Throwback to my first edit ever !!😂♥️. Anyways WE LOVE YOU JUAN AND DRE 🖤💫 #viewgang🖤💫 #longlivedre #longlivejuan @jocelynnov @viralboymalo @sofloserg @caitlinpadillaa @molly_catherinex3 @not.isaaa @dylan_otoole

Lots of love to one of the strongest girls I know yoye❤️ @jocelynnov @viewgangofficial
#jocelyn #longlivejuan #explore #explorepage

Repost!!! You were loved Juan ❤💪 #LongLiveJuan

Somethin new I’m working on let me know what y’all think!! Another banger??? 🤔 #LongLiveJustin #LongLiveJuan #LongLiveRugga #LongLiveJania #LongLiveRico #LongLiveNeicey #LongLiveJeff

4s up r.i.p to the og juan #longlivejuan

One month since they went to heaven 🕊
Rest easy Juan and Dre 💔 #viewgang #longlivedre #longlivejuan

It’s been 2 years today since you been gone Juan. I miss you dearly. It’s Tito’s world world 🌎 4ever now. Love you bro. I felt your presence all day today thanks for watching over me...thanks to @_moetattoos for sketching it and @balamtattoostudio for inking it 🙏🏾 #LONGLIVEJUAN

I done starved for this rap game
Been through it all for this rap game
Fell in love with this rap game
There is not a single soul that can detach me from this rap game
Cuz spitting lyrics would relieve me from the heartbreak
I swear to God when Juan died
It made my heartache😪🙏🏾 @_july29_ Is the engineer of the year lol💯💪🏾🔥 My dawg
#LongLiveJuan #mixtape💽 #RIPbrother #1stproject

#longlivejuan 🕊 the memories box to Juan And that the sweetest love story I’ve ever heard #viewgang 💫🖤 stay strong Jocelyn 🙏🏾 he looking down on you.

💖Appreciation post:💖 Honestly we need to thank these guys for staying strong for us. They're so sweet to everyone and take time out of their day to make us smile. They're the definition of love, strength, and compassion. They're just amazing overall💞

👑The two Queens👑

She so perfect💕

I so so sorry for what happen to Juan and Dre I know how that feel from losing two of your close friends and I want to say that @jocelynnov stay strong you are beautiful 💗💗 #longlivejuan #longlivedre

4 0 0 Ceo gon blow #longlivemybrudda #longlivejuan ⛽⛽⛽💸

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