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We were privileged to host an evening with #joerobinson, principal oboist of the @nyphilharmonic from 1978-2005. Joe talked about his book “Long Winded”, told some great stories about #marceltabuteau and answered some audience questions. We had 5 John Mack students in attendance! Everyone had the opportunity to try some #hiniker and #puchner oboes, brought by Peter Hurd of Oboes.us. We look forward to doing more events like these, so we’ll see you at the next one! .
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A piece I did for a #RISOgraph workshop I’ll be participating in later today. More to come. #prolix #politician #longwinded #windbag #fullofhotair #illustration #illustrate #illustrator #cartoon #draw #4color #design

there's 2 types of chaos for me. there's outer chaos, which is mostly milling about & sometimes loud noises. and there is inner chaos, which is a bustling mind, turning thoughts over & over & over. outer chaos is actually mostly positive for me... only if it's combined with inner chaos, it can quickly become a downward spiral. but don't get me wrong... chaos is not a negative word for me! ^_^ @fiaafuchs #fiasfotografieharmonie #bildhaftermärz #chaos #longwinded #rlblah #milling #bustling #throwback #selfie kinda #aquarium #terrarium #insect #creepycrawly #cockroach #hissingroach #gromphadorhinaportentosa

Thoughts on dead wood in trees.

It’s important to change the common notions on what makes a tree beautiful, because if we are to live with any responsibility for our planet, it requires both environmental mindfulness, and an awareness of the impacts we impose on other animals and plants we share our space with.

One of the most common things I do as an arborist is remove dead wood from trees. It’s OK to leave some, or even all dead wood in your trees. That’s a strange idea coming from an arborist, isn’t it? Just remove the dead wood and make the tree look pretty.

Not all trees have to look perfect and neat. Consider this: Oftentimes the most beautiful, revered trees are old and haggard. Those trees are considered pristine because they are actual pillars of their communities. All parts of the trees, either live or dead, support a litany of other organisms by providing food and shelter.

If you look at the bark of a tree, you see lichen. On the leaves, you can find insects feeding and fighting. In cavities, woodpeckers, squirrels, or maybe even raccoons. The dead parts support life too of course: fungi and other microbes decompose dead tissue, contributing to the nitrogen cycle. Amphibians live beneath rotting logs, too.

It must be stated, of course you should remove dead wood out in certain instances -- a large dead branch over a house, or high traffic area is hazardous. For some beautification purposes too, a front-yard tree should look however you’d like it to look.

Wildlife conservation isn’t just something forest rangers or scientists do-- it’s something everybody can and should do. Every small act counts, and that’s the only way these concepts work.

I’d especially like to encourage those of us involved in the fields of urban forestry to employ environmental mindfulness. First and foremost, tree first.

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Bidding farewell to this girl who can speak for hours even when nobody is listening. I highly doubt I'll miss your annoyance. 🤣 Anyways, glad that our friendship has blossomed from the first time I met you during the interview to where we are today, even going on a group vacation together. I wish you nothing but the best. And please reduce the frequency of crying. 😑 Oh, you're still welcome to look for me for advise like how you've always been. Not goodbye but see you soon, @sherry_closet!
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. While I try to fill our home with things that are either meaningful or that I just really love, it’s not always that easy.
I’ve read too many home decor blogs that suggest having rules. I like rules, because they keep me (semi)organized. If not for rules, I would have a house with a bunch of fluff (yes, I went there) that made no sense- -for example: walk into my foyer and you think you’re in a modern farmhouse then 💥boom💥 you pass a pink refrigerator, some shag carpet, and a lava lamp..because I love it all. I’m not the person that is so neutral I live in black & white, but I’m also not that person that can handle too many pattern/prints in one area. Betchadidntknowthataboutme. I love simple, busy, classy, bright, neutral, gaudy. I. Love. It. All. Got that, now? Good.

