF17, I think we should be taking a moment to appreciate all the #BTS action going on so we can witness some pretty spectacular parades & parties. It's actually the shadows that make the limelight so darn bright 💫

Day 10: another... mermay! 🐙
Today I was reading about art theft and thinking about how much it would suck to have your work stolen/reproduced without permission. It's a delight to share work and be inspired by one another on an interface like this but we need to respect each other, give credit where credit is due and look out for everyone in all areas of art be it theatre, visual, poetry, music...etc

Anyways, enough of that... thanks for letting me share some of my lil drawings this month! There are millions of inspiring artists on Instagram! Check out my good friend @bhearti 's rad art and @elizabethjscott who I am constantly inspired by.
"EARTH TONES: A youthful subgroup interested in vegetarianism, tie-dyed outfits, mild recreational drugs, and good stereo equipment. Earnest, frequently lacking in humor" Coupland [GENERATION X]
#inktober #inktober2017 #ink #sharpie #indoors #artists #art #display #share #challenge #mermaid #mermay #sketch #mermaid2 #trend #mythological #underwater #geometry #shapes #generations #earthtones #rocks #generationx #music #rant #ramble #longwinded #artrant #sticktogether #draw

Self-caring the shit out of myself on this freaky Friday the 13th. When I was little, my mom dissuaded me from seeing anything scary or unlucky about the number 13, and also told me about the history of “witch” hunting and how women gathering in a group of 13 used to be suspected of being a coven. I sort of started to see the number as symbolizing the power of women, and I try to do something small to recognize that power when this silly day comes around. Today, after a verrrry long week while also being sick, the most powerful thing I could do was draw a luxurious bath, light some sweet-smelling candles, and turn off all the lights so I had no excuses but to just be. I did a little candle gazing meditation and there was something about the tiny flame that left an imprint. We all have a “masculine” and a “feminine” (for lack of better terms) energy, and in modern society we sometimes value the masculine, praising efficiency, organization, progress, strength - I know I do. But there’s also power in the slow, gentle, emotive, messy part of our soul, and when we tap into that power, that’s when the magic happens. Give it a try 🔮💖✨
#fridaythe13th #selfcare #feminism #feminismisforeverybody #bath #candles #longwinded #sendmetobed #aromatherapy #meditation

Iain Nicholas is NINE months old! He has two teeth now (his top and bottom right!) he still smiles at everyone and everything and cherishes a good chuckle. He is a human garbage disposal at meal time and anywhere in between. He can walk along furniture and really enjoys story time. Music is definitely his most favourite thing in the world! He's become attached to his Tula blankie and takes a soother now too :) also, I'm two days late writing this!
P.S- taking a photo of a 9 mth old sitting still is nearly impossible.
#longwinded #9monthsold #mommasboy



These two records went into the rotation tonight. Huge impacts on who I ended up being. I don't think I ever thought about the timing before. The one on the left was released in 1987. I clearly recall @bent_hammer introducing me to it on his Walkman during a student council field trip. (In seventh grade, I somehow got invited into that 'club'. We ended up ditching the Baltimore aquarium and hanging out at a mall, but that's another story. Suffice to say I only got invited back to the club once more) The record on the left came out in (hard to believe) 1990. I still remember seeing them at #unisound with @ajedmiston1 jme kapec, my brother, probably @mulder05, along with others I'm sadly forgetting when #shelter and #insideout played. The floodgates were open after that. I was only 14 or 15 then. I don't think i really put that into perspective until tonight. Several years of youthful chaos ensued, populated by
probably the greatest cast of characters and the best soundtrack you can imagine. I strayed from many of those characters for many years afterwards, but I've reconnected with most of them since. I've often wondered how life would be now if certain choices then had been made differently. Would I be more 'successful'? I guess that depends on how you're measuring it. For tonight, I'm #grateful for the folks who showed up in those days and made my memories all the richer as a result. #thankyou

#longpostshappen #music #wanderingwins #payattention #vinyljunkie #youth #quicksand #dagnasty #longwinded #records #revelation

Hard wand? Well... I can say it is magical...#unamilian #church. #facts #longwinded

#exercise #running #fallweather #jogging #health #healthylifestyle #gettingintoshape #goals #lifestyle #cincinnati #ohio #513 #workout #workoutmotivation #exercises #tired #catchyourbreath #cardio #cardioworkout #running #7mph #elevationmask #breathe #longwinded jus got me a elevation mask 😷 take my cardio workout to the next level along with my overall breathing I’m one of those guys that don’t believe right while working out 🏋🏿 who knows why maybe because as a kid I had asthma who knows where it went lol 😂 but this thing differently works check it out even when u take it off u breathe better

We are inudated with pics and videos of these #superhuman people bending and moving in ways that sometime seem impossible...clearly it's not, we are witnessing the evidence! ( #disclaimerdontbelieveeverythingyousee )
But, one thing is #true all of these people began somewhere. This split video is by no means super human but when trying some more advanced #flows my #shoulders were not feeling very stable (too much computer time lately) so back to the beginning! And #ironically the beginning made me sweat more!
So, for those of you starting we all have to begin somewhere, and to the super humans there is nothing wrong with returning to the #basics and giving your body and mind some #tlc

#longwinded #sorry
#Pilates #pilatesinstructor #pilateslife #pilateslove #bodyweight #balance #strongfromtheinsideout #doitforyou #movement #strength #length #bodyology_tsw #Halifax #NovaScotia

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