*I went upstairs with Erika she helped me into my dress (pic2) she zipped it up for me*
M:Thank you
*I hugged her there was a knock on the door it was the photographer*
M:Hey come in
*She took a few photos my mom came over to take some with me then the limo arrived*
E:Its time...
M:Im acutally getting married to the man of my dreams...
E:I know...im so happy for you
M:Thank you Erika
*I hugged her again she helped me in the limo with my dress Scarlet Rose and Erika got in my family went to the church first*
E:Are you ready to walk down the isle?
M:As ready as ill ever be...
*She hugged me Scarlet went down first followed by Rose then Erika then me and my Dad went down i stood opposite Logan and held his hand*
L:You look amazing!
M:Thank you...
*A few minutes passed i put the ring on Logans finger he put the ring on mine*
P:I now pronounce you husband and wife...you may now kiss the bride
*He smiled i smiled back he kissed me and wrapped his arms around me i kissed him back and wrapped my arms around his neck we went out and went to the after party i was going around talking to everyone whilst Logan was sat with his mates and the twins*
D:Would the bride and groom like to do thier first dance?
M:I cant dance!!
E:Go on youll be fine
J2:Yeh both of you cant dance!
L:Gee thanks bro!
J2:No problem!
*Logan got up and stood on the dance floor he held his hand out i walked over to him and grabbed it we started dancing*
L:Well we made it...
M:Yeh i can now officaly call you my husband
L:And i can officaly call you my wife...i love you so much Morgan i cant wait to see what the future holds for us
M:Me either and i love you two Logan
L:I never want to lose you
M:Well your stuck with me now
L:I wouldnt have it any other way...
*The twins came running up to us Logan picked up Jamey i got Scarlet everyone joined us on the dance floor me and Logan kissed the twins hugged us both*

M:Omg yes!
*He stood up and kissed me i wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back everyone started cheering even the workers*
M2:Ahhh my baby girls all grown up!
D:Congratulations you two!
P:Im so happy for you both!
M:Thanks pam
J2:I cant believe your going to be my sister in law!
M:I cant believe your going to be my brother in law!
*I hugged him he hugged me back we all went home i changed into my pyjamas and put the twins to bed Logan helped me*
L:Night guys
J+S:Night dad!
M:Love you
J+S:Love you two
*I turned the the light off and shit the door me and Logan went to bed*
L:Movie before we sleep?
M:Yeh sure
L:Can i chose?
*He put a movie on and put his arm around me i cuddled into him and fell asleep on his chest a couple months passed its my wedding day Logan was staying at his parents with Jake and Jamey Erika was helping me get ready Rose and Scarlet are my bridesmaids and Erika is my maid of honour*
E:Calm down we still have loads of time!
M:Can you get me another vodka?
E:No! Youve had two already!
E:And i dont want you passing out before your wedding and your not even in your dress yet!
M:Im waiting for Britney to come and do my hair! Where the hell is she?
E:Calm down ill call her
*A few minutes passed Britney came and done my hair*
B:There you go!
M:Wow thank you
B:No problem
E:Want me to do your make up now?
M:Yes please
*We sat at the kitchen counter she done my make up*
B:Isnt she just!
E:Now come on lets get you in your dress!
M:Brit can you please help Rose and Scarlet get into their dresses?
B:Yeh sure

Your name is Natasha your sister is Erika costell you live in the team10 house with her and Jake and the rest of team10
()=Pic2,phone call,message,next day,P.O.V
<>=Writers note*When im saying something*
**=What your doing
Ill tell you of i add anyone else in on the way through the series

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