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Favorite shot back from two years ago🔮#naturalmakeup#longbrownhair

There will always be highs and lows, that much is always guaranteed. And when I'm going through a low, that is when I have to point the finger back at me and look at what I'm doing. I can only control me. So it's time to control the controllable. How am I going to do that? Well I started by pulling myself out of bed and pressing play on my at home workout, I had a @kaskade dance party, I put on my makeup, and then I put my big girl pants on and told myself it's time to WERK! On last nights team call we went back to the basics and talked about VISION! So I'm going to take some time for me and go back into thinking about my WHY and let it fuel me with the energy I need to keep pushing forward. Fighting for your dreams is hard work, but settling for a life you don't truly want is harder to swallow. If you want to know more about this coaching stuff I'm doing, me and two other boss babes are hosting a free event tomorrow! Click the link in my bio to join or message me 🦋


QuAnDo aScOlTo iL rUmOrE DeL MaRe é CoMe iNdOsSaRe uN PaiO di CuFfiE PeR LaSciAre FuOri iL MoNdO e i SuOi CoLpi Di ToSse🌊 #ilmare #mareiotiamo❤️ #ilmiounicoamore #meeresrauschen #meeressehnsucht💙🐬💦🌞😊💞🌺❤️ #lignanosabbiadoro #adidas #bomberjacke #pumafenty #guesstasche #longbrownhair

before and after ... Simple Neutral medium Light Brown with Color blend thin lowlights

Love this.....and totally agree...you are always moving forward, and still becoming you!
Sometimes we just need time.. Time to work on ourselves a little or a lot more... Time to figure out who we are... Time to question who we want to be, who we don't want to be, who we should be... And time to determine what is important to us and what we value in this precious thing we call life...
I have learned to accept that where I am is where I am meant to be... That everyone we meet serves a purpose in our story.. To let go of what is not meant for us... That every bad thing we seem to face will also bring us something good... That I am strong enough to deal with whatever is thrown my way... To really embrace life and do whatever makes my soul happy...
To be around people who see me and appreciate what I have to offer... And above all other things to never let anyone dull my sparkle or change my smile.

Oh, shine of moon, of the astral gods
It ravishes, it calls us to sin... #nanna #bw #metalgirl #messygirl #chaos #party #readytogo #misanthropyclothing #dark #selfie #picturewall #bigblackboots #longbrownhair #sinner 👻👻👹👾👸

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