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I wasn't sure whether to post this #transformationtuesday or not. It's slightly terrifying & my first ever one. 🙈
Today my friends & I were having a laugh & looking through some old pictures, when I came across the photo on the left. 😱 It made me reflect on how much I have changed since then. •••
On the left is 18 year old me, on a girls holiday, 5.5 years ago, living off an unhealthy diet- mainly pasta, bread & quite a bit of partying & alcohol. No exercise at all. I was so uncomfortable and self conscious. I tried all the fad diets under the sun- 2 week cereal diets, slim fast, juice cleanses, weight watchers. I would lose weight & quickly pile it back on. Typical yo-yo dieting. •••
On the right is a rare photo of me taken 3 weeks ago. I normally never share pictures of me or go out in just a crop top. I am by no means where I want to be yet, I still have a long way to go. •••
To be completely honest, I have not been as consistent with my diet and training as I would have liked to have been recently and have felt pretty rubbish about my body. 👎🏻 But seeing how far I have come makes me so motivated to push harder to reach my goal! •••
My whole lifestyle is completely different & I am a whole lot happier than the girl on the left! I now have a balanced, healthy diet. I fuel & nourish my body with a balance of carbs, fats, protein, fruit & veggies. 🍓
I exercise because I love how it makes me feel, I love challenging myself, I love getting stronger, I love those post workout endorphins. I don't exercise to punish myself. 💪🏻
I still have a way to go. I want to lose body fat & still work on getting fitter & stronger.
I am also trying to work on my body confidence. 💕
Documenting on here will hopefully help keep me more accountable. I am going away in 6 weeks & want to feel more comfortable & confident.
I will be tracking my macros & training a lot more regularly & I know I just need to be consistent & the results will follow 🙏🏻
Here's to hopefully more transformation pictures! 💪🏻#longestpostever

Gobi! It took me 500 years to select the pictures and you better be happy with them.. so the essay starts- Gobi, when I had first met you a few years back I thought kitna sundar ladka hai and then we talked and all sundarta gone🤣👎🏽 No matter how much we fight and do all the nonsense that we do, I am going to say this once and never again- it's rare to be around someone so pure, happy and positive❤ Don't you ever change, be jhalla and crazy like you are🤣🤣 May you have a blessed year and may all your wishes come true including eating and never putting on weight( happy!!)🤣🤣🤣 Happy birthday Gobi 🎉💃🏼😘 #gobikabirthday #happybirthday #longestpostever I couldn't stop laughing last night 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

First picture:
Though I annoy the hell outta you with my constant whining, you never once failed to shower me with endless love. Words are never enough to thank you for all that you do, amma. No matter how old I get, I'll always cherish and look forward to our craziest topics of discussions in the kitchen.. haha all those gossiping and laughing; truly memorable!
Happy Mother's Day, amma.
Love you beyond words ❤❤️ Second picture:
Happy Birthday, Edethi 😘😘
Haha thank you for putting up with all my nonsense. Thank you for being an older sister I never had. I'm definitely blessed to have both you and anne by my side. Love you both 💞
#longestpostever #appreciationpost 😘

Today was a major reminder of what a good, good Heavenly Father that I have. From the moment I was born, living as an orphan in China, God took care of me and loved me before I even knew Him. He was writing a story way bigger than I could ever imagine using this man ⬆️ (and my mom too). I am so thankful for my earthly dad, as He loves so selflessly, and is widely respected by many leaders. I love you Dad and I am YOUR number one fan 😊 #daddyman #longestpostever #worthit

#longestpostever This Mother's Day has me very reflective of all the wonderful mothers in my life. My mother is the reason I am the person I am today. I admire her caring, empathetic, creative strength. My mother-in-law @yvonmac13 has added so much in my life and works so hard to be here for us. I have learned so much from her in the short time she has been in my life. My other Mother @kjt3j brings me so much peace when I feel like my mom and Phylicia's mom are too far away. She gives me hugs, listens to my problems and takes me to crazy concerts. My sisters are such a shiny example to me of motherhood. I look up to them so much and draw on their strength and their beautiful children bring so much joy into my life and for that I owe them so much. And of them all, my wife @phyliciamac is the greatest mom our cats could ever ask for. She is also a wonderful aunt and caring friend. I have learned so much about being a mother from her already. Thank you to all of you. I hope you know how important you are to me. I love you so much.

