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During the Chelsea Flower Show, the shops and restaurants in our neighbourhood plunge into the festivities with their own trimmings and events, and it's my favourite time of year to be a local. If you are in our neck of the woods for the show this week, come for a nose around (and if you bump into me outside of @peggyporschenofficial, weighing up whether to go in for biscuit cake, please come say hello and lead me gently away). #BelgraviainBloom

Our website has been updated with a recap of our conference and lots of photos of the event. Check the link in the bio!
Photo by @elensham

• Mind over matter •

Our favourite photo from the Chelsea Flower Show of @lecorgi 🐕🌼 by @meanderingmacaron #londonsbest

По итогам обсуждения в прошлом посте решили верить в самое хорошее в людях и их тягу к прекрасному!😅🌷🙌🏻 Так что, надеюсь, на улицах будет все больше клумб с невырванными цветами и горшочков у дверей! Осталось побороть парковку на газонах, чтобы воздух в городе был хоть немного чище!💙 #londonbytanu


Sky's Over The City - #ldn4all_hiccups #london4all @theshardlondon @stpaulscathedrallondon - Blue Hour just after the sun had set when the sky had started to turn blue with the pink under the cloud.


Here's @raxhe_l scouting out our next coffee shop... Like she does best. #cousintrip ☕️🇬🇧

Enter the UAL Alumni Association Design Competition to win a £250 Amazon vouchers, be featured on our social media channels & more! ⠀

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Finally got myself to @tate_britain to see the #hockneyexhibition

This divine little sticky date pudding served with toffee sauce and clotted cream from @roast_restaurant 💗😍😊

There is a certain opulence, an unmistakeable grandeur, to room one of the British Museum. A regal lofty gallery built to display King George III's library. Even the group of tourists who were rowdy over by the Pharaohs adopt hushed tones here. @britishmuseum

Our favourite photo from the Chelsea Flower Show of @lecorgi 🐕🌼 by @meanderingmacaron #londonsbest

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