Is it camping time yet?
I’ve been camping since I was a little girl but it’s so different in 🇷🇺 than 🇺🇸! I love BOTH! 🤩
In 🇷🇺 you’d gather all of your friends and family and drive down for many hours often through the night arriving early in the morning on multiple cars filled to a maximum capacity. Once you arrive usually to a large lake, some would set up heavy duty material but small in size tents ⛺️ and take a nap. The brave ones would skip sleeping and start making one of a kind, camp exclusive beef and potato stew and salads made with own, fresh, home grown vegetables and herbs. 🤤🤤🤤 there are tents and cars everywhere, people usually have their cars 🚗 packed right next to the tent and are often used for entertaining purposes like opening up the doors and listening music loudly. This creates a nice symphony of multiple different groups listening to their own music, some modern and new some very old school #lolololololo type. 😂 The roles were divided too, the men👬 would make the meat called #shashliki which is pretty much shish kabob marinated with onions and mayo for a while, and the women 👭 would make the salads and the stew. Then everyone would eat, relax, play volleyball and games, swim and do water sports and in my family usually also something crazy like taking a man and dressing him up as a homeless woman and go scare the neighbors 😂😂 what can I say they’re crazy 🤷🏼‍♀️ this would last for 2-3 nights on repeat with nonstop music, laughs, family, friends and never ending FOOOOD 😍
Now the in 🇺🇸 (continue in the comments)

Sequel. #lolololololo

Só vim agradecer a todos os momentos que a @copainteratleticas me proporcionou nessa cidade maravilhosa, obrigada também @Uberaba! Um estilo de viagem que sempre fui apaixonada, mas cada vez só melhora, dessa vez as @Domigas viajaram juntas, e formaram juntas com algumas @Maquiamigas, o melhor time que o @Mundo já viu, lhes apresento @fcbarcelona!
E por fim, gostaria de falar que sem a @aaaeunb nada disso seria possivel, obrigada a todos os envolvidos na organização desse evento sensa, vocês são foda!!! 👀💥🍬🍻💚
Ps: por mais eventos open @coroteoficial
#lolololololo #Maquiamigos #QueTime #CoroteMePatrocina

O que não foi feito na @copainteratleticas será exigido no @omaiorinter executado no @jogosliu e finalizado no @teco.oficial! Que Deus abençoe a vida universitária 🙏 #quantosdentesnessaboca #tendifoinada #lolololololo

Muito bom jogar nesse time ! Obrigada a todas as meninas que treinaram muito pra esse final de semana de jogos etílicos. Obg @coroteoficial pela ajuda nos drinks. Obrigada Babilônia pelo patrocínio! #lolololololo #TamoPraJogo #nuncamaiseuvoudormir #NaoÉPhotoshop @copainteratleticas

I hope this get somebody......#lolololololo


Yea it me and.....#lolololololo

📚 .

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