I am still at a loss for words. I am overwhelmed with elation and the amount of love and support from our students, staff and families. This was truly a dream come true. Ever since I was a little girl--my ultimate dream job was to own a gymnastics and dance school. I remember playing gymnastics coach and teacher at home, writing about it in my journals, and even telling every single employer that I ever interviewed with this same dream. Two and half years ago, I moved to Trinidad with a great corporate job not knowing what to expect... I was excited for the new experience, but still felt like I was missing something in my life. 6 months later, with the full support of my amazing other half @jchellocharles... I quit my job and started Spirit Academy. We had one student and 3 mats. I never lost sought of what we could be. I implemented aspects of my psychology, mentoring, and teaching background--along with my years of instructing/coaching and of course, performing in dance and doing gymnastics to create an atmosphere conducive to promoting confidence and a love for physical fitness and performance. I want to thank the spectacular coaches that that never stopped believing in me and allowed me to feel like a true champion on and off the dance floor and mat. While I may have felt that feeling of immediate satisfaction after winning trophies and medals. The deeper, richer lessons stuck with me throughout life, shaping me to be the person I am today. I wanted to create that same experience for the next generation. Yesterday, we held our first Academy show and I couldn't be prouder of the programme and my talented students: You continue to inspire me everyday. Thank you to my mom and dad for putting me in gymnastics & dance and never getting too angry when we would break furniture from flipping or leaping off of something. Thank you to my full family & best friends for supporting me from day one and being my biggest fans. Thank you to my coaching staff, students and families for believing in my vision & dream. Thank you Stacy and Andy for making this possible. Thank you Jason, for everything... and above all, I thank God. #blessed #emotional #longestpostever

There are a lot of new people here, so I thought it would be fun to take a minute and introduce myself! My name is Shatzi and I am the girl behind the blog Love and Laundry. And this is my youngest son, Logan while we were at his school field day earlier this week. So, for you to get to know me a little bit better, here's a few random things you might not know about me. 1️⃣ The biggest question I always get is where did I get my name and what does it mean. Well first, if you're reading Shatzi in your head and don't quite know how to pronounce it, I'll give you a hint - it rhymes with Yahtzee 🎲 Shatzi is a German word that means "sweetheart" (It's actually spelled Schatzie in German, but my mom was trying to make it easier to spell.) I'm not actually German, my mom just heard the name, loved it, and I'm the first born, so I got blessed with it! 2️⃣ I love everything about France and Paris in particular. I grew up in New Mexico where everyone spoke Spanish, so to be different I signed up to take French classes in high school. I continued studying it in college and I actually have an Associates Degree in French. But it's been 17 years since I got that degree and sadly I've lost a lot of my ability to speak it. My love of France has only gotten stronger! 3️⃣ For the last two years I have been reading my kids the Harry Potter series almost every night. As of tonight, we only have 60 pages left in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I'm pretty sad to finally finish the series! It's been fun to re-live the stories with my children and I have completely created a family of total Harry Potter nerds! #loveit #harrypotterforever So, if you're still reading this... #longestpostever ... I would love to hear something random about you! #jkinstachallenge

Throwback to no sleep, losing Spencer @ main stage, head banging/doing the chicken, running on an hour of sleep driving across the state,throwing my weave out @ Raymond James and naturally my favorite people. #smf2017 #longestpostever

