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What can I say? I like to move it move it. Mom says I never sit still long enough for a good photo but these are proof that my fluff looks magnificent from every angle. Meow! #kylokitten #theanglesofkylo #getmefrommygoodside #pickone #roadrunnerkitten

Happy wild whiskers Wednesday my furriends. My snazzy bow tie was made by @bellalovesalex Isn't it great? #siberianforestcat #blueeyedcat #longhairedcat #whiskerswednesday

We will lit a candle for our sweetest princess Nala today because it's 2 years since she crossed the rainbow bridge. I think about her all the time, she will always have a piece of my heart! 💖🌷
I made this collage of my favorite pictures of all and it's our profile picture.
Top from left: Nala - gone but never forgotten & Gin, bottom from left: Nadine & Ghost. #catcollage #NalaWhiskersWednesday

😻'Showing off mummy's fur brushing work from last night!' 🌸#hairdo #grooming #lookinggood #crystalcatlove

"When I am feeling
all i have to do is
watch my cats
and my
-Charles Bukowski .
#norwegianforestcat #catsareawesome #longhairedcat

Sorry for the silence, currently in Finland again (and Sweden last week!) But here's a little portrait of the gorgeous Rölli the cat I did earlier, next to the model himself 😘 #longhairedcat #catdrawing #traditionalart #sketchbook #pencildrawing

LOOK 😻 AT 😻 THIS 😻 BEAUTIFUL 😻 CAT 😻 #longhairedcat



Why is "North River" not in this pile u know that it's Hamill's best work of fiction also what r books in general u seem interested but they're not cats or crunchysnacks and they only make ok napspots so... Regards,

🗡| Spring is here and I'm feeling this warm, sunny (and slightly windy) weather 🌿🌿🌿

There suddenly seems to be a lot more of you around here. I thought maybe I should do some introductions for the ones who frequently make appearances.
This is Abby. She's my sweet little ferret cat. We started fostering her at 4 weeks old, but due to illness she stuck with us for several months and then I couldn't let her go. That was about eight years ago. She spends most night asleep next to my pillow, is afraid of almost everything, and is my near constant shadow.

Gertrude's got a brand new bag 💥

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