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Happy birthday Zach! So first of all, wow you’re 17 i cant believe youre this old already! I’m about to catch back up with you in a few months lol. No matter how old you get, never forget to have fun. Never forget who you are. Never stop being the goofy little fireball we all know and love. Never stop being yourself. Tbh you were my first lane when i first entered the fandom. I loved you then and i still love you now. You mean the world to me. Your smile, your laugh, your everything always seems to amaze me and cheer me up. You’re such a precious little bean and i wish i could keep you small and protected but you’re growing up on me. On all of us. You’re getting bigger and older and turning into a young man. It’s crazy to say that and to see you get so big. It’s crazy to know you’re 17. Growing up can be scary but i know you’re gonna own it. I love you with my whole heart my little angel. Have the best birthday ever❤️ @imzachherron #happybirtbdayzach #zachherron #whydontwe -
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