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life can't be perfect but your hair can be 👸🏻#longhairgoals #straighthair #longhair #pictureoftheday

♦Take pictures if u want, but dont spend every second trying to capture a moment u aren't really experiencing ...
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Another day, another enviable mane 👌🏽💯. Braid game oh so strong via @taylor_lamb_hair.
Tame your locks here 👉🏽www.hellohair.com.au
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Let's do this!! 10 months postpartum 💪@transformcolorado @versaclimber Great class today! @rach_sky Two examples of things that keep me going are: 1) Schedule your workout into your planner just like any other appointment at the start of the week. 2) Chose workouts you enjoy and look forward to! I drive 30 minutes to take classes at Transform Colorado, but I love it and want to keep coming back. I'd say that's a great return on investment of both time and money ⌚️💵 #transformcolorado #versaclimber #progresspic #sweatsesh #10monthspostpartum #postpartumfitness

Ladies. What is your BIGGEST hair struggle? 👇 Let us know in the comments below. ------ The lovely @selingga is rocking her Ash Blonde @luxyhair extensions for length and fullness in her hair 💕 lovin' the beach vibe!

Never limit yourself because of others limited imagination.. never limit others because of your limited imagination..!!#longhairgoals #lovemyhair #happyme #selflove


I literally just said to myself, "All I want to do workout at the gym." Who am I? 🤷‍♀️ Once you start, it's addictive! Wearing my new leggings from @lilybod. I'll add a link to shop on my Instastories for ya boos. 😘

“Don’t try to make sense of it all, just go.” Rebelution (Comfort Zone)

Everything goals by @pamela_rf 💕
Get a Longer, fuller hair using #victoriahairextensions🎀
Discover via link in a bio ☝️️

H A I R C U T. A beautiful result of #longlayers #faceframing #longhairgoals #longhair. Haircut by @karate76 Tony Zarate Book online or call 214-965-0373. Love, TRU

Relax, unwind and destress, and watch those locks grow! Stress causes an imbalance of hormones and particularly an increase in cortisol. High cortisol levels over a long period of time (weeks/months) stops your hair follicles from growing new strands of hair. This causes thinning and breakage.
If you're stressed at work or at home then it's time to change it up! This is your life and you make of it what you want. Here are some practical tips for de-stressing that you can use right away:
1. Slow down at work.
2. Work shorter hours.
3. Cut down on coffee.
4. Declutter your life.
5. Take up meditation or yoga.
6. Make time for yourself.
7. Eat healthily.
8. Spend time in nature.
9. Drink more water.
10. Laugh often!
What's your number 1 tip for de-stressing?

Check out @tanechkabeautifulady and her beautiful hair! Thank you for sending us your picture ❤❤❤Remember, if you want to be featured, send us a good quality picture with the full length of your hair like the other pictures on our page ♥️
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I'm at the tire shop, and I'm smiling! This is a FIRST 😎 I DREAD going to do anything for my car because it always ends up being pricey. That is no different today. BUT the difference is, I'm not stressed about it. I made my highest paycheck to date through coaching and made 3x the amount of what this appt is costing me today. I still hate spending money on car stuff but the lack of stress of what I'm going to do for my other bills is gone. Thankful for the FREEDOM to be at this appt before "quitting time" for most and that I'm not financially stressed. I knew this whole entrepreneurship thang would be worth it after some hard work 😊
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