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Word to my dog .. my main man .. #NoIGAl .. #LongTimeComin

Another one down! Congrats to my beautiful sister @danellealiseo and future brother in law @e_3_a_c on their engagement 💍 I love you both so much ♡ #longtimecomin #famfirst

To the troll who felt my black family should be ashamed ( either of birthing #sakarijoy? or of all the white intermixing I suppose?)... ✌😊👍 bruh she looks more like them than I do 😂😂and she carries the Matriarch of our bloodlines name. The queen of sass and humor and dancing, My kaku, is in my lil white lookin congolese daughter.
If anything it's made us all glory more at the wonders of God 😍 How one person can carry so much from so many spiritually stockpiled bloodlines. The girl comes from a missionary (Not the colonizing killing 'missionaries'. But the actual love ,honor, assist and respect ppl kind) mother, whose mom ministers deep healing to women sexually abused and mentally traumatized; whose grandmother (wanted to be a missionary until she) adopted 5 orphans.. Shes from a missionary father whose father & grandparents were missionaries feeding and medically tending to the poor (and heck! Even her now STEP MOM is a missionary who risked her life to be bravely kind and share news of Enoughness, where it's forbidden in Asia ❤❤)... The love for ppl and fearlessness that's been birthed in her... 😂😂 Kari stands NO CHANCE at escaping the destiny 😂. #longtimecomin she's gonna shake this earth with God's sweetness and passion. ❤ I'm good on the worrying about her bringing us any shame😉. Her identity is established & drowns us in joy 😘

And for those who are upset on my behalf. Don't be 😊❤ #cinnaboneffectsmemoreemotionallythanthispersonshatedid 😂💋🍩🍩😋😋 *all comments revealing who the troll was, were deleted cuz the poor soul was starting to get hate mail from my ig tribe & friends *giggles. #ishouldntgiggle

Thanks everyone for bein so supportive so far only a day in!! A lot of work from some great people and a lot of time put in to have this out.. I'm proud have this comin out for you all out there!! #longtimecomin #july14th #EpRelease check out lewisbrice.com for more details!! Thx again!! You can order the pre-release rt now!!

Để quả đầu bết đi chơii mới yomostt 👆🏻😚 #like4like #likeforlike #dailypic #justforfun #longtimecomin

These two cuties & I get sealed this Saturday❤️🙌🏼 If you haven’t already, check my insta story for the details for our open house. There will be lots of desserts & lots of dancing🎉
#longtimecomin #thehuffs #finallyourforever

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Thankful IM Not⚰Or Respectin The ShutDown At 10:30🕥So Aint Complaining 🆓️🙌Breathing😥 #blessed #thankful #longtimecomin #madeitoutthemud #iwalkedoff12📆's #neverthoughtabouttellin #thankfulimsolid #thankfulinevercompromisedmyintegrity

Để quả đầu bết đi chơii mới yomostt 👆🏻😚 #like4like #likeforlike #dailypic #justforfun #longtimecomin

I’ve been in business for 11 years come January. It’s been time to get rid of some files for a while now. What a great job to get out of the way. My file room is ready for some more years ! #longtimecomin #comengetmenowministryofeconomy

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