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I debated a ton whether or not to post this as I actually find these types of posts a bit cringey BUT I made such a big deal out of doing a 12 week program that I feel like I should show the results.
The results are - 5kg lost and in that time I PB'd my back squat and snatch, and I qualified for my first Rx competition (although I think @anthony_fritsch should get a lot of credit for that 🙈) I didn't put myself through any crazy dietary restrictions, just sensible eating, keeping an eye on macros and eating timings. And training a bunch, which I would have done anyway. The big props have to go to @diamondhealy who got me through these 12 weeks, with his food and nutritional advice, teaching me how to make good food choices. I have been doing CrossFit for 4.5 years and this are the most dramatic, and impressive, results I have seen to date. If you are looking to make some changes - contact Diarmaid. I can't recommend him highly enough. #crossfitgirls #crossfit #nutrition #longestpostever

💛Long story short, I met many beautiful souls over these past 2 weeks 💛
Long story long #longestpostever I decided to volunteer at a Bunun tribe's leisure farm in southern Taiwan, and it may be one of the best decisions I've ever made. Time passed by too quickly every day in the bakery from 8-4pm as we made pineapple cakes, cookies, bread, dumplings, etc. It didn't seem like work as we chatted about small things and deep things and learned/taught English. After work we would ride bikes around town, and there would be beautiful scenery everywhere. For the first time, I became the photographer cause of my iPhone's quality haha
But what I loved most were the people. There were 8 of us volunteers, all college students, and we became inseparable, playing cards and chatting late into the night. We teased each other to no end, but we also cared for each other as if we're old friends
The people we worked with were Bunun, aboriginal Taiwanese whose culture and songs I fell in love with. I watched them perform a total of 10 times, and even tho the performances were the same every time, I would still get goosebumps as they sang and danced. They're some of the most friendly, considerate, and loving people I've ever met
很捨不得離開 捨不得在這裡的回憶
每天看到你們的笑容 我不知不覺也會跟著笑
中文太難了 哈哈 所以不能寫很多
想你們 愛你們 上帝祝福你們
#美麗的靈魂 #myonewayticket2taiwan

Kissing TN goodbye in less than two months. Saying hello to a new life of makeup in California where I know a handful of people with no family to turn to if something goes wrong. I'm making that 36 hour drive with a car load of things & starting over. I will push to strive to make my dream come true where I won't have to make that drive back. Success is never an accident so you best believe I am going to work until I no longer have to introduce myself.
Thank you to @iambrittanylane for listening to me complain for 7 hours at a time.
Shoutout to my girl @mayabenberry for taking me under your wing, listening to me, and telling me to never give up! Look where it got you!
To anyone who isn't following their dreams, be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire & I promise you will be successful.
#laurenspants #makeupartist #losangeles #longestpostever

Gobi! It took me 500 years to select the pictures and you better be happy with them.. so the essay starts- Gobi, when I had first met you a few years back I thought kitna sundar ladka hai and then we talked and all sundarta gone🤣👎🏽 No matter how much we fight and do all the nonsense that we do, I am going to say this once and never again- it's rare to be around someone so pure, happy and positive❤ Don't you ever change, be jhalla and crazy like you are🤣🤣 May you have a blessed year and may all your wishes come true including eating and never putting on weight( happy!!)🤣🤣🤣 Happy birthday Gobi 🎉💃🏼😘 #gobikabirthday #happybirthday #longestpostever I couldn't stop laughing last night 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

During my career as a midwife I had the privilege of working along side the midwife who delivered me, and pretty much the rest of my generation in the family. She was a family friend and I thought, and still think, a lot of her. Sometimes during a shift she would come to me and stroke my hair or touch my head with both hands. She would then say 'I was the first person to touch this beautiful head of yours'. It made me feel incredibly special, I could tell she was thinking back to that day when I was born, and it made me feel so loved...I find myself doing this with the beautiful girl in this photo. I stroke her hair and I think or sometimes say the exact words my midwife said to me. I feel an incredibly strong bond with this little lady and my love for her only grows. Today is her first birthday. For 365 days she has been with us. And I can honestly say she's brought our family an immeasurable amount of joy. Her birth was a pinnacle moment in my life. I knew caring for my sister and brother in law in labour wouldn't be the easiest of tasks. But I had this unwavering feeling that I needed to be there, and that the experience would positive. I wanted to be with @emtoyne in this moment, and keep her and her baby safe. I can remember it like it was yesterday. Touching Livvy as she was almost here, and guiding her into her mothers arms. I remember Emily's joyful cry and I remember the moment, when all was well, that I had a second to switch roles, become a proud auntie and cry with happiness with her. I will never forget it. It was, and still is, a privilege and an honour to have been there. Happy birthday Olivia Jane. We love you. 👧🏼💜 #longestpostever

