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Yes, I have blue/green hair now.
P. S. They are bluer and softer than they look 🙈
#bluegreenhair #longtermplans #finallydidit #wootwoot
@florilegium_ @riyadashrath Thanks for the pictures ❤

Progress. Best workout of my life. Feeding my body clean food. Surrounding myself with good peeps. Spending my time wisely. Pushing my body to its limits and really making that mind-body-muscle-movement connection. #strongwomen #justforme #longtermplans #igotthis💪 #sweatybetty

SMART Staff Retreat heads to Lake Tahoe! Every year it's SO exciting to look into the future and plan for bigger and better things!

#longtermplans #mysmartstory #professionaldevelopment #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #bettertogether

As for me and household... We will live in the Fort... (But also serve the Lord.) (Insert soft caption here...) In all realness one of our goals when we first started was to go on mission and I honor these 3 for the journey we have been on. Onto the next chapter wherever the Lord calls us.
#originalhh #circa2015 #sfcwgat2017 #enjoytheview #longtermplans

it's days like today that make me dream about selling everything I own, getting a van and hitting the road to chase the sun in search of the simple life 🚐☀️ #longtermplans
RG: @lifeintheslowlane

Today's card: Three of Gabriel
You've made some good choices, and now your ship is coming in! As you wait for it to dock, it's an excellent time to consider your next steps. Long-term planning is a good idea. What is your next adventure? What actions are required in order to make that endeavour a reality? You may need to travel for business purposes. Review your options while you keep your enthusiasm high.
The work you've done so far will yield fantastic results, so there's no need to worry! If it takes a little while for you to get a return on your financial or energetic investment, just have patience.
Additional meanings: Self-confidence 💫 Teamwork 💫 Optimism 💫 An expected outcome #yourshipiscomingin #longtermplans #confidence #optimism

Having lunch and planning life with my woman.
#lunch #longtermplans #shorttermdeliciousness


Brilliant words of wisdom from Warren.Buffett
#bbfp #mondayswordsofwisdom #investing #geelong #longtermplans #startnow #dontwait

It's just going to get bigger and better year after year. . #longtermplans #payingoffalready

Simple moments like running along the beach during a Barcelona sunset with my love make me realise how much more to life there is out there. We are definitely going to find it and bloody well immerse ourselves in it one day... #longtermplans #movingabroadgoals #sunsetruns #beachrunnig #lifestylegoals🙌

Having lunch and planning life with my woman.
#lunch #longtermplans #shorttermdeliciousness

The bigger picture- clear these trees and put in a nature themed pool with hot tub and an outdoor cooking/entertainment area! #goals #vision #longtermplans

Turn a setback into a COMEBACK. 😇

It's been 2 weeks since I came back. I've finally had time to let it all sink in. If I were to summarize this trip in one word, it would be vulnerability. .
Being vulnerable to be loved by complete strangers, by the breathtaking views, but most of all God. How fitting that the theme of the world great adventure tour was "In communion." I wouldnt have experienced all that God has planned if I wasn't willing to be open to being loved. In allowing yourself to let go of all your hurts and insecurities, you open yourself up to all the healing and joy the Lord wants you experience. .
I had to rely on others and have them give their all (shelter, food, even their water they had to grab from wells to shower) for my comfort, despite my intentions in the beginning to serve them and help them out in whatever way I could. They weren't going to stop because they just wanted to love and give as much as they could because what we would call little was enough for them. They just want to share their blessings and joy with us.
To the GATers for helping me bear my crosses (sunburns hunger and sicknesses) and relentlessly making me laugh/smile throughout the trip, thank you. .
Again none of this would have been possible if I wasn't willing to be vulnerable to experiencing community with others. I encourage you to be a joy to others and to not be afraid to love and give as much as you can! Only then can we really experience being human, which is to love.
#wgat2017 #longtermplans #enjoytheview #sepanx #budots #hugot247 #praiseGod #amen #joelsclimbingatreeagain #heeeeeeeey #bonggakaday #tickletickle #groufies #aswang #mt152128 #theyregunnakillmeforthislasthashtag #sigh
Also if you'd like to ask about the experience is love to share it with you.

After making plans to kayak three years ago when I was sad at the gym, and she knew we would be the best of friends we finally went for a paddle. #mygirl #kayaking #friendsforever #longtermplans #lakefeild #summertime #ittookalottogetthekayaksinthewater #creepyoldmentalkedtous @justjennesse

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