Since undergoing blood testing with @insidetracker and working with @guenergylabs in-house sports nutritionist, I've been trying to do better with my post workout recovery strategy. My go-to has been a pack of @cleannjerky coupled with an orange. The jerky gets me my 20 grams of protein and a good source of iron. The orange gives me vitamin C to help absorb the iron, as well as some carbs. And today, I also had a tasty coconut-blueberry-banana-peanut butter smoothie. I used coconut cream instead of milk so as not to consume too much calcium because it combats iron absorption. (Don't worry, I'll have calcium later!). Use the link in my bio if you want to enter to win our GU/Inside Tracker #eatingistraining giveaway. You too can have a piece of this GUtritional pie! Winner gets a fork full of:
- 1 InsideTracker Ultimate Plan ($589 value)
- GU Energy Labs Gift Card ($500 value)
- A 30-minute consultation with a member of the GU Nutrition Crew for a personalized nutrition plan
#guforit #cleannjerky #trailsandtarmac #longestpostever @trailsandtarmac


BEST. WEEKEND. EVER. Seriously so obsessed with these beautiful human beings... I can't even believe how lucky I am to have such amazing girlfriends. Each one of them is so different from each other, which is why I love them all so much... and y'all hung out like you've known each other for ever! My heart is so happy after the most perfect weekend! @clairelovestotravel @khoelp @stephpease Thank you for planning my epic bachelorette fiesta! @emilyyysexton @_sleeper @nicolequas @alexiscolleen @dorisdhexploris @shawnasaurus @_amandaraye @nadianosrati Thank you for all making the trek out to celebrate with me... can't believe you guys came all the way out here for me! 😭#blessed Missed my other sisters @alishayleong and @errrrrrrrk We took plenty of shots for you guys 😜 #meloveyouleongtime #soleongmisssexton #bacheloretteparty #longestpostever #mylovers

"I used to listen to all the voices in my head that told me I wasn't good enough, or that I'd fail if I tried, or that everyone would judge me harshly for my truth. I used to let one fear or another dictate how I chose to live my life. Not surprising, my life didn't change much. I spent a lot of time with regret, and thinking about what could have been. I found myself wishing I'd at least tried to do some of the things I'd been afraid to do. So I began to. I made the choice to hear all the fearful critics in my head without actually listening to them. I gave them a voice, but no longer a say. I had given all the power to my fear after all, so it was within me to take it away. And my entire life changed as every life does once we insist our fears take a backseat to our courage and desire. Fear may not be a choice, but the commitment to take brave action, despite our fears is always there for the choosing. I spent enough time obeying my fears. Too much time. Now I listen to different voices, the ones that remind me that no matter what happens, no matter what people think, the great potential of my life, and joy, lives within my commitment to live beyond my fear" ~Scott Stabile

Bursting with gratitude after a teaching a class of strong women, watching them grow every week and feeling like have finally found my calling. When I started this journey, the voices in my head were screaming loud. Mocking every step of the way- I am someone who always had a hard time getting words out, not particularly articulate and as a yoga teacher the entire class consists of speech- cueing, words of inspiration and encouragement. Thanks you @doubleosoo for talking me off the ledge in what seems like years ago 😘

Go live your dreams people, no matter how insane it may seem, despite all those voices telling you that your can't! If you believe in what you're doing enough and the benefits of it, you can give so much to others 🙏🏻

Absence makes the heart grow fonder they say, to me it made me so miserable & opened my eyes as to what I want in life. This guy completes me as gringy as it sounds, I've fallen apart in front of him several times which hes picked me up and put me back together piece by piece, he loves me for who I am with my ups & my downs, he loves my perfections & imperfections. My biggest problem in our relationship wasn't him or that we didn't love eachother it was social media that "perfect relationship" that you see on Facebook Instagram etc only exists to a certain stage, We are all fooled by it whether it be relationship goals, holiday goals, family goals etc we've all been culprits to the words "oh I wish I was them" we need to know that people put up what they want you to see, I do it myself! I've had a big change to my outlook on life and its to enjoy it while I have it no matter what peoples opinions are in which I'm sure everyone will have there two pence to say about how long this post is 😅 or how many times can two people get back together well apparently 3 is a lucky number for me 🙈 Don't compare your life to anyone else's because your life really isn't that bad and what's nothing to you might be everything to someone else! 💕💕 #longestpostever #boyfriend #rekindledlove #trueloveneverdies #beyou #enjoylife #TBdebsdate

