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Side view of previous post #rootyombre #summerhair #blonde #longhairlayers

Today I gave a sweet friend a new hairstyle! I gave her one length hair a lot of long layers and face framed the layers to add more movement!! #longhairlayers #longhairstyles #beforeandafter and for those of you that follow me and didn't know I cut hair..... Well I retired from cutting behind the chair I did it for 19 years 15 of those at one salon in Dallas. And then 20 years ago started making jewelry... Haha you do the math I've been around for a bit! And I can still slide cut layer that long hair!! #michelebuschjewelry aka retired hairstylist most of the time!💇🏼

My hairstylist, Shawn, knows exactly what I want when it comes to color and the true meaning of a TRIM! #KeepItLong #HairColorDoneRight #hair #longblackhair #longhairlayers

Beating the winter blahs with new lighter hair colour. #longhairlayers #Asianblonde #hairhighlights Hair cut&colour @loxhairlounge #hamont #loxhair

Fresh new cut for my fresh new life #haircut #byebyesplitends #longhairlayers

Keep your long locks looking good with a trim and style!
#hairbykarenj #studio359salon #stgeorgehair #longhairlayers #utahhairstylists @studio359salon


Extreme layers cut on extra long curly hair and then pressed

On this transformation Tuesday will share with you my own very most recent transformation!!!! I had reached a point in my life where I was feeling very down. I let life situations take control over me & kept falling deeper & deeper in this black hole that then became comfort. Became comfortable because being in that place nothing extra could be expected of me, didn't have to fear disappointments nor failure. But I was also not happy because I wanted more!!! I knew I deserve to have more in my life. So I fought back the urge to go into the black hole of comfort. Everyday it's a fight & everyday it's hard. In order for change to come, changes needs to be made. It's hard to make change because you are going into an uncomfortable zone but it will be worth it. I showed up everyday no matter what & the hard work paid off. 6lbs gone in 7 days. Now I'm ready to do it again & looking for 5 ladies who want to come & join me!!! No longer let doubt or fear hold you back because they are two big fat liars. You can do this👊🏼Friend request me on Facebook.com/coachcin & let's connect!! Serious & committed only. 18+, USA, Canada & PR only.

Don't you know you have greatness in you!!! Stop telling yourself it's impossible because it's all possible once you start believing. Change will make you feel uncomfortable because you have been stuck in your comfort zone, giving no effort. But for there to be change in your life you have to step out of the comfort. You can do it trust me, you will survive & you will be thankful.

Almost forgot to post & be held accountable. Day 6-Shaun t week-speed 4.0. Oh yeah I will be doing another week starting Wed 6/21 & yes you stil lget to try for 14 days FREE!! So if you wondering, why does this woman keep posting her workouts? Because I like to be held accountable. Ik there is someone out there that I am touching. Because this is a real struggle. This ain't bullshit!!! Sorry if my curse words offend you but when I speak from the heart I curse!!! This is not a fucking easy journey. There are days where I don't give a fuck simple said!! But what motivates me you ask? Well I will tell you!! Me not being happy with how I feel right at this moment. I want to wake up to that morning where I come out the shower & look at myself naked in the mirror & turn my mother fucking self on!! Yup I said!!! Turn my mother fucking self on!! The #1 rule to this is learn to love you!!!! We as woman sometimes forget about ourselves trying to satisfy everyone else. Enough, make you happy first & then everything else will happen. Trust, believe, give yourself the chance, don't be afraid to fail. You got this!!! Come & join me & together we will be successful!!! We will be winners👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 friend request me on fb.com/coachcin & let's connect 😘

Her exact words were, "I didn't know my hair could do that!"
#hairbykarenj #studio359salon #stgeorgehair #longhairlayers #utahhairstylists #stgeorgehairstylist 435.680.4049 to book ✌🏼

Keep your long locks looking good with a trim and style!
#hairbykarenj #studio359salon #stgeorgehair #longhairlayers #utahhairstylists @studio359salon

Coffee & open toe sandals, this is life 😂😂 Feeling silly today, you have been warned 😆🤓

When you get a haircut from @hairick and feel like a new human @thebossphx thanks for always taking care of my mane! 💇🏻

Never ever lose hope because when you never give up & you keep fighting ever damn day changes will come! I wasn't going to post this yet but then I was like what the heck. You guys see me busting my ass everyday, the struggle is real but so is the pay off. I am no where close to where I want to be but I am for sure a lot closer than I was at the beginning of May. So for #throwbackthursday I am sharing with you that old me. Yes, was only a month away but that person you see in the May picture didn't even want to come out the house & face the world. Was mad, sad, embarrassed at how I had let myself go. How I let life situations get me off track. But all those negative thoughts & emotions WHERE NOT going to continue to control my life. I made the decision to fight myself out the black hole & move towards the light. We are the only ones who can change the direction of where our life is headed. So take control, you don't like your current situation, well guess what, sitting on your ass mopping is not going to help. Don't look to be perfect, just look to try a little harder each day. I am started up a boot camp for ladies who want to relieve themselves from negative thoughts & finally get to dropping some lbs. you can do this, don't over think, don't self doubt. We will do this together. Friend request me on fb & let's talk. Please only serious & committed ladies, USA, PR only 18+. "Behind every success woman there is a tribe of other successful who have her back"

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