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Selamat hari raya Idul Fitri 1 syawal 1438 H.. Taqobballahu minna wa minkum..
Mohon maaf lahir & batin.. #keluargakakekyaya

Do you 3-6=6 right ?
Yeah I do !!!#lolll

lookin fucking serious hahaha D-17 bfo trial #lolll

Back to normallife, chilling at NYC rooftops in bikini 😜 #lolll

Jelekk yaa? Emang darii dluu kali wkwkwk #Lolll #LagiiEmbuhh #FreeDayy #BebaasObah

Tried a new Dubsmash after a long time #lolll#bored#😭😂😜

2017 = shred year and hard work 🤑 #fitness #gym #makingmenlooksmall #lolll 😂


BENCH TUESDAY was gooooood, lmao I was benching but outta nowhere I hella needed to use the bathroom so I was thinking, "should I stay and finish or leave and have someone possibly take my bench" so I left bc I reallllly needed to go lmao ..... I come back and my seat is taken so I start wandering the gym doing exercises that I didn't even need to do spying on the dude who took my bench waiting for him to leave so I can swoop back on and finish my sets 😂 Good news my max (85) is getting easierrrrrr 😊 can't wait to go up in weight !!! #gym

Mi Familia #prom2k17 #gameface #gangdepd shoutoot au 2 cave qui gache la photo 😉 @alexisbeaudoin @charleays jvous aime bin les boys!! #brosbeforehoes #lolll

Yesterday squatting 155 easilyyyyyyy then I tried 160 and failed :,) it's okay, I know I can get it. I probably just tired out my legs by doing hella reps for warm up BUT AYEEEEEEE IM GETTING STRONGER 🙌🏻😊

#lolll 😥😥

This photo is from the very first time I deadlifted 205 and BOIIII I was soooo happy!! Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is, I just gotta finish some homework because I have 2 exams tomorrow 🙂🔫 then I'm off to DA GYMMM :,) today I'm squatting up to 155, possibly more 😜

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