Last one 😜😜Symbolically,well that is easy, basically just take it slow&calm.My purple ribbon is for Sjogren's&the five colored birds coming out of my ribbon are people in my life who have passed away and meant a lot to me&my family.Two years ago was the start of a new life I had to get used to.it was beyond hard in the beginning for me to grasp&lets be honest for a second,sometimes it still gets me. With all the pain,fear, and inability to do things I used to be able to do, I was depressed for a good 6 months. The only person who knew some of my thoughts and fears was the best person who i could have possibly told. My amazing fiancé at the time and now husband, who handled it with such grace, amazingness and unwavering support. He has seen me in my best and worst. So,for today I just wanted to say happy #SjogrensDay and explain what my tattoo meant at the same time since it has been asked in the past. Thanks to all who have loved me, supported me and listened to me these, almost three years ❤️❤️. #longestpostever #spoonie #everydayisablessing #sjogrens #somedaysarebetterthanothers #savingmyspoons🦋🥄

In EVERY THING give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. -1Thess 5:18
Every. Thing.
Every one you meet is going through something. People hide their hurts well. It's easy to get so caught up in thinking other people have it easier than you in their "little perfect life", but, trust me, every one carries a struggle. Our society gets us thinking our problems and life circumstances must dictate our future. It's as if our problems give us the freedom to plaster the word "victim" across our foreheads and travel through life as if the world owes us something. Honestly, it's not a Jesus way of thinking. That way of thinking is more about a self-centered, inwardly-focused, "love yourself more" universe. We could all have a group session and list our sets of hurts. My mom couldn't even remember my name today. My dad has been having his set of health issues. I could focus on the list of my problems & look for sympathy. But that leaves me unhappy in a tiny "me"-centered universe.The problem is when I am unthankful for every thing God puts in my life,I am ultimately hurting myself.It captures me in chains of disappointment, a critical spirit, discontentment,& unhappiness.
Life is about so much more than focusing on material things & circumstances! It's about a friendship with the God of the universe. It's about shining His light to the lost. It's about developing genuine love, kindness, and deep feeling for people without expecting anything in return. It's a Jesus kind of love. It's about finding joy in the little things. It's remaining in a state of wonder. "If you look for the bad, you're going to find it. But if you look for the good, you will find it too." -Pollyanna😂 hashtag, homeschooled life! 😆
"Give thanks for every thing." -Bible
Thankfulness is a much easier and freeing life to live. You will find your perspective of life will become exponentially BIGGER. God will be big; your problems will seem small. Your empathy will enlarge. Your once Grinch-sized heart 😜 will explode with happiness, joy, contentment, peace, and love. And you will enjoy your life so much more.Stay obsessively grateful☺️❤️😘 #longestpostever #preachingtomyself

*Long Post Alert*
Last night the Hubby and I were undecided on where to go for dinner to celebrate 2 years of marriage... Did the usual google search and @petitionkitchen came up on top of TripAdvisor's list... As I was reading, hubby says, "let's do Petition!" (Our minds are in sync! 👌🏾) Petition it is because he was raving about the Duck Parfait He'd had there a while back!! Where do I begin? So we had no booking, front of house sat us at the bar and we had the pleasure of watching the Chefs do their thang! Let me just say, this was by far the best dining experiences I've had in a while! Hubby and I are big foodies, and like anyone, we don't like to be disappointed lol. The only disappointment I had, was not taking snaps of the Duck Parfait, Stracciatella and Sweet potato and the Kangaroo backstrap we devoured before downing this amazing dessert which comprises of Coconut sago, lemongrass and mint and kaffir lime. We're honestly not the biggest dessert fans but this... this knocked our socks off!
The service was impeccable and the food was incredible! You can tell the love and passion put into each dish not only from the presentation but the taste of the freshness of produce! @petitionkitchen we will definitely be making regular visits and recommending to all our family and friends!
#longestpostever #appreciationpost #petitionkitchen #perthrestaurants #pertheats #bestdiningexperienceever #youwontbedisappointed

I run by the river at 6am now. I've never been one of those people who runs all the time. I don't even particularly enjoy running, and sometimes I straight up hate it. I have no desire or goal to eventually run a marathon or even a half-marathon. But this new habit I'm forming is without a doubt one of the best things I've done for myself in a long time. Most of the benefits are probably obvious, but one of the best is simply easing into the day by giving myself time to do something (besides getting ready) before I get to work. I'm not just shuffling into the shower in zombie mode and going through the motions of preparing for the day. I am literally and figuratively waking myself up. And it's excellent in many ways.

Sage Advice: start waking up a little earlier and do something that wakes up your brain. You don't have to run. You can walk, stretch, read, write, color, play with your dog, etc. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you.

#waylatergram #longestpostever #getafterit #heckyesitsfiltered

This ones a winner!!! Man I have been converted to this powerful oil #frankincense it has been a life saver seriously!! If you aren't sure what oil to use frankincense is the way to go!! Story time about this amazing oil... I've been having pain on my left lower abdomen area going on one week, as a woman pain in that area (ovaries) is dealt with seriously, needless to say I was lucky enough to have plenty of tests and even a hospital stay!!! Ive been given the OK but still have the pain (fun) well I got my trusty oils last night and thought I would give it a go #hallelujah I got some sleep and pain was relieved!!!- guys give these #doterraessentialoils a chance you have nothing to loose but so much to gain!! #doterramum #gamechanger #longestpostever #excitedmuch

Here is a picture of me pretending I'm thinking while I release my thoughts:
I am fucking 25 years old and going through a separation. 25, single mom of a 4 year old. This is no where near the life I imagined for myself. But guess what? I feel amazing! Then I feel anxious, then embarrassed, then empowered, then strong, then lost and weak, then overwhelmed and... even more overwhelmed. There are moments of peace and clarity, and those moments I hold onto for as long as I can.
You see, I never wanted to be here. I gave everything I had to someone until I realized I couldn't do that anymore. I will never speak badly of the father of my child on social media, he gave me the greatest gift on earth, but I will without hesitation say that I made the absolute best decision for Cohen and I to have a happy life. Hearing him tell me he will never be scared at our new house and he is so happy mummy and daddy don't have to fight anymore both warms and breaks my heart. Knowing that his beginning years had so much fighting fills me with guilt, and all I can do now is try my best to fill the rest with peace.
Being met with judgment from those I thought were friends has been the one of the hardest parts for me, because I feel like I'm partially to blame. I lost many friendships over the past 5 years because of what I was dealing with. Slowly isolating myself from my support system. But the friends who held on tight and didn't let me go, you are the ones I will do anything for.
I am fucking 25. My life is a god damn mess. But I have so so much to be thankful for.

Like plenty of Ballarat folks this morning I was drawn outside to look at the pretty white frost covering our backyard. I took a few photos but was pretty keen to get back inside. (2 degrees!) I opened the back door, and the warmth of central heating, comforting smell of freshly brewed filter coffee took me back to my time living in the sweet little coastal town, Bar Harbor in Maine. I'm a bit of a foodie and have memories of wild blueberries, the best bagels, local Maine real cream in a can, ( black coffee topped up with cream most days) huge sea scallops, lobster and delicious blackened fish from the local bar, The Thirsty Whale. 🐳
I was lucky to spend 2 incredible snowy winters in that pretty town and can't wait to go back one day with our kids and visit all the classic American Diners and drink all the bottomless filter coffee and eat all the fluffy blueberry pancakes!! ☕️☕️🦐🐟🥞
I love that smells can trigger memories and emotions! So cool. Happy days!! xo ❄️😍☕️ #smellsringbells #frost #theballaratlife #longestpostever #missmysnowbootstoo #shouldnothavesoldthem #carbootsale
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