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not woodworking, but this stuff is amazing, and it's a local company to me, and I think we should support local! (I hope to have them do my AR soon!)
. from @intermountainhydrographics - Find us at www.facebook.com/Intermountainhydrographics or call 801-710-3114 @tvanalfen #hydrodip #hydrodipping #watertransferprinting #hunting #huntingseason #gunporn #guns #rifle #rifleseason #custompaint #custom #customorder #custompaint #longrangerifle #gunstock #hydrographics #waterprinttransfer #compositestock #sxs #camo #kingscamo #muzzleloader #carbonfiber #utv #wheels #america #autoparts - #regrann

My bro @vitamindeeez with the sic shot 👍🇺🇸💯 sendit #longgunner #fieldcrafttribe #longrangeshooting #vortexoptics #boltaction

On today’s episode, I bring my good friend on Jon Pynch, who is probably one of the more talented long range shooters that I know. Jon has been doing precision rifle competitions for quite a while now and is basically a book of knowledge when it comes to long-range shooting. Jon and I sit down and talk about the basics of long range shooting and hunting, from what calibers to choose from, to the actual weight of your gun, to load development. We talk about the NWT and how special it is to be able to go on epic adventures to true backcountry. We cover a bit about different shooting situations, and what “ethical” range is for different individuals. One of the things I love about Jon is that it is not just about how far away he can kill an animal. As a bow hunter Jon is more than capable at getting close and we talk about what long range hunting is and what it isn't. I hope you guys enjoy this episode, thanks for tuning in! #nwt #longrangeshooting #longrangerifle #longrangehunting

Custom Chevy V8 Swap Jeep funin' in the North Florida sun today with the Kimber 84 in .308 and the Thompson Machine Sounds Suppressors 30Ti serial number 0001. (Pre-production Prototype) #longrangerifle #vortexoptics #kimber #308 #jeep

Its been too long since ive shot a 6.5, so i loaded a bunch up, because who doesnt like bangin steel out to 1500 yards with a gas gun? @primeammo @bergerbullets @timney_triggers @reloadingnation #longrangerifle #longrangeshooting @shotoutinc


New H&K G28Z 308 with bipod, red dot and Schmidt and Bender Scope H&H Brand. #hecklerandkoch #g28z #hkg28 #northsylva #snipergun #cansofcom #longrangerifle #schmidtandbender #canada🍁

I've been mulling it over today and I've been trying to come up with a new idea. I realize that a custom rifle is expensive. There's no lie in that, but to compete with other shops and factory rifles, starting December 1st, all custom bolt action rifle builds will receive a $150 credit toward ammo. All ammo purchased through me for a build will be sold at my cost. I will not mark it up 1 cent. Essentially if you hire me to build you a 6.5 creedmoor and the total cost is $1800, you will receive $150 worth of ammo for free! So if you want hand loads or factory ammo, the choice is yours. Granted, i can't offer hand loads for every caliber on the scene but I can offer premium shelf ammo. I will be primarily using Hornady ELD-X ammo from now on as well.
Also if you have me build a Custom DRR rifle, all tactical bolt knobs will be included for free if you so choose. All tactical builds will include a free muzzle thread job as well. This doesn't include the brake or thread protector.

Pre 64 Winchester 300win coming up for sale soon. (Unertl scope will not be included) www.cstactical.com
#pre64winchester #winchester #precisionrifle #precisionshooting #longrangerifle

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