Lombardy, Italy. 🚢 *Foto não autoral, para inspiração*

Ever since I was a kid I had to deal with neurodermatitis, also called atopic dermatitis. This meant I’d have itchy, red, cracked skin somewhere on my body pretty much constantly. in my case it was usually on the sides and in the creases of my elbows, between the fingers, on my eyelids, and around my mouth. Normal skincare products made it worse. Stress too. I tried everything, and I spent so much money on expensive skincare products, advertised to not contain weird additives and perfumes.

I always thought it was OUTRAGEOUS they made you pay EXTRA to NOT put in all the harmful stuff that shouldn’t be in there in the first place! Did you know the average woman applies 500+ synthetic chemicals to her body EVEY DAY? 🙀

When we went , I was very, very hesitant to use natural products. After all, they didn’t have a label on them saying they were made for f*cked up skin. My skin had been through so much I really didn’t want to put it through even more.

But then I thought: Heck, I literally EAT these cooking oils! 🙃

Turned out it was the BEST thing I could do for my skin! My routine:
👉Following my dermatologist’s advice, I don’t shower daily, and when I do, I only put soap onto the sweaty parts.
👉I use organic cooking oils for my entire body: face, body, hands, feet, lips. Works like magic!
👉My favourite oils are: canola, olive, and coconut oil. Coconut oil is the quickest one to be absorbed, so it’s great in the morning. But my super dry skin needs more than just coconut oil. Olive oil takes the longest to get absorbed (great as an evening routine and as a lip balm), but is an amazing oil for very dry skin. Canola oil is somewhat a great combination of both in my opinion. It’s also got great anti-aging properties 😉. You can also mix oils and add essential oils like tea tree or ylang ylang oil for additional properties. I have a chapter on this in my book by the way 📚🤓! You can get a copy in any bookstore near you!
👉If I do happen to wear makeup, I find canola or olive oil + a reusable cloth pad work best for removing makeup.
👉I exfoliate by using soap + coffee grounds or a bentonite clay face mask.
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Já tem post sobre a Itália lá no Sunday, então vamos colocar mais uma fotinho do país. Essa é Varena, no Lago di Como. Ela já apareceu aqui, quando estávamos na região, lembra? A melhor época para visitar o lago é entre meados de abril até o final de setembro ou comecinho de outubro. Mas é bom evitar o auge da temporada de verão (entre julho e agosto) quando a região fica lotada.
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Pine cones - , like , produce instead of . Both male and female cones start out as tiny bristles, turning green as they develop with scales remaining tucked together until maturity. When fully mature, female cones look like the brown woody with which we’re most familiar, while male cones, or , are smaller and herbaceous.
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