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I don’t have college today so I’m going to try and be active, I want to upload a couple chapters today!

I can’t tell which is cuter, him or the giraffe.
Qofd - what’s your favourite animal?

*an hour later.

You and Judy finally arrived at Logan’s house. As you arrived you was greeted by a security guard who said hi to you both and allowed you onto Logan’s property.

As Judy opened the door she was greeted by a cute Pomeranian. It was probably the cutest dog you’d ever seen.

Judy - yn this is Kong. He’s Logan’s dog.
You followed Judy into the kitchen. There was 2 girls and a couple of boys.
Judy - yn, this is Lydia. *she points at Lydia.

Yn - nice to meet you. *You hug her.

Judy - this is Mike. *she points at Mike.

Yn - okay, you don’t need to introduce them. I already know who they are. *you laugh.

Judy - okay well everyone this is yn. Where is Logan?

Mike - he’s upstairs with Evan.

Judy - come on yn.

You follow Judy upstairs into Logan’s bedroom.

Judy - hey Logan. This is yn.

Logan - woah. Hey.
Yn - hey, it’s nice to meet you.

Logan - and you. So where in England are you from?

Yn - Norwich.

Logan - is it nice there?

Yn - nothing compared to here. *you both chuckle.

Judy - so when do you need us to model some clothes?

Logan - in about 30 minutes. I’m just helping Evan with his vlog. *Evan walked in with his friend.

Evan - oh hey ladies, this is Liam..he’s Canadian.
Judy - yn loves Canadians. *you give her a dirty look. *Liam smirks.

Liam - hey.
Logan - right, well anyway let’s carry on with your vlog.

Evan - okay we need to go outside.

Logan - Judy and yn if you ask Lydia for some merch to model she’ll know what to give you.

Judy - okay thanks.

Yn - thanks. *Logan looks at you and smiles.

Logan - no problem. *you and Judy go downstairs to put the merch on, it really was the softest merch in the game.

This is my first edit,I know that it might be like shit but don't judge i will make them better!😟😁😁
#logangster #loganpaul #logangwontbackdown #logangwontbackdown #beamaverick〽️

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You wake up in the morning and you totally forgot about yesterday.
L: “ hey “
Y/n: “ oh hi “
L: “ good morning “
Y/n: “ good morning “
L: “ how are you now?”
Y/n: “ not great but better than yesterday“
L: “ good “
Your phone buzzes, you think its from Nathan so you want Logan to leave the room because you don’t want to rect to whatever it is he sent infront of Logan.
Y/n: “ when can i leave the hospital “
L: “ i don’t know, but do you want me yo ask?”
Y/n: “ yes please “
L: “ alright, I’ll be right back “
Y/n: “ okay “
You open the text, and its a video Of nathan sitting in the room while you and logan are sleeping, then he points at logan as he says “ do what i say, or hes next “
You freak out , you have no clue what to do but you manage to calm down before logan comes.
You text him back “ what do you want “
He replies “ i want a fake ID and 4000$, bring them tonight to where we used to meet “
Then logan comes in.
L: “ umm...the doctor said you cant leave before tomorrow “
Y/n: “ oh okay “
Then you tell nathan that you cant leave the hospital before tomorrow.
He replies “ i know sweetheart, do you think i would make it easy for you?”
You reply “ no, but I thought there’s 0.01% of a good person in you but i was wrong “
He replies “ people change, but i never change “
You reply “ its a good thing you know “
- -


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