This is a graffiti art neighborhood called 5 Ponitz that no longer exists. Each and every single urban art neighborhood in the country copied this one. Graffiti art all started in NYC.
There are other neighborhoods in NYC with graffiti art but this was my favorite and all are only copy cats of this one!
This is in LIC Queens. But there is a copy cat neighborhood in Brooklyn. My hubby was born in Brooklyn and I used to live in Brooklyn.
But most of us worked hard to get out of Brooklyn while the transplants were sold the lie that it is a cool place but Brooklyn is really rejected by REAL New Yorkers especially now only transplants and Long Islanders like Brooklyn.
But anyway 5 Pointz is the original place for urban art.
Graffiti started in Philly and NYC subways.
Tagging from gangs existed before 5 Pointz and so did graffiti but it was not recognized as art until 1980 now cities across the country are doing it. But it kind of seems fake to me they are just copying NY street art! #5pointz #urbanart#pink #nycstreetart #theoriginal #longislandcity #graffiti ##phototour

CHEXK OUT THIS SYMMER IN FLIPPING BOTTLE AT THE GRAND SPOT OF QUEENS. RAVEL PRESENT PROFUNDO! HOTTEST ROOFTOP POOL IN QUEENS! #penthouse808 #ravelhotel #ravel #ravelqueens #nightlifequeens #longislandcity #astoria #nyc #manhattannightlife #queensnightclub #PROFUNDO #profundopoolclub

Looking for things to see and do. I hate being stagnant.

Clearing my mind, starting new🌛🦋✨
Photo by @mitzfoto 📷

Loved every minute of today's class. I've been following @lalasupdos for a long time on the gram and was so excited to finally meet her and learn from her. Thank you for sharing your techniques I can't wait to use them on my clients 💁‍♀️

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