Two rules. (I know there are a million more, but hey..I’m new at this)
1. Buy it if you love it. Can’t imagine leaving without it. Would be so sad if you went back for it and it wasn’t there. 👉🏻Take that baby to the register!
2. Buy it if you know you have a place to put it! (Soooo guilty of saying, “OMGEE I NEED 🙄 that 3 foot metal flamingo yard ornament”- -thank goodness I wasn’t shopping alone)) Hope this helps! If not, buy the flamingo and give the neighbors something to talk about. 💁🏻‍♀️
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Oh hey guys! I figured it's been a while and there are some new faces around here, so time for an introduction! I'm Taya, the photographer around here. 5 random things about me:
1- I come from a family of 6 kids, I'm the only girl. I swore I was a tom boy as a kid. I did NOT want my value or abilities defined by my gender. Of course time went on and I came to love high heels, makeup, hair stuff, etc... so I'm not as hard core as I once was. Haha!
2 - I have my Bachelor's Degree in Social Work. I worked in the field with those dealing with mental, physical and behavioral issues for 3 years. It opened my eyes and compassion for what others live with day in and day out. Be kind, yo. You never know what is happening behind closed doors.
3 - I love Ice-Cream and French Fries. Favorite foods of all time. Bring me some and we're instantly best friends.
4 - I'm all about being yourself. I can be such an awkward goof. I try really hard to play it cool, but I'm really not. Makes for some good laughs during a session!
5 - I want friends. Genuine connections are so important to me. I love when you meet that random person and you feel like you've known them your whole life. So I'll probably overshare if we ever hang out or work together. Haha! PC: @jackiesiggardphotography #intros #introductions #gettingtoknowyou #songlyrics #gettingtoknowme #knowmebetterman #moviequote #fivethings #fivethingsaboutme #longwinded #thattookforever #momentsbytayaphotography #bigfamily #socialwork #bachelorsdegree #icecream #frenchfries #sounhealthy #beyourselfalways #connections #photographer #portraitphotographer #infrontofthecamera

Recently whenever I, fairly often, start feeling down, doubtful and pessimistic about my work and my future prospects of ever getting a good job within the animation/illustration industry, I look back at this very sweet email a guy who owns a small design studio sent his friend about me (I had a job interview at said design studio which didn't work out sadly). However his friend is the founder of a successful, local animation studio and Ian - who was one of the guys who interviewed me - offered to recommend me to him after letting me know I didn't get the job, which was very kind of him to do. The email he sent about me was really sweet and nice to read because I often lack self-belief on a stupid level (despite me often sharing work on here), so I read this email back occasionally when I get into those doubtful moods, not for egotistical reasons by any stretch, but just to reassure me that there are people out there who think I'm good at what I do, see potential and believe in me (bit corny I know😂) and it's just nice to read kind words about yourself when you're someone who isn't complementary about yourself in any which way. Thanks Ian!😊 Oh and if you're wondering how I obtained the email Ian sent his friend - he forwarded it to me after he received a positive response from the guy, so wanted to let me know it looked promising! Thus Ian's very sweet starting email about me was also there to read. And since then I've had a few back and forth emails with the studio founder, and it's looking promising and he wants to invite me into the studio for a chat soon, so fingers crossed it works out!😊 Anyways, this is a long post, if you've read the entirety of it I'm mega-impressed! Rewards for anyone who has potentially done so ;) x #email#studio#graduate#fingerscrossed#selfbelief#longwinded#sorry

~Where We're Rolling March 19-24~ Y ' A L L we have got a BUSY BUSY week ahead but we are equally excited to be sharing so much Fergndan's Wood Fired Pizza with everybody!
First, come by to get pizza this Monday (today, the 19th) at Chaney's Pharmacy and show support for our efforts to add another day to our Food Truck schedule. We've been out on Monday a few times in the past but we are planning on being out every Monday from here on out weather permitting.
Secondly, join us at the Jackson Beer Company Friday from 2-6p for in house Yazoo brewing and Bell's Beer tasting!
Third, we are excited to participate in the USA Today Food Truck Mash-Up in Jackson, MS this Saturday! Don't worry Oxford we will still be at Chaney's Pharmacy from 10:30a-6p which is when we will set up across the street at the Old Armory Pavilion. 
See y'all by the fire! 🍕🔥

You can always check to see where we're rolling next by going to www.fergndanspizza.com you can even download the Google Calendar to stay up to date!

