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It's fetus Logan ❤️ #loganlermanfan

Imagine: "This dress makes me look fat." I complain as I see myself in the mirrors of the studio. "No you don't. Why would you say such crap like that. You look beautiful in that." Logan says into my neck. We are doing a photoshoot together. I'm wearing a black sleeveless dress with a neck thing on top. He turns me around, for me to be facing him. He puts both of his hand on my cheeks and kisses me, not a rough one, a gentle one. We separate and I go towards the dressing room to change. Out of no where, Logan grabs my wrist and pulls me far away from the dressing room. "You're not changing because as I said, you look stunning in that dress." He says kissing me again. He always makes me feel comfortable and confident. "Ok are you guys ready?" The photographer asked. "Yep." Me and Logan respond to her. "Ok well first we are gonna so specific then we'll let you guys goof off." She says giggling at the end. "Ok Logan stand over here and Y/N you kinda like let him drape his arms around your waist." They tell us to do. We do as told. "Good. Just wait a sec. Okay now Y/N only." She says indicating Logan to move away. He winks at me while he gets behind the camera. Thy keep telling me to do poses, which I do, but I get distracted by the faces Logan is doing. "Ok now it's Logan's turn." She says indicating me this time. I get behind the camera , where Logan was, and making him laugh. They have music playing, so I dance awkwardly to it, making I took even more ridiculous since I was in a tight dress. He finally couldn't keep it inside anymore, and burst out laughing. Every one sees what he's laughing at and laughs as well. I see that he gets a bit mad, because they are laughing cause I look ridiculous, but he's laughing cause of what I'm doing to make him laugh. He shakes it of and goes to kiss my cheek. "It's ok." I say into his ear. "Sorry but you know I'm overprotective sometimes......well most of the time." He says making me laugh at the end. We keep taking couple pictures, until we can goof off. "Ok here I run up to you and jump up for you to carry me." I say backing up to get a piggy back ride from Logan. (MIC)

ah,,Logan Lerman eh?He's cute,isn't he?our goals alright.😭 okay anyways,,later on,,i'm going to watch 'Jurassic World'.so,,yayyy!i argued with my brother tho.i wanted 3D but he said that the spec was too heavy,,resting on his nose.i was like ltrly,,"srsly,,bro?"😂he's just such a home freak.anyways,,ily bbys,,stay beautiful,,loves💓
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