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Yikes 😬😬
#qotd: how was ur day?
#aotd: pretty good :)

You can try to change the conversation right when you start mentioning him. But remember, it's okay to love a celebrity a lot and it's just a bad habit that will slowly, overtime, go away. Hope I helped! Xoxo πŸ’˜
Do you guys have any advice for her?
#qotd: do you have a celebrity crush?
#aotd: nope
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hey! I'm going to try to be more active now, but to do that, I'll need to be sent confessions. DM me your confessions!!
if you read till here, answer the qotd and comment "πŸ’œ" right after it

It'll all be okay soon dw and don't lose hope! Life will become better soon xx <3
#qotd: do you have school tomorrow?
#aotd: yup :(

Aw, I'm so sorry!! Hoping she is alright now 😞
pls check out my art account @eshikart tysm! πŸ’–
#qotd: did your break already end?
#aotd: no

Merry Christmas! Comment below a green emoji! πŸ’š

I can see how much you love your best friend. Ask your parents if you can call him or visit once in a while and if you do, be sure to tell him how much he means to you. Gift him something that you both will always have (ex. Bracelet) and it can help you be so far apart knowing that the other person is wearing it.
Do you guys have any advice for her?

LOL that's cool!!
#qotd: do you have a crush?
#aotd: maybe (:)
Also I'm going to spam now since I haven't posted in a long time!!

If you know he doesn't like you, then you can tell him at the end of the school year so it isn't too awkward.
What do you guys think?
#qotd: do you do art?
#aotd: yup!

LOLβ€’β€’β€’ comment below an embarrassing story :)
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Aww! Tysm! πŸ˜˜πŸ’˜
#qotd: when does/did ur break start?
#aotd: December 23

πŸ™πŸ™ hoping she will survive πŸ’˜

Don't worry, you just have to change your mindset. Now i know that's more easier said than done, but there will be a time in you life when u will regret thinking like this. It will get better! Try to stop self-harming by slowly discontinuing yourself from it. For example, only do it once a day for a month, then once every two days, then once a week, and try to limit it more and more. Whenever you feel like harming yourself, do something else instead like punching your pillow. Life will get better, trust me and you can get through this! Your a strong girl and maybe go ask your friends/family for help or go to your school counselor. Hope I helped! Xoxo πŸ’™
Do you guys have any advice for her?

haha same.. do u relate?
#qotd: did u read the selection series yet?
#aotd: I just finished the first book yesterday

It's okay to be jealous, maybe they aren't as close to you and don't trust you that much. It'll be okay don't worry πŸ’˜
#qotd: did u finish ur hw?
#aotd: nope #procrastination101

I completely agree.. smh stereotypes πŸ˜’
#qotd: what color is ur hair?
#aotd: black/brown

Super sorry for not posting! I have so much hw like SO MUCH.
#qotd: did u read Fahrenheit 451 yet?
#aotd: I'm reading and annotating it rn for school 😫

Dw, you'll get through it πŸ’—
#qotd: do u have school tmr?
#aotd: yup ( I think everyone does lol rlly easy q)
p.s. go follow my ibf @bubblefessings :)

Try socializing with some at school and get to know them. Make jokes and team up with them for projects. Slowly u will grow closer! Hope I helped! Xoxo πŸ’˜
Do you guys have any advice for her?
#qotd: I'm currently reading "how to save a life" by Sara Zaire, have you read that?

If you don't really like him anymore, you can dump him. It's your choice.
#qotd: do u procrAstinate?
#aotd: it's basically second nature for me LOL

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