Throwback to no sleep, losing Spencer @ main stage, head banging/doing the chicken, running on an hour of sleep driving across the state,throwing my weave out @ Raymond James and naturally my favorite people. #smf2017 #longestpostever

It's taken us this long to get our head around how amazing last night was! A HUGE thank you to our lovely friends and family who have put in so many hours helping us get the store ready, building, painting, cooking, set up, cleaning, babysitting the list goes on! We were blown away with the turn out last night, so thank you to everyone that came by to show their support, we really appreciate every kind word! Lastly, congratulations to Bailee Harrison and Amy Shine who took home the lucky door prize and gift voucher- we had a video but after a few wines, the background convos weren't really social media appropriate 😳 😂 #longestpostever #thankyou #madeoffridays #openforbusiness #finditinforbes

Had a major case of dejavú today. This threenager is too busy to nap these days, and certainly not next to me. But somehow this happened. There was certainly about 1000 tasks around the house that needed doing, but they could wait. So I was stuck for an hour or so (able to do nothing but make lame pic collages) reminiscing about the last time this happened, and it was a lovely little reminder that no matter how bossy and independent she is, she's still my baby! - Oh and then she woke up and started yelling at me again. But it was nice while it lasted. #longestpostever #sorrynotsorry

This is actually something I’ve been thinking of writing about for the past week and whilst I was enjoying listening to @ladydonli and working on my script, I peeped this message that came into my inbox.
I have a question, should we always do what makes us happy or instead conform to societal pressures and expectations to avoid unwanted comments and questioning. Why does anybody care what I wear and who likes it? Why is it that people expect me as anyone’s daughter to conform to their own rules and expectations of what I should be?
My own mother and father who fed me, housed me, educated me, disciplined and gave me all the good things in life do not expect me to do so. Yet strangers who know absolutely nothing about me (AS PER CHANGE MY STYLIST?? WHAT STYLIST?) still feel it is their place to tell me THEIR truth about MYSELF? Isn’t this a strange way of thinking? I mean, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but because there is an INSTA DM button does not mean you should always use it.
I do not claim to be someone I am not. I strive everyday to remain true to myself and to not get sucked into the BLACKHOLE that is THE LAGOS SOCIETY. Its a dark, horrible, twisted, disgusting place to be and I have made a choice to not make this my life. Whoever doesn’t like it can really just kiss my #redcanvas
Because apparently one person cannot wear 4 colours at once (I was wearing 3 but whatever), we must match and wear 'red on black' or 'blue on yellow'. I would insert some quote here about how Fashion and style is being true to yourself but I don't know any.

#kurojare #longestpostever


It's taken us this long to get our head around how amazing last night was! A HUGE thank you to our lovely friends and family who have put in so many hours helping us get the store ready, building, painting, cooking, set up, cleaning, babysitting the list goes on! We were blown away with the turn out last night, so thank you to everyone that came by to show their support, we really appreciate every kind word! Lastly, congratulations to Bailee Harrison and Amy Shine who took home the lucky door prize and gift voucher- we had a video but after a few wines, the background convos weren't really social media appropriate 😳 😂 #longestpostever #thankyou #madeoffridays #openforbusiness #finditinforbes

Morning ladies! Just a reminder that my current turn around time is 7-10 days. I try really hard to get your orders to you sooner but I'm a one-man-band over here and I have to take care of my little fam bam, too. However, if you need something by a certain date.. Pease see the rush shipping option and/or leave me a note at checkout and I will do my best to get it to you in time. Thank you for keeping me so busy! I am forever grateful to be doing what I love everyday 💝
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Beautiful incredible blue ice
It might be 1000 years old. It melts about 200 meters per year and last year it's 600 meters.
Yes, it will disappear completely whether or not global warming accelerate. And that's why it's so beautiful.

Thinking through the past, I'm never a sportsperson. I feel exhausted even I just run 1km on treadmill which consist of walking also. 😂 but now I can run continuously 5km, 10km, 15km or even 21km if it is not a roller coaster run 😆I feel a sense of accomplishment. 😃I started bit by bit, improving day by day. I tell myself every time, just a little bit more, I can do it. 💪🏻This made me who I am today. Nothing is impossible when you want to do it! But of course I can't did this without my companion. Thank you so much 😘 Let's stay fit forever! 💪🏻💪🏻
PS, this is my last day here, should I sign up to continue? 🤔

#fitness #fitnessjourney #fitnessgirl #runnerslife #runninggirl #sportsootd #sportsoutfit #sportswear #longestpostever

Abstract art representing the 5 senses, a little George Washington and some Native American study makes for a really good day and it was just what was needed 🌿☀️ Yesterday was a big court day for the little guy and there was some really good news given (well good news for us and Zane )...but good news for one person may mean bad news for another in these cases. I found myself crying for joy and then at the same time crying in sadness for the other...it’s a bit conflicting. But I am really grateful!!! I am grateful to God for His love and direction and abiding Holy Spirit in the midst of these up and down and all around court trials in a baby’s life.
Also shout out to my mommy who knows when her kid wants some comfort food lol...and made some of my favorite foods today....shrimp ceviche, sweet potatoe casserole, BBQ 🍗, and some gluten dairy free 🌮 s!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 #thankyouJesus #adoption #6under6 #homeschool #wildandfree #fostercare #longestpostever #foodismylovelanguage

Slightly more than a year ago I used a delightful London morning to visit the Fulham Palace (not to mention it was very close to Primark which was in fact my main destination). I arrived to the palace hidden in the early autumn-ish park and I had no idea how to enter since it was partly closed due to some private event. That's when I met Maureen, a lively seventy-something English lady who was volunteering there. Even though it was not really allowed, she let me see all the most important places in the palace and told me a lot about its history and presence. She probably has no idea but she was such an inspiration!
Anyway, today I used a lovely Turka morning to have a walk with my dog. Something unexpectedly came to my mind and the conclusion of this self-date is:
It's really important to collect memories and experiences from different places, with different people. One day two of them, chosen completely randomly by your unique mind, may click and give you the exact illumination you needed. So the more you have in your base, the better!
#tldr #longestpostever #pseudophilosophy #memories #london #fulham #tb

Did you know that Monat is projected to make $1 billion in revenue by 2018? Yes, I said it! B I L L I O N! Btw, Monat will only be four years old in 2018!
Here's some things to think about---
💎It took Starbucks 25 years to build a billion dollar brand.
💎It took Mary Kay 33 years to build a billion dollar brand.
💎Last week, Monat made $40 million in one day, Monat's 1st year made $25 million.
💎Monat paid out $100 million in commissions so far this year!
💎Monat is the only haircare line in direct sales.
Don't get me wrong, the numbers are out of this 🌎, but Monat touches lives like we've never seen before! We are really in the business to help others and change lives! Let us do that for you! Message us for more info... #monatlife #monat #monatopensdoors #lifechanging #notjustshampoo #reapthebenefits #hair #haircare #teacherlife #momlife #dadlife #longestpostever

We are HOME and soaking up some lovely vitamin D and fresh sea air to chase away that nasty bronchiolitis!
Shout out to the most amazing Daddy who has been our rock this week! Stepping up and not only going above and beyond to take care of our little man but also looking after me when I've been an emotional wreck #letsbereal 😅
A special thank you also to Grandma Megan, Grandpa Mark and Grandma Liz (even though you gave Elliot Gatorade thinking it was water) 😬We are so thankful for you all!
And FINALLY we are so grateful for all of your kind messages and prayers - they really meant a lot to us!
#longestpostever #onwardsandupwards

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