BIG up @luardos TEAM for another Autumn/Winer/Spring @brockleymarket residency. Alan is off & in charge of driving on this years Summer festival Circuit Season dates... Happy to have them back weekly at Brockers 25th September (and Simon obvs) #legends

Finally put this weeks menu up! Tuesday night is epic...... with the addition of our favourite Cauliflower Hummus as a side dish! #getdippy

"Hooman, this is for me, yes?" 🐶 #dogsofdoughnuttime @rhearna

Lil sneak peek of the Mad Jack from @thepiadinaproject. You know, for a fried chicken fanatic, I can't believe it took me this long to get my butt here but I'm so glad I finally did because this was soooo gooddddd. 100%would make this a Sunday ritual, just waiting for someone to wheel me into the park so I can skip the walk from the tube station hah 🍗£9

P/s Excuse the crappy pic quality which was taken by my crappier phone because my other less crappy phone decided to break out of no where. 🙄

Glossy pockmarked shrunken and purple juice laden skillet upside down blueberry muffin cake welcoming in summer. Thanks @timmazurek and @bravetart 😍🌈💙

A slight deviation from the traditional Sunday Roast @breadstkitchen to celebrate a friend's birthday! 😁 My first time trying Beef Wellington. The beef was nicely cooked but the star was *that* truffled mash! #breadstreetkitchen #gordanramsay #beefwellington #sundaybrunch #sundayroast #truffledmash #londonfoodie #foodie #food #igfood #igslondon #londonrestaurant #londoneats #thisislondon #stpauls @onenewchange #breadstreet

Still killing it @lucky_chip • Royale wit cheese 🍔🥓💛 • Beef, cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce, sauces #londoneats #burger #burgerporn #luckychip #instagood #dinner #saucy #whatiate #foodstagram #instafoodie

Random day in the park

Setting ourselves up for the week with the good vibes coming from this 😍💪🏻
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Frijoles with sweet potato skins. Served with avocado, feta and @eatenaliveldn smokey pink kraut. From @gizzierskine Gizzi's Seasons Eatings. I had put this book away to be taken out in autumn but actually there are plenty of recipes that work in summer! This was totally delicious - crispy potato skins topped with a bean stew. Leftover beans for lunch! 😍

I think no matter what the occasion may be, you can never go wrong by showing up at the dinner table with a hot plates of PANZO pizza’s 😋😋😋🍕🍕🍕🙌🙌🙌
👉Anyone is hungry tonight 😋. Come on in...✨✨✨🥂...! .
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Sunday barbecuing part 2 🥩🥩🥩

At least the Peruvians are winning at something 🇵🇪 🍽 👊💥

I’m in food comatose after stuffing myself at @sindhigusto during her first pop-up @darjeelingldn . After a round of Sindhi pap, we kicked off with Mirchi Chaat, 🌶 chilli with tangy yoghurt, chutneys, gram-flour noodles. It was so simple but so tasty. Sapna, please host another one soon! 🙏

Finishing with some refreshing traditional desserts; ▪aam gur ke kheer - caramel rice pudding, mango and cardamom ▪kulfi selection - pistachio (ice cream on a stick) 🍡

Just trust me and give the lamb chops a go at @hankies_cafe !😍 We tried: ▪tokri basket chaat - straw potato basket, sprouts and sweet potato, tangy mint and tamarind chutney ▪tikki stack- crisp fried potato, bean and carrot cakes, avocado chutney ( Avolado chutney is amazing 🥑)
▪chilli lamb chops - marinated in kashmiri chillies, paprika and mustard oil ▪chive and garlic prawn - yellow chillies, mooli raita and grilled lemon ▪tawa lamb - slow braised lamb with green peppers, ginger and tomatoes, a specialty of 'Lahore'

We may be biased, but we think adding extra virgin olive oil is almost always a good decision. Our last cooking workshop with @pan_ldn at @boroughmarket was incredible and the stuffing for the peppers (seen here) was divine.

Wanna be a pro at dim sum ordering? WELL, WHAT A COINCIDENCE! 🤓 Here’s one I prepared earlier... I’ve just uploaded my Beginner’s Guide to Dim Sum video on my YouTube channel showing you 8 classic dim sum dishes to order to impress your tummy and everyone around you hehehe. With everything from taro croquettes, turnip cake to prawn cheung fun - bring your dinner, snack or some noodles - it might make you hungry! Just click on the link in my bio or search “Shu” on YouTube to watch the full video! 🥟🍜

Sunday barbecuing part 1 🌞🌞🌞

One lemon juice with mint please.
Perfect for a hot Sunday afternoon!