Some Logan Square Arts Fest pictures I forgot to post... #35mm

Thank you to everyone who came out to #logansquareartsfest. We were able to donate an awesome amount to RAICES because of you!

Priests // Logan Arts Festival // Chicago, Illinois // June 23rd, 2018

As soon as I found out @ssioned was playing in Chicago again it was all I could talk about⭐️ This month was really hard on this lil enby witch, not going to lie. Thank you to the universe or whoever the hell’s watching down on me for granting me the magic to literally just stumble upon ssion after his (fucking lit) show. I literally looked up from the sidewalk & there he was with his friends. I shouldn’t have been so nervous— he’s sweet as sugar ya’ll :,)🍓🍒 #punkfather #ssion #chicago #logansquareartsfest #magiciseverywhere #theythem

I think we finally recovered from @logansqartsfest . Thanks for another great year! We rewarded ourselves with this pair of sweet llamas by @yoshikokozawa !


Great fest / great people

so many great pictures from this show how do I choose what to post 😍🤘


Thank you to everyone who came out to the Logan Square Arts Festival this past weekend! It was a great time and with your help we raised $140 for Raices Leaf Project! Thank you so much ❤️ #raices #theleafproject #stormwaystudio #logansquareartsfest

Thank you #logansquareartsfest for an amazing weekend! There’s no better compliment than a kiddo who picks out an EC shirt and then wants to put it on immediately.

Thanks for sharing this shot of your new Uptown Earrings!! You wear them well! ❤️ #Repost @eleanadaniel with @get_repost
Thank u for the beautiful handmade earrings @muggytuesday 🌞🌞🌞 Love to see two sissys making art together

#almondolives #keepingitreal #logansquareartsfest Great band 2 start off a Great day..... #Almond&;Olive

Festival buddy taking an elote and donut break after acing an acrylics class intended for a more “mature demographic” (instructor’s words) and before hitting up the crystal kiosks. Thanks for a fun afternoon at the #logansquareartsfest @ewagenschutz and @craigows ! #nextstopcoachella

All around, amazing performances from @_pixelgrip_ , feat. @orb_box

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