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My favourite wee lochan in the Lomonds, as the Beast was easing its grip last week. #fife #lomondhills #lochan #snow #hillwalking

Wandering around Maspie Den today 👌🏼 #maspieden #scotland

Red sky at night, weather won't be shite, is that not how the rhyme goes? #Scotland #lomondhills #nature #sunset #spring

It was a beautiful run. It was a treacherous run. 1 big wipe out going there left me bruised, swollen and bloody. 1 almost wipe out half way up West Lomond hill made me turn around and come down. 1 big wipe out on the way back bruised my back but didn't break my phone!

Too much enjoying @marathontalk podcast and not enough paying attention to the iced path in blizzard conditions.
My 18 mile run wasn't even 18 km due to the conditions. But I am home now, I am icing my right leg and still smiling.

#ratemyrun 8/10
#marathontraining #running #runningmum #firstmarathon #hillrunning #trailrunning #fife #scotland #lomondhills #runner #sundayrunday #winter #winterrunning #snow

Look at what happens to a hat when you run up a windy hill! #quantumlevitation

🙋🏻‍♀️You guys are getting a whole load of these real moments from me... another one...because what the heck?! Instagram shouldn’t be all about perfection, but about what’s going on behind the scenes // many of you will not know that life for Lloyd and I hasn’t always been sweet sailing since we got together... I’m not saying we fell out loads (although sometimes we do: mostly when we’re hangry and Lloyd has missed watching rugby), but our lives haven’t been easy, and our relationship has faced a lot of opposition and challenges // there are still moments of pain, times of real struggle and mostly a real sense of the unknown🌿🌿 As I was walking this evening I was praying (something I honestly do not do enough) and enjoying being alone in the fields with my spaniels and Jesus (taking a moment to lol at how Christian and country that sounds) // As I was praying about the unknown of the next 6 months leading up to our wedding and all the things and plans that we do not know and are slightly terrifying, God told me to look UP! // this is the evening view - the beautiful, snowy, strong Lomond Hills crowning the skyline. These hills will be our view when we get married // God spoke so clearly to me as I looked at these hills. “I lift my eyes up to the hills, does my strength come from them? No; my strength comes from God, who made heaven, and earth and the mountains. He will not let you stumble, your Guardian God will not fall asleep. Not on your life! He’s your guardian, right at your side, shielding you. God guards your very life, he guards you when you leave and when you return. He guards you now and forever.” // how much I needed this reminder of Him tonight. Future unknowns can be scary. The incredible truth is that God already knows, he has already gone before, and his intentions are GOOD // Those Hills - the backdrop to home - will mean even more when Lloyd and I make promises to each other later this year. I’ll be reminded of God’s grace, His infinite purpose, His incredible promises and the fact that those big looming hills are His handiwork, and if he is Lord of those and all the heavens and all the earth, I think he’s got our future in hand too! 💁🏻‍♀️

Another shot of Loch Leven castle with the Lomond Hills in the background 🏰 #lochleven #castle #scotland

Is there a more delightful way to travel the country? Lovely photo heading of Bishop Hill @danmunrophotography 👌
#LomondHills #Fife #LoveFife #Scotland #VisitScotland #LoveScotland #ScotSpirit #hotairballoon

Before I hurt my leg I climbed this huge hill all by myself.
. .
. #falklandhill#lomondhills#scotland#walks#outdoors#frenchbulldog#frenchbulldogpuppy#cute#proud#mummy

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