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Monday Meditation: I’m learning more and more lately that I’m an “encourager”... and, to a point, a leader. I’ve always been taught that words can either give life or tear down someone. And, to be honest, I feel like encouragement should be a natural thing for everyone but I know it’s not. And I’m not talking about a sugar-coating, overly-sweet, forced compliment; I’m talking about true encouragement when something gets hard or when someone does something well.
For me, I find life-giving words come out most when I’m in the middle of a WOD and am struggling. I find that when I speak words of encouragement to others during that time, that I am essentially speaking them to myself too. (Just pass me on a run and you’ll understand what I’m saying here!) It’s easy to speak them to others when you see them struggling; I find it hard to speak them to myself because that means I’m acknowledging a weakness within me (and no one likes to acknowledge their weaknesses). But, to be honest, I feel like lately I give but rarely receive it back; not that I need validation that I’m doing a good job or doing something well, but it’s nice to hear encouragement from others. Plus it is really hard to encourage others and not have any given back. It’s also hard to encourage others when their motivation is to make you look bad or to beat you (in a workout, at your job, etc.) or to bring some sort of harm to you (psychologically, emotionally, physically... obviously you have to really re-evaluate the relationship and set boundaries when things become that destructive). But speak life. Be an encourager. Words can make or break someone. Words can bring new life to both you and the other person. Be kind. You never know what kind of battle that person is fighting. Romans 12:8

Thanks @faithrxd for helping put into words what I’m feeling today. (And the recent Athlete Mindset on the FB Page really spoke to me too). #faithrxd #athletemindset #encouragement #livelove #truthfulvibesonly #breathenewlife #bekind #speaklife #mondaymeditation #longwinded #inamood #crossfit #revelationwellness

Better be ready for my story time.... lol #longwinded #storyteller

Back with another Sunday morning #plateblast .... “if you bought me that new bike for Christmas you’d be the BESTDADA” -naivechild “sorry kiddo needed a #stupid #customplate “ -stupidfather #stupidcustomplates #longwinded

As you stare into his eyes you feel his sorrows. Life has weighed ever heavy on this small soul and it shows in the lines of his small face, the corners of his mouth pulled down with the heft of his burdens. But he has hope, because he knows it's Sunday, and with it's dawn comes a new Dear Friend video. His trials have been lessened and again he can see the light. WOW! If our video's can do that for a disillusioned pug, just IMAGINE what they can do for YOU! Anyways new video up go watch it to give this pug hope again.

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#35mm//Utah//2012 ▪️ What do you come from? Nah not “where”— what made you? Was it a warm, comforting ranch-style home with a supportive family? Perhaps you come from a fucked up environment that you feel no one else could understand? Or could you just be a nightmarish product of hyper-specific privilege like so many of the rest of us? Or maybe you think you’re a perfectly-average person, except when you think “basketball” you picture these kinds of backboards back on the reservation where you grew up...what’s the most formative part of your past? Is your personal history a collection of small moments? A single, defining joy or trauma? Or is it one hideous, undulating thing devouring you year by year, inch by inch? Does your life ever feel like one long, protracted arc— the airball destined to land out of bounds?
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#reallynigga #why you wait till the you get the #weed and get #longwinded 😎

#dancelife On the job for @showtimedancepromotions Love adjudicating for #gravityburnaby - appreciating dance and inviting dancers to reach for more. With my many, many words - as always 😝🤗💃🏻🤷🏻‍♀️#longwinded #dance #dancers

If you ask me I